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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to move Lolo along the four cardinal directions. Lolo can only pass through empty, grass, or sand terrains, and may only cross water with the use of a ladder or a raft.
  • A button: Press the A button when you have ammunition stored up for egg shots to fire an egg, or to use one of the power items that may be highlight on the right portion of the screen.
  • B button: Press the B button to view a map of your current progress through the castle. You can only see where you are and where you've been if you have collected the map.
  • Start button: Press Start to pause and unpause the action mid-game.
  • Select button: Pressing Select will cause Lolo to immediately die and lose one life. Only press this button as a last resort if you are in some kind of irreversible situation, such as becoming trapped, or pushing a frame in to a position that you can't get it out of, thus making the room unsolvable. It is much better to exit the room if possible and return than to sacrifice your life in order to reset the room.



Eggerland Lolo.png

You control Lolo, a blue puff ball who is mostly spherical with the exception of a small nub for a tail. Lolo's one and only task is to collect all of the heart frames in every room, and then collect the item located in the treasure chest to clear the room of enemies and unlock the doors that lead to other rooms. Of course, this is easier said than done. Each room requires a different and unique strategy in order to avoid getting killed, and safely collecting every necessary item. Most of the solutions involve pushing several Emerald frames into various positions. Lolo's only power is the ability to shoot egg shots at certain enemies. This is granted to him by collecting certain heart frames, each of which provide him with two shots which he can accumulate. Egg shots transform enemies into eggs which Lolo can push around to different locations, or use as rafts to get over water.

Lala & King Egger[edit]

Eggerland Lala.png
Eggerland King Egger.png

Lala is Lolo's girlfriend, and she has been kidnapped by the cruel and heartless King Egger. Lolo's mission is to rescue Lala by surviving all of the rooms in King Egger's castle, and defeating King Egger in a final showdown. Until Lolo solves all of the riddles of the castle, Lala will be held in King Egger's clutches.


Heart Frames[edit]

Eggerland Heart Frame.png

In order to escape from every room, Lolo must collect the contents of the treasure chests that they contain. But in order to open the chests, Lolo must first collect every heart frame contained in the room. Heart frames are easilly collect simply by touching them, but they are typically placed in hard to reach locations, or positions that put Lolo in danger of being killed if he does not properly prepare to collect them first. Certain heart frames will provide Lolo with two egg shots, but these frames are indistinguishable from all of the others. In rooms that provide Lolo with power tiles, Lolo must collect a certain number of heart frames before these tiles become available. When Lolo is one frame away from collecting a tile, the heart frames will shimmer.

Emerald Frames[edit]

Eggerland Emerald Frame.png

Emerald Frames are one of Lolo's most useful and available tools. They are easily pushed around by Lolo, and they serve many functions. They can be used to block or trap enemies and prevent them from interfering with Lolo's movements throughout the room. They can also be used to shield Lolo from the deadly effects of the line of sight attacks by the Medusas and the Don Medusas. Successful placement of these frames is typically critical to the solution of any room. They can become stuck if push up against the wrong wall or into a corner, so do not move them about carelessly.

Treasure Chests[edit]

Eggerland Treasure Chest.png
Eggerland Key.png

Upon successfully collecting every Heart Frame in the room, the contents of the Treasure Chest will be revealed to you. But the puzzle is not over yet. You must still safely guide Lolo to the chest and collect the contents before the room is considered complete. If you manage to do so, not only will you collect the contents, but every enemy in the room will vanish, allowing you to safely pass through the room at will. In a majority of cases, the contents of the chest will be a key, which opens all of the exits from the room. In other cases, it may be a raft which you can use to float along certain water currents to reach new areas.