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  • EVO Yellow Crystal.png: Provides evolution tips
  • EVO Red Crystal.png: Evolve into a unique creature
  • EVO Blue Crystal.png: Receive EVO Points
  • EVO Green Crystal.png: Allows you to evolve into a creature saved in your record of evolution pages. (one use per crystal and they are not stackable)

Crystal Locations[edit]

  • EVO Yellow Crystal.png: Cave of Guidance, Coast of Pange, Door to Dina Continent, Iced Coast
  • EVO Red Crystal.png: Cave of Temptation (Ray or Eel), Cloud Maze (Dragon), River of Asteroid (Gargoyle), Fort Bird-man (Elephant)
  • EVO Blue Crystal.png: Cave of Zinichtys (500 EVO P), River of Asteroid (9999 EVO P), Domain of Condor (5000 EVO P)
  • EVO Green Crystal.png: Empty Land, Desert of Sand Eater, Domain of Polsaurus, Domain of Tyrosaurus, Door to Mt. Snow, Domain of Prime Bird, Cave of Monkey Human, Final Ocean, Entrance of Eden