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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Box artwork for Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
Japanese title東方紅魔郷
Developer(s)Team Shanghai Alice
Publisher(s)Team Shanghai Alice
Release date(s)
TwitchEmbodiment of Scarlet Devil Channel

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (東方紅魔郷 Touhou Koumakyou?, Land of the Scarlet Devil) is a challenging vertical-scrolling shooter, and is the sixth official game of the Touhou series. It is the first to be released specifically for the Windows OS.

The game takes place in the mystic oriental land of Gensokyo, as usual. The story revolves around the appearance of a thick red mist, that has covered the land and blocked out the sun. Playing as either Reimu Hakurei (a shrine maiden) or Marisa Kirisame (a playful magician), you must battle your way through six difficult stages toward the source of the red mist, and face the "Scarlet Devil" behind it all.

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