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Now to Really Rescue Paula[edit]

Once you are back in Fourside, rest at the inn if needed and head over to the Monotoli Building. Talk to the maid outside who will take it from you and invite up to the 48th floor. Finally you can search for Paula! Enter the elevator and head on up. When you exit the elevator you will be attacked by a Sentry Robot. These robots will be all over the Monotoli Building, so it is good to know how to defeat them. Just use physical attacks and they'll go down fairly soon. Watch out because they can call other robots to join them and they are able to shoot bottle rockets at you.

After defeating the first sentry robot you have a choice of either taking the north door or the other elevator across the room from you. The north door leads to dead ends, so just take the other elevator. Head across the room into a hallway with foor doors and two bathrooms, which you cannot enter. The first two doors (closest to you) lead to the same dead-end room. Ignore them and head across to the last two doors. These doors both lead to the same room, so enter one of them.

The only place to go that does not take you back to the hallway is north, so head there. Go north again and you'll come across a Sudden Guts Pill! Go back and take the left door and you will come across a room with two doors side by side. The door on the left leads to a Vital Capsule so grab that first and then take the door on the right. If you take the door to the north in the next room you can talk to the maid for some Trout Yogurt. Go back and through the door on the left to encounter a Clumsy Robot!

Boss Battle: Clumsy Robot
Clumsy Robot
Clumsy Robot
Offense: 88   Defense: 137   Speed: 83   Guts: 30
HP: 962   PP: 0
The Clumsy Robot is extremely powerful and will do massive amounts of damage when it actually attacks you. You are safe most of the time, however, as it will usually do absolutely nothing. Sometimes the Clumsy Robot will eat a bologne sandwich, which it claims maxes out its HP. Don't worry though because the sandwich really does nothing at all. Just attack it with physical attack until it falls and use PSI Lifeup when it attacks you.
Exp: 32378   Money: $2081   Item: Nothing

When you defeat the robot, the Runaway Five will rush into the room and turn it off. Head into the next room to find Monotoli and a bear! Monotoli will release Paula and will let you use his helicopter to reach Summers, so take the stairs to the left. Unfortunatley, Pokey steals the helicopter before you get to it. Looks like you'll have to find another way to get to Summers.