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Pro Action Replay (PAR) / Game Genie Codes[edit]

To use PAR codes in certain emulators, simply remove the colon before the last two digits. Entries marked with an asterisk denote that you can replace the "XX"'s with any value (higher ones may not work).

Cheat Effect PAR Game Genie
Unlimited Evo Points 7e00d2:ff + 7e00d3:ff EED2-FA86 + EED2-FAE6
Always have Evolution Review open. This enables you to remain permanently in whichever saved form you wish. 7E0096:20 4DDB-F286
"Max out current HP" 7E00C5:99 ??
"Max out current HP" 7E00C6:09 ??
"Max out maximum HP" 7E00C7:99 ??
"Max out maximum HP" 7E00C8:09 ??
"Max Biting" 7E00C9:63 ??
"Max strength" 7E00CA:63 ??
"Max kick" 7E00CB:63 ??
"Max strike" 7E00CC:63 ??
"Max horn attack" 7E00CD:63 ??
"Defense power" 7E00CF:63 ??
"Agility"* 7E00D0:XX ??
"Jumping ability"* 7E00D1:XX ??