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This game is structured like most rhythm games, where any song previously passed can be played for a higher score. In this game new songs are unlocked in groups when easier songs are completed. The newly unlocked songs can be completed in any order, but all songs in a group must be completed before the next set is unlocked.

There are four difficulties in the game:Breezin' mode, Cruisin' mode, Sweatin' mode and Hard ROCK! mode, which are the easy, normal, hard and insane modes, respectively. Hard ROCK! mode is Sweatin' mode but with beats in opposite directions and faster beats.

The Elite-o-Meter[edit]

The Elite-o-Meter is the meter at the top of your screen. Essentially, it is your life bar. The meter will decrease over time or when you miss. How fast the meter falls depends on the song. The only way to increase it again is by getting hits. How much it increases depends on points you get. Your goal is to keep it high during the song.

The Elite-o-Meter is divided into two parts, a yellow part and a red part. When you are in the yellow zone, it will show a 'Yes', meaning that you are doing well. If you are in the red zone, it will show a 'No', showing that you are failing. If you are close to failing, it will become an '!' to signify that you are close to lose.

Each episode is divided into parts, like the meter. At the end of each scene, the outcome of that scene will change depending on your meter. If it is yellow, it will show the target doing well and an 'O'. However, should you be in the red zone, the opposite will happen, and you will get an 'X'


- Hit Marker -

Hit Markers are the circles that you must tap in a specific numbered order, to the beat of the song.

  • 300 points for a 'Perfect'
  • 100 points for a 'Good'
  • 50 points for a 'OK'
  • 0 points for a 'Miss'

- Phrase Markers -

Phrase Markers are paths that you must follow with your stylus.

  • Reaching the end of a track will earn you 30 points.
  • Each 'dot' along the track will earn you 10 points each.
  • Completing a track without any mistakes and with perfect timing will earn you 300 points.
  • Completing a track with mistakes or not with perfect timing will earn you 100 points.
  • Completely missing a track will result in a Miss (X).

- Spin Markers -

Spin Markers are the circles that you must spin in order to fill up the meter.

  • You earn 100 points for every full spin.
  • You'll earn 100-300 points when you've successfully filled up the meter.
  • After you fill the meter, each full spin will earn you 1000 bonus points.
  • If you don't fill the meter before time runs out, it will result in a Miss (X).


If a song is passed, a grade letter is assigned based on performance of the song. They are as follows:

  • S
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

If a D rank is achieved, the ending to the story of the particular song is different.

Song Grouping[edit]