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Final Step to Evolve[edit]

You will encounter small mammals in this region. They will jump around frequently, and may be hard to eat.

Domain of Sincerous[edit]

This region contains large animals, who will use a powerful head-butt.

Domain of Fish of Prey[edit]

You will have to swim through this region. The fish provide 30 EVO points each, but can still cause significant harm.

Domain of Sea Otter[edit]

The sea otters will swim around. When alerted (either through some time or when attacked), it will surface and throw a rock at you.

Domain of Alligator[edit]

The alligators will proivde some EVO points, and are not too difficult individually.

Domain of Grizzly[edit]

The grizzlys are extremely dangerous. You may want to use Fierce Jaws in this section if you otherwise have trouble jumping over the bears.

Forest of Segosaurus[edit]

This is a small forest that still contains some dinosaurs that survived during the ice age. If you leave them in peace, they will tell you the evolution path to a human, by selecting cat-like jaws and a rabbit-like body.

You can still return to the region later.

Domain Eohip[edit]

The eohip is a small horse-like creature. It provides 100 EVO points, and thus is a good location for farming.

Domain of Saber Tiger[edit]

Although the Saber Tiger provides 150 EVO each, they are much more dangerous. You need to make a well timed attack in order to defeat them.

If you evolved into human form, the best time to launch the attack is during their jump.

Domain of Condor[edit]

This a spire standing out in the middle of the continent. When you first arrive, a bird will mention that there was a silver bird in the sky, before attacking.

If desired, climb to the top of the mountain to meet amphibians that are pleased to see that the plant life has recovered. Be sure to eat the blue crystal for 5000 EVO points.

If you are a bird, you can also fly up further for a secret meeting with the aliens.

Cave of Monkey Human[edit]

The monkeys were evolved to use tools, or objects as weapons.

Head into the cave, and go up the elevator. Head to the right, and ride the elevator to the top.

When you reach the inner lair, you will encounter the leader of the tribe, a Yeti. He will defend the sanctity of the burial ground and attack.

You will open up the Domain of Ditryma to the south, and the Final Ocean on the southern most tip. Head to the final ocean.

Final Ocean[edit]

Secret Evolution
A secret evolution path is available. As long as you are a mammal and didn't evolve into a human, you can try evolving the Hands & Feet. You will first start as a Seal, then become a dolphin, evolve a grip for the hands, and eventually a mermaid.

Head to the ocean to the south. Dive in and move to the cave in the west.

You will encounter the Rogons, who are equipped with a laser weapon and also ride a small shark as well. They are worth 100 EXP each.

To reach the innter lair, head down into the cave. Take the left passage at the first branch, then head down. Move to the right, then down, and follow the western path to the lair.

The King Rogon has three attacks.

  • The first will blind you and slow you down.
  • The second is a ramming attack, which inflicts the most damage. It is countered simply by attacking.
  • The third is a claw swipe, which is used if you are too close.

When you defeat the King Rogon, exit to the left and speak with the Whale King. He will transport you back to the surface.

Domain of Ditryma[edit]

This region is filled with wingless birds that are depressed from being pulled down from the sky. They will usually cry from the loss of flight, but will retaliate against attacks. They are worth 80 EVO each.

Domain of Queen Bee[edit]

This battle is identical to the one in the second age. The bee alternates with two attacks, although there is terrain that can help you get a better shot on the bee.

Domain of Tyrasaurus[edit]

This is the best location to obtain EVO points; the tyrasaurus will provide 250 EVO each. Head to the right when you are done.

Entrance of Eden[edit]

Cro-Maine is a large human that guards the entrance to Eden. Unlike other enemies, he will not attack unless you approach.

Perform a leap attack. If you are successful, you will injure him in mid-air; otherwise, he will bat you out of the region. Repeat the leap attack until he is defeated.

While it's not possible to effectively lock down Cro-Maine, you can trick him into a repeatable attack. If you can work your way to the right-corner of the screen, and can injure him, he will respond to injured by jumping straight up into the corner, while you can swing or bite on the way down. You will take damage, but the enemy will be defeated without trouble.

Dino-People lair[edit]

Green crystal is on the top floor at the right-most portion of the floor.

Right-most lift on third floor. Down one stort, and head right. Follow the tunnel to the crystals.

Bolbox Lair[edit]

Bolbox is vulnarable to attacks from its pseudopod. If left alone, it will either advance slowly, or try touching you with its pseudopod. In either case, it will retreat if it takes damage.

When it takes enough damage, it will release one of its eight crystals. It will remain invincible as long as the crystal is active, but it will still take damage.

Crystal Animal EVO HP
Blue Orb None (Meat only) 1000 N/A
White pearl Child Ikustega 0 N/A
Red Giant Profasu 100 275
Blue Streaked Jellyfish 100 240 + 60
Yellow Debustega 150 320
Porus Purple Falcon Warrior 120 180
Moss Green Giant Zinichthy 200 280
Spiked Giant Prasauro 300 300
  • The bird swordsman' is a common enemy that happens to have more health than normal. It is easily locked down.
  • The Prasauro is easily locked down with a melee attack.
  • The jellyfish will first appear to be small, but after a few strikes, will transform into a large jellyfish. It is otherwise not powerful.
  • The giant profasu will walk left and right until it is attacked. When struck, it will fly in the direction it is facing in circles. The safest means to defeat it is to attack it from behind or from maximum range.
  • The most dangerous opponent is the Kuraselache. Since it can fly, it is able to leave the range of your attacks, before it charges for a bite.

Once all the crystals are destroyed, you can defeat Bolbox. After he dies, head to the right to reach the garden of Eden.