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Chapter 1 ocean

The first era is the world before land.

You begin your journey through evolution as a small fish, and will need to eat others to become stronger.

Hints and Tips[edit]

Each different body part grants you different bonuses and sometimes maluses on attacks, defences, and movement. Here are some recommendations if you're unsure, but feel free to experiment and see what goes the best depending on your play style.

  • Get the Kuraselache's Jaws as soon as possible, it kills weaker enemies with a single hit. Eventually you'll want to upgrade it to the Zinichthy's Jaws when you find better armoured foes.
  • Don't bother with offensive horns like the Swordfish Horn (prevents you from evolving your jaws) and the Spiraled Horn (breaks after three uses). The Angler Horn is useful if you want to grind a bit, since it lures certain enemies.
  • If speed is lacking, consider upgrading your fin and tail; just make sure you aren't wasting too many points with the intermediate parts like the Coelafish Fin, they're rarely worth it. (Exception: the Dorsal Fins, they're so cheap might as well use them).
  • An increased body size gives you more HP to the expense of speed, it's generally worth it.
  • The intermediate armours like Slick Body and Scaly Body are, in most situations, a waste of EVO points. Go straight for the Shell Body if possible, after you upgraded your fin and/or tail.

On death you'll lose half of your EVO points, but your creature will stay the same. So if you're struggling, it might be better to spend those points on a less optimal body part than storing them for later, since you'd lose a lot of those stored EVO points anyway.

Evolving any body part resets your HP to the maximum. This is really useful against bosses.

Ocean of Origin[edit]

The Ocean of Origin is the point were life first appeared, as well as the point where you start your journey. You will encounter a few jellyfish; one of which will recognize you as a newcomer, and give you a basic description of your objectives: Eat anything weaker to evolve, and advance.

You may note that you can sometimes jump out of the water. Jumping may be slightly faster depending on the upgrades that you have.

If you don't mind some grinding, kill 25 jellyfishes for the Kuraselache's Jaws and then the Dorsal Fins. Otherwise head to the right to exit, this section has nothing else significant.

Cave of Guidance[edit]

The cave of guidance is another introductory map. While you need to go through the open water, your destination is the cave in the bottom-right corner.

When you enter it, you will see a yellow crystal floating. Eat it, and it will give you a brief update on the plot. Return outside, and exit to the left.

Note that this region is complete once you eat the crystal. You can press R Button to return to the map.

Cave of Temptation[edit]

The cave of temptation is another introductory map. Head into the cave in the bottom-right corner.

You will notice a new enemy. While the sea snake is slightly stronger, it is still easy to consume, and will die in a single hit if you upgraded your Jaw. Head to the right to see your first red crystal. When you eat it, you will temporarily transform into a Ray or an Eel.

Exit to the left. You can also press R Button to return to the map, for a little extra time in the form in the other locations.

Ocean of Terodus[edit]

Encounter 50 of these fast runners to complete the area.

This is your next encounter with the open ocean, but you and several other fish are trapped between bubble walls, that will swim away really when you approach. They grant you decent EVO points however if you're fast enough to catch and bite them or if you use an Angler's Horn to lure them, making this a good grinding spot. Note that the manta form that you found in the Cave of Temptation isn't fast enough; only a regularly evolved creature can catch the prey.

After some time (50 enemies spawned), the bubble wall will disappear, and the volcano will begin to erupt. Quickly leave the area once this happens. If you do not want to spend time in this area, you can trigger the event early by moving back and forth over the mid-point of the area.

Cave of Zinichtys[edit]

Swim through the ocean to enter the cave in the bottom right corner.

There are two paths in this location. The path to the right leads to a blue crystal, which gives 500 EVO points. The downward path leads to the next area.

You will encounter two new enemies. The first is a large gray carnivorous fish that will try to bite you. The second enemy is a small orange crawler that will curl into a ball and try to jump at you. Both pack some heavy armour, so consider upgrading your jaws again.

When you head through the downward path, you will see another volcano, which will begin to erupt. Dash through the area quickly.

Domain of Cepalas[edit]

This is an open area, with your destination being a small cave at the bottom-right corner of the map. However, once you enter the cave, you won't be able to return.

The enemies in this region are mostly fish that will try making quick nips at you.

Cave of Origin[edit]

The cave of origin is the place where creatures leave the sea for the land. However, there is no breathable oxygen on the surface.

Enter the cave, and swim through the tunnel. If you need to collect the most powerful jaw, this is a good location to obtain experience if you do not have it already.

Past the end of the tunnel is the Domain of Kuraselache. This is the best place to collect experience that you need for taking on their leader, by eating the orange creatures crawling on the ground.

The Kuraselache, which bites only by the upper teeth.

Head into the cave on the far right, and after a quick introduction, the Kuraselache leader will introduce himself and attack. Remember that you have two means to injure the enemy: you can either bite him, or ram him with your body if you have a horn. His main threat is his charge, where he swims forward without warning, and makes a bite that can remove most of your health.

When he is defeated, exit the cave, and go up and to the right. Make sure you take a record of your current creature before proceeding; you will be left with a basic amphibian body that will be initially weak compared to your mature fish, and will have no EVO Points. When ready, jump on and explore the land to begin the second chapter.