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First segment[edit]

The starting wave is simply faeries arriving from the top-left, then top right. They will then approach in an inverted V-formation, occasionally firing few bullets.

The next wave are red faeires near the top, who will fire waves of slow-moving bullets in a quarter circle. While they can be dodged, you should dispatch the faeires and get as much power as possible from them.

This is followed by a two-column wave from the top-right, intended to snipe through the slow moving bullets.


A major enemy approaches from the top right, following a simple four-pattern attack.

  • On the top right, fires one or two bullet waves. These appear in a column and are spread out in a full circle.
  • In the center, A small bullet spiral.
  • On the top left, two waves of bullets in the same pattern as the first.
  • In the center, a chaotic swarm of bullets.

If you inflict enough damage on Hard or Lunatic difficulty, she launches a spell attack, which is not too diffcult.

  • Two pincer beams start at the side and stop for a small cone.
  • A circular wave of bullets, which are dodged simply by slight movements.

Second segment[edit]

After the boss retreats, the red faeires will return with their barrage pattern. This is followed by four waves of the blue two-column faeries.


The boss that you defeated earlier introduces herself as the Youkai of Darkness, Rumia.

Her first volley starts with the first pattern, but selects the following pattens semi-randomly:

  • A forward stream of bullets aimed at the player, in increassing columns from one to five. Dodge hard to the left or right.
  • A Circular array of bullets.
  • A circular wing of bullets.
  • A large fan of yellow bullets.
  • A spread of bullet columns with a trailing bullet circle.

Her first spell card:

  • She fires four wings of bullets. She fires four wings of bullets on each volley, which have more layers on higher difficulties. Dodge between the bullets by slight movements. The main threat from this is her movement and your response to get a clear shot.

On her second volley:

  • She fires a fan of bullets, along with several beams.

Her final attack:

  • She fires three concentric circles of bullets (six on lunatic). They shoot out, pause, and travel in a grid pattern away from the player.
  • While the circles are traveling, she fires fout small wings which then travel directly towards the player. This can be used to collect a high graze count.