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Stonehenge Base[edit]

If you are not between levels 50 and 60 the enemies in this dungeon can be quite difficult. You will fight many robots and aliens, as well as Starmen. Starmen are odd in that they teleport instead of move across the screen. Before attempting to fight one, watch how far they can teleport so that you aren't caught by surprise. Starmen are also different than other enemies in that you can only get a pre-emptive strike by attacking them from the front! Have them teleport just out of range of you, and attack them from the front to make the battle easier. Be ready to spend a lot of time here if you want Poo's only weapon in the game. Remember that if things get too tough you can leave and use the Revitalizing device in Dr. Andonut's lab.

Upon entering, you'll find an eraser statue. Use your new Eraser Eraser invention to get rid of it and proceed. There is usually an enemy around the corner, so take it out and continue on. When you come to the first split, head to the right and then south. You'll come upon a Spicy Jerky once you enter the next room. The other direction would take you to the exact same spot, this way is just slightly easier. Head as far to the right as you can and take the path north to a Guts Capsule and a dead end. Head back and take the south path. Follow it all the way until you come upon another split. Take the north split for a Cup of Lifenoodles and then backtrack and take the right split.

You'll eventually end up leaving the odd purple walkways and into a more mechanical area.

Sword of Kings[edit]

It is here and only here that you may find Poo's best and only weapon in the game, but it will take a long time. If you encounter a Starman Super, you have a 1 in 128 chance it will drop a Sword of Kings after battle. Use Jeff's Spy ability to steal it if you wish. Remember that Starmen teleport and attacking them from the front will make the battle easier. If you do not get the Sword of Kings before beating this dungeon, you will never have a chance to get it again. Once you have the weapon, you can move on.

Head all the way to the right to find a Broken Harmonica which Jeff can turn into the Baddest Beam if he has 55 IQ. Head back and down the ladder and then head to the right again. You'll find a PSI Caramel on the way. Climb down a long ladder and another short one and head right through the door. Talk to the mother mouse if you'd like to take an Exit Mouse along with you. You could use this mouse to head back out and rest at Dr. Andonut's lab if you are low on HP and PP from hunting Starmen.

Exit the room to the right and you'll enter a very dark area with flashing lights. If you need to, wait for the lights to come up to see before moving on. Head all the way to the right, ignoring the split that leads north. Follow the path to a Broken Trumpet which Jeff can turn into a Defense Shower. Head back and take the north split, moving towards the left when another split occurs shortly after. Follow the path and go right and north to get a Speed Capsule. Head back down and to the south-left to find a Pixie's Bracelet. Head back again and to the bottom-right to enter another door.

Inside this room, you'll find Apple Kid, Dr. Andonut's, Tony, the Tessie Watcher, a Mr. Saturn, and more people stuck in tubes! Enter the next room and you'll encounter Starman Deluxe!

EB Starman Deluxe.png
Boss Battle: Starman Deluxe
Offense: 143, Defense: 186 Speed: 27, Guts: 43
HP: 1400, PP: 418
The first thing to do is use PSI Shield omega to counter Starman Deluxe's PSI Starstorm attack. If Jeff has any Multi-bottle rockets on him, use them to end the battle quickly. One rocket should take him out on your first turn. If you don't have rockets, use physical attacks to take him out. Make sure to keep your shield up if it goes away.
Exp: 160524, Money: $3827, Item: Nothing

When the battle is over head back to the room with the tubes and talk to the Mr. Saturn to get a Saturn Ribbon, equipable by Paula. Talk to Apple Kid and he'll tell you he returned the "Overcoming Shyness" book to Onett's library. Use your Exit Mouse to leave quickly.