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SongMakes no Difference
Original ArtistSum 41
Cover ArtistVinn Lombardo
Difficulty2 stars

The new movie director, Chris, is trying to make a movie. However, the movie looks horrible. His manager tells him that if the movie he is now making isn't popular, Chris will be fired from his job.


This song will only appear once you complete the first level. The movie theater is located above Jane's house and the theater has the word "movie" on it.

Breezin' Level[edit]

  • There are 259 hits on this level.
  • The maximum number of markers in a group is 4.

This song on this level shouldn't be tough if you just calm down and focus on the markers. This song introduces slide markers for the first time on this level. Tap the marker and then follow the ball to pick up extra hits. Do not rush! The markers also appear in a group of four on the final verse sometimes. It should be another easy level because the pointer is also in this level.

Cruisin' Level[edit]

  • There are 276 hits on this level.
  • The maximum number of markers in a group is 6.

There are less slider markers on this level, which is why the hit total isn't higher, but that doesn't mean it is going to be easier! There are more hit markers now and they like to appear next to another marker. Even though there are more markers, you can do well without messing up a bunch.

Sweatin' Level[edit]

  • There are 425 hits on this level.
  • The maximum number of markers in a group is 7.

There's a little less slider markers on this level than the Cruisin' Level, but now many (but not all) feature back arrows at the very end of the slide. This means that once you get to the end, you must follow the ball back to the other side. There is also two occasions (near the end) where there is a marker on top of another. Listin to the beat of the song and try to tap them correctly. This takes practice.