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Deadly Waters[edit]

The only way to Scaraba is by taking a boat from Summers, so teleport there. Head to the far right and talk to the captain who will charge you $80 to take his boat. Make sure you are completely healed up first and that you still have the Franklin Badge and some food items with you before getting on. Once you are ready, take the boat to Scaraba. On the way you'll encounter the Kraken!

EB Kraken.png
Boss Battle: Kraken
Offense: 105, Defense: 166 Speed: 21, Guts: 1
HP: 1097, PP: 176
This boss should be fairly easy considering the last two bosses you just defeated. Kraken uses a Crashing Boom Bang attack that the Franklin Badge will reflect. It also uses a fire breath attack that isn't too much to worry about and a tornado attack that can deal a lot of damage. Have Ness try using PSI Paralysis on it, which has a good chance of working. He should then attack each turn after that. PSI Freeze is also effective, so both Paula and Poo should concentrate on that. Jeff should just use physical attacks and his Hungry HP Sucker (or Heavy Bazooka if you have it). Have Ness and Poo heal when you need to.
Exp: 79267, Money: $3049, Item: Nothing

Soon after the Kraken is defeated, you'll reach Scaraba.

Desert City Scaraba[edit]

The first thing to do here is buy all the best equipment you can. The prices are a lot better than at Summers for the same items, so stock up. Pick up the Piggy Nose while you're at it, which will help you find Magic Truffles. Also, buy the Broken Cannon from the tool shop and have Jeff fix it (requires 32 IQ points) into a Spectrum Beam. It is a good idea to pick up Super Bombs and Big Bottle Rockets for Jeff as well. There is a man in the back of the hotel who sells them.

Talk to people around town and they'll mention a pyramid in the south. Another man will start to give you a key to a tower in the desert before realizing that he doesn't have it anymore. Make sure you are stocked with items and prepared to venture into the desert before moving on. It is possible to get sun stroke out in the desert, so be ready to heal it with PSI skills if you need to. If you find a Master Criminal Worm chase it down for massive experience!

Pretty soon you'll stumble upon a Sphinx with some buttons in front of it. If you use your Heiroglyph you can figure out the order to step on the buttons. If you don't have it with you telleport back to summers( you must have it for the sphinx to let you in.) You'll notice that you made a star pattern.

The Sphinx will grant you access to the Pyramid!