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Freeing the Runaway Five[edit]

On the way across the bridge to Fourside you will be stopped and given a Diamond. Looks like something that could be useful in freeing the Runaway Five from their predicament once again! Head to Topolla Theater and talk to the manager there. Once the Runaway Five are free, they'll play one last show. The Department Store has opened up finally, so head on over there!

Spooky Store[edit]

Enter the massive store and head upstairs to the different floors to check out the goods. You'll want to buy Gold Bracelets and Coins of Defense for Ness and Jeff. Also, buy a bunch of Big Bottle Rockets for Jeff and Teddy Bears for Ness, as you will need them. Do not buy Paula anything! You will see why shortly. Give Ness or Jeff the Franklin Badge if Paula has it. When you are done preparing, head to the exit of the store and the lights will go out. When they come back on, Paula is gone!

Make your way upstairs being very careful around the monsters. The enemies here are extremely tough. If you stocked up on Big Bottle Rockets, then fire one off if you are attacked by multiple enemies at once. Make sure you save one for the boss battle coming up. As you reach the top floor, you will come across the Department Store Spook.

EB Department Store Spook.png
Boss Battle: Department Store Spook
Offense: 82, Defense: 135 Speed: 19, Guts: 24
HP: 610, PP: 290
This enemy is very strong and given enough time will completely wipe out your party. Without Paula on your team, you don't have access to a whole lot of attack PSI spells. Immediately have Ness use his strongest PSI Special and have Jeff use a Big Bottle Rocket. Hopefully this will kill the Spook before he has a chance to do any damage. If not, keep bashing him until he falls and heal if needed.
Exp: 24291, Money: $1648, Item: Nothing

The Spook gives you a clue as to Paula's location. "Monotoli". If you visit, you won't learn anything special there, and will need to explore the city to continue. If you either search or check with the hint man, you can learn the next event is at Jackie's Cafe, located in the north-west area of the city.