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First segment[edit]

Enemies will approach from the left, then right. They will do so again, with a higher arc.

After the preliminary waves, fairies appear at the top in opposing pairs. They will fire a three-way bullet spread towards you.

The next wave set has a pair of enemies at the top launching circular volleys. The blue fairys entering as well have a suicide attack of three bullets fired towards the player.


Her initial volley is a mix of scattered bullets, and circular rings.

Her spell:

On Easy or Normal:

  • She creates a beautiful flower, with rings of supporting bullets.
  • Bullets travel straight forward, but the ring is slightly slower.

On hard or lunatic:

  • She creates a beautiful flower, with a supporting ring of bullets.
  • The flower itself folds on itself, before expanding outward. The bullets within the flower are given a slight arc.

After defeating her, she will retreat. Collect the 1up.

Second segment[edit]

The fairys will use a combined bullet attack, with supporting bullets arcing downward. This makes grazing difficult in some places.


Her initial volley is a spiral of bullets, which eventually ends in a scattered ring. You can dodge through the ring directly, but it is also possible to move back and forth quickly to break the spiral pattern.

Her spell:

  • She sends a spiral of bullets, which you have to dodge through. Aim for the gaps in the spirals, but watch the change in direction within the spiral.
  • On hard or lunatic, there is a second pattern within the spiral that moves more slowly.

Her second volley is supported by fairys coming from behind, using the same firing pattern as encoutnered in the previous stage. Aim for your target directly.

Her second spell appears only on Hard or Lunatic:

  • The bullets fly out in batches. No specific pattern.

Her final volley:

  • She fires two sets of concentric circles, which then reverse and fan out in a small spiral.
  • Immediatly after the circles, she fires a rain of bullets, which may dodged normally, or avoided entirely by moving outside the firing zone (on the opposite side of the screen.)

Her next spell:

  • She fires bullets in a slightly chaotic pattern.

On hard or lunatic:

  • She fires bullets in a circular pattern. This is easily dodged by itself.
  • A second pattern has bullets chaotically fired in conjunction with the circles.

Her final spell is a set of bullets fired out randomly, with a slight arc to the side.

If you are playing the trial version, the game ends here.