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Elevator Action EX
Box artwork for Elevator Action EX.
Publisher(s)Flag of Japan.svgAltron
Flag of the European Union.svgTDK Recording Media Europe S.A.
Release date(s)
Globe.svg 29 September 2000
System(s)Game Boy Color
ModesSingle player
SeriesElevator Action
TwitchElevator Action EX Channel

Elevator Action EX is an action game released for the Game Boy Color, and a remake of the Game Boy version of Elevator Action. In addition to color, the player is vicen the option to control one of three characters, either Sarah, Mike, and Guy. The differences between the characters determines the speed and health tradeoff for progressing through the maze-like levels.

At the end of the game, the player is presented with a password (pressing A button 10 times, B button 10 times followed by Select button) to play as the final boss, D.D. Fox.

In North America, the game was released on September 2000 by BAM! Entertainment under the name Dexter's Laboratory: Robot Rampage. That game plays identically, with the graphics being replaced by characters from the cartoon it was based on.

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