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There are many important characters in EarthBound, including these found below!

Ness's Family[edit]

Ness's Mother may be found in Ness's house in Onett. If you speak to her, she will make you your favorite food which replenishes the party's life to full. If Ness is feeling homesick, have him call his mom.

Ness's Father is not seen in person, but Ness may call him at any time on the phone to save progress and find out how much experience is needed to gain a level. Ness's father also deposits money in Ness's bank account for every monster he defeats.

Tracy, Ness's sister, may also be found in Ness's house in Onett. She has a part time job with Escargo Express. Give her a call to store or pick up items!

King is Ness's faithful dog. He joins Ness on his trek up the mountain to the meteor and helps protect him against wild animals.

Important Friends[edit]

Buzz Buzz is an alien bee from the future! He is extremely good at fighting, yet can't seem to protect himself from fly swatters.

The Runaway Five actually consists of six members! Lucky and Gorgeous are the two lead members. The other four members play the saxophone, bass guitar, drums, and keyboard. You meet this crew in Twoson and will catch up with them periodically. They have a history of getting into very deep debt.

Dr. Andonuts, Jeff's father, is a scientist who works in the secret underground base at Stonehenge. He invented the Sky Runner, which helped Jeff reach Ness and Paula in Threed.

Apple Kid is an inventor of very odd but surprisingly useful items. Without Apple Kid, Ness wouldn't make it very far.

Tony is Jeff's roommate at Winters boarding school. He helps Jeff escape the school in order to begin his trek to find Paula and Ness.

Star Master teaches Poo about Mu Training and how to use Starstorm.

The Photographer appears at different areas throughout Ness's journey to take pictures of his progress. His favorite phrase is "Fuzzy pickles!"

Mr. Saturn is actually a species of small armless creatures who are rather smart.


Giygas is the "Universal Cosmic Destroyer", who owns war machines, Starmen, UFO's and other monstrous creatures. Ness and his friends must destroy him, before it's too late.

Pokey used to be Ness's obnoxious next door neighbor, but he turned evil after the meteor landed in Onett. Ness encounters him often on his journey until the final showdown.

Frank Fly is the leader of the Sharks, a gang found in Onett. He also owns a fighting machine, the Frankystein!

Captain Strong, the chief of Onett's police department, doesn't want any punk kids going to Twoson. He challenges Ness to a fight using his Super Ultra Mambo Tango Foxtrot martial arts style.

Everdred is a crime boss in Twoson. He twists his ankle when he jumps from the top of a building to fight Ness, but decides to fight anyway.

Carpainter is the leader of the Happy Happy cult. He wants to just paint the world blue!

Master Belch is a pile of filth who enslaved Mr. Saturns in his factory.