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Back at Threed[edit]

Jeff crashes into Ness and Paula's prison, ready to join on their adventure! But how are they going to get out? Of course! Jeff brought along his Bad Key Machine that can be used to open the door. You are now out of that darn prison and back in Threed. Head to the drugstore and pick up a Copper Bracelet and Hard Hat for Jeff. Now check his IQ in the "Status" menu. If it is below 12 then buy Jeff a Toy Air Gun and train on the enemies in the area until it is.

Once Jeff's IQ is above 12, make sure you have the Broken Air Gun and Broken Iron in your inventory and go rest at the hotel. One of the items will be repaired (if not, rest again until it is). Keep resting at the hotel until both items are fixed and equip Jeff with his new weapon. If you have some extra money to spare, buy Jeff some Bottle Rockets from the guy behind the pizza shop.

Now head south and up to the odd looking tent that was recently set up. You'll enter a battle with the Boogey Tent!

Boss Battle: Boogey Tent
Boogey Tent
Boogey Tent
Offense: 43   Defense: 69   Speed: 10   Guts: 16
HP: 579   PP: 56
Boogey Tent shouldn't be too difficult for you to destroy. Make sure to keep everybody's HP above 75 and hit it with bashes and PSI Fire. If you bought some Bottle Rockets, have Jeff use them to hit the Tent hard. This battle will be over in no time if you have been training. If you kept the Big Bottle Rocket, Jeff can use this to nearly kill the tent. With that item, it shouldn't last more than one round.
Exp: 5500   Money: $407   Item: Nothing

Once the battle is over the Boogey Tent will be gone and a trashcan will be exposed. Search the trashcan to find a Jar of Fly Honey. Make sure not to forget this item because it is extremely important later on.

Time to Trap Some Zombies[edit]

A while after the battle, you'll be given a call by the Apple Kid. He'll send a pizza man over to you to deliver his new invention, Zombie Paper! Aren't you glad you invested in him now? Take the paper to the large tent in the middle of town and use it. Go rest in the hotel now.

In the middle of the night, zombies will enter the tent and get stuck! Those two zombies guarding the path to the north and the graveyard will get stuck as well, allowing you to reach the path behind the village.