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Box artwork for Earth Warp.
Box artwork for Earth Warp.
Earth Warp
Developer(s)Longman Logotron
Publisher(s)BBC Enterprises
Year released1993
System(s)BBC Micro, Acorn Archimedes
Preceded bySky Hunter
Followed bySpywatch
SeriesLook and Read
Designer(s)Peter Smith, Ian Dall
ModesSingle player
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Earth Warp is an educational game which was developed by Longman Logotron for BBC Enterprises (known as BBC Worldwide since 1995), and released upon the BBC Micro and Acorn Archimedes in 1993; it's based on the fifteenth serial of the BBC's drama series Look and Read (which actually aired after its release in 1994), and the Archimedes version is now only playable to those who still have the original disk and hardware to run it as an ADF of it was not made for use with Acorn 32-bit emulators. As with Through the Dragon's Eye, the BBC Micro version also requires the Watford Electronics DFS version 1.30 or 1.44 (or the Acorn DFS version 2.26) to finish, as it asks its player to insert its second disk and press Enter to proceed onto its second part after he or she has completed its fifth challenge.


This Look and Read adventure follows the story of an environmentally aware, but rather clumsy alien.
He befriends three Earth children, who protect him from a nosy journalist, and help him on his mission to save the Earth from a terrible explosion.
Earth Warp activities include language puzzles - a wordsearch, hyphenated word game and cloze exercise - to improve Ollie the alien's spelling; logical puzzles - a spacecraft jigsaw puzzle and mini-text adventure; and mathematical puzzles - algebraic colour patterns, coordinate search game and symmetry patterns using angles to steer the spacecraft.
© BBC Enterprises Ltd 1993

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