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Elevator Action cpanel.jpg
  • Joystick: Use the joystick to guide special agent Otto throughout the building. Push left or right to make Otto walk in either direction. Push down when you are standing outside of an elevator, Otto will crouch, and high bullets will fly over his head. While standing in an elevator (and not on top of), pushing up or down directs the elevator in either direction.
  • Fire: Press fire to shoot your gun. You can fire while standing, crouching, or jumping. You may only fire three bullets on to the screen at one time.
  • Jump: Press Jump to leap in the air. Otto leaps high enough to jump over most bullets. You can jump to the left or to the right as well, and if you jump on an enemy agent, you will jump kick them and knock them out.
  • 1-2 Players: Press to start a one or two player game.


Special Agent Otto[edit]

Elevator Action Otto.png

You are special agent Otto. Your mission is to make it from the top of each building, all the way down to the basement level where your getaway car is waiting. Along the way, you must stop at every red door and obtain the documents contained inside. You carry a gun, and you must use it to protect yourself from enemy agents. You can fire at them, jump kick them, shoot out lamps and drop them on agents' heads, or squash them with elevators. In order to navigate from the top of the building to the bottom, Otto must use the elevators that are scattered throughout the building. In the cases where elevators are not available, escalators are available on the sides of each floor.

Enemy Agents[edit]

Elevator Action Agent.png
Elevator Action Agent2.png

These black clad enemy agents have one and only one purpose in life: stop Otto at all costs. They will enter the hallways of the building through some of the blue doors. They will appear on Otto's current floor, as well as the floors above and below. They walk around and attempt to fire at Otto. They also have the capability to crouch and fire at Otto's knees. They will wait for elevators to reach them, and they will hop on and ride them to get closer to Otto. Even if they are no where near you, beware of their bullets.

Building elements[edit]


Elevator Action Blue Door.png
Elevator Action Red Door.png

Throughout each building, a majority of the doors are blue. It is from the blue doors that enemy agents will appear. However, when you discovers a red door, direct Otto to stand on the floor mat situated in front of the door, while facing to the direction of the door. Otto will enter the door. At this point, you have a period of time where you may wait safely inside. During that time, you may come out at any time by pushing the direction button of the same side with the door knob. However, if you wait too long, you will be forced out whether the activity outside is safe or not. You must locate and enter every red door before you can leave the building through the basement in your getaway car.


Elevator Action Lamp.png

Lamps occupy the ceilings of most of the higher stories of each building. They can be shot at while you are riding between floors in an elevator. If you hit a lamp, you will cause the lamp to fall, killing any agent that might be standing beneath it, and temporarily turning off all of the lights in the building. Even in the dark, you will still be able to identify which doors are red. While the lights are off, the enemy agents react and fire slightly slower than when the lights are turned on, but the effect isn't tremendous. The lights will come back on their own, at which time, the lamps become available to shoot once again. Another advantage is the fact that killing agents in the dark, will award you with more points. (Some floors are naturally dark and do not have any lamps. Agents react normally on these floors.)

Elevators and Escalators[edit]

Elevator Action Elevator.png
Elevator Action Escalator.png

Elevators are your primary method of transportation between floors. At the top of the building there is one central elevator. Eventually, this elevator reaches its limit and you must hop off and begin using escalators. In order to use escalators, you must stand on the pads at the top or the bottom of the escalator and press up or down. While riding on an escalator, you can neither kill nor be killed. You are, however, vulnerable as soon as you get off the escalator. Once the elevators resume, many of them begin to appear per floor. Some elevators are actually combinations of two elevators, one on top of another with a floor gap between. This means if the bottom elevator stops at floor 1, the lowest floor that you can ride the top elevator to is 3. Be mindful of this as you are riding them since you might think you can safely pass through a floor in order to dodge a bullet, and tragically find out that this was not the case.

Getaway Car[edit]

Elevator Action Car.png

Your getaway car plays a minor but penultimate role in your mission. Should you make it all the way down to the basement level with every document obtained from behind the red doors, you will automatically run over to your car, hop in, pull a U-Turn and drive away. At the time you will be awarded a bonus for completing the stage, and advance to the next building where the enemy agents are faster and smarter.

If you reached the exit but skipped past one of the red doors, you will instead be transported to the floor still containing a secret document.


Shooting an agent 100
Dropkicking an agent 150
Shooting an agent in dark 150
Dropkicking an agent in dark 200
Dropping a lamp on agent 300
Crushing an agent with an elevator 300
Collecting secret document 500
Completing a level 1000 X Level number.*

Extra life is given when player reaches 10 000 point mark.

  • In level 10 and afterwards, end level bonus is always 10 000