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  • Joystick: Use the 4-way joystick to move the pieces left, right, and down, for up to 24 extra points in the case of the last; pushing it up has no effect, in the Normal and Versus Modes, but in the Adventure Mode, it will activate your current reserve special item when you press the Rotating Button.
  • Rotating Button: Use this button to rotate those pieces in an anticlockwise direction; it is not possible for you to rotate them in a clockwise direction.
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push either of these buttons to proceed to the mode selection screen, then push your joystick left and right to select a mode.


Blocks (ブロックス)[edit]

EM Block Orange.gif EM Block Red.gif EM Block Green.gif EM Block Cyan.gif EM Block Blue.gif EM Block Magenta.gif Three of these cubes make the game pieces that fall down from the top of the screen, and they come in six different colours; orange, red, green, cyan, blue and magenta. When the player lines up three identically-coloured ones vertically or diagonally, they will crack - and when a fourth one of the same colour lands on top of the three cracked ones, they will shatter. There is also a seventh type of block that is exclusive to Versus Mode.

Ojama Blocks (おじゃまブロックス)[edit]

EM Ojama Block.gif These orange blocks, which appear to have the face of Gerochan from Super World Court, are exclusive to Versus Mode; when one player shatters a lot of blocks at once, their dolphin (Minto or Gamu) will blow up a beach ball, then bounce it over to the other player's side of the screen (it will explode on impact). The text "X BLOCKS COMING!" (X depending on how long the chain reaction was, which determines the beach ball's size), will then appear in that player's display in the centre of the screen as that number of Ojama Blocks come up into view from the bottom of the screen - and they cannot be cracked or shattered by any means, given that they do not make the game pieces that fall down from the top of the screen, even when lined up to do so.

Stars (スターズ)[edit]

CP Star.gif If you choose to play in Normal Mode on Chūkyū (中級) or Jōkyū (上級) level (or in Versus Mode), the edge of the "NEXT" box will fill up every time you crush a block; once it is completely filled to the top, one of these (originally from Cosmo Gang: The Puzzle) will fall down from the top of the screen, and eliminate every block of one colour from the screen, when it lands. If you choose to play in Normal Mode on Shōkyu (初級) level, however, one will only appear when your screen is almost filled to the top - and once it has reached speed level 20, another will automatically fall down from the top of the screen and eliminate every block before Minto comes up into view from the bottom of the screen with the three-script text Shōkyu kuria omedetō!! (初級クリアおめでとう!!) above him. The three-script text of Tsugi ha chūkyū · jōkyū ni charenjida!! (次は中級・上級にチャレンジだ!!) will then appear below him.

Metal Blocks (メタルブロックス)[edit]

EM Metal Block.gif These silver blocks are exclusive to the Adventure Mode of the game; as with the Ojama Blocks, they can't be cracked or shattered by any means.

Sea Creatures (海洋生物)[edit]

EM Tai.gif EM Anko.gif EM Manbo.gif EM Umi Game.gif EM Kani.gif EM Tako.gif EM Pengin.gif EM Gamu.gif In the Adventure Mode, the object is to get these aquatic animals down to the bottom of the screen so they can jump into the water and swim away; from left to right: Tai (たい, Practice and 1st Ocean), Ankō (あんこう, 2nd Ocean), Manbō (まんぼう, 3rd Ocean), Umi Game (うみがめ, 4th Ocean), Kani (かに, 5th Ocean), Tako (たこ, 6th Ocean), Pengin (ぺんぎん, Last Ocean) and Gamu (ガム, Mystic Ocean). Once you've saved the last one of each ocean, they will grant Minto (ミント) a special item which can be used by pushing your joystick up and pressing the Rotating Button; the four Kanji characters in their Japanese name read as kaiyō seibutsu (and it is also worth noting that for this mode, Minto himself looks like this): EM Minto.gif

Jamir (ジャミール)[edit]

EM Jamir.gif

This enormous sea demon is the main antagonist of the game's Adventure Mode; at the start of the Mystic Ocean's ninth stage, he will give a huge (three-text) Japanese speech, then cause twenty-one blocks (four blue, seven green, three cyan, and seven red) to fall down into place from the top of the screen, before possessing the first Green Block on the bottom row. Once you have landed a Green Block on the first uncovered existing one on the top row to make them all crack, he will lose a dot from his vitality meter then go on to possess a different block - and he will also occasionally cast a spell to make ten blocks come up into view from the bottom of the screen, while you are trying to make his possessed block crack again. Once you have made his possessed blocks crack five more times he'll explode and you'll receive a 100000-point bonus; you will now have to help seven last Gamu and Minto to escape!


EM Tai No Kagayuku Uroko.gif EM Anko No Hatsu Koi.gif EM Manbo No Utata Ne.gif EM Umi Game No Namida.gif EM Kani No Tachikurami.gif EM Tako No Gekirin.gif EM Pengin No Ma-Gokoro.gif In the Adventure Mode, the last sea creature in each ocean will grant Minto one special item which can be used by pushing your joystick up and pressing the Rotating Button; from left to right: Tai No Kagayaku Uroko (たいのかがやくうろこ, 1st Ocean), Ankō No Hatsu Koi (あんこうのはつこい - Ocean 2), Manbō No Utata Ne (まんぼうのうたたね, Ocean 3), Umi Game No Namida (うみがめのなみだ, Ocean 4), Kani No Tachikurami (かにのたちくらみ - 5th Ocean), Tako No Gekirin (たこのげきりん, 6th Ocean), and Pengin No Ma-Gokoro (ぺんぎんのまごころ, "Last" Ocean). However, each item can only be used once, so you must save them for emergencies - also, if you were "game-overed" and decided to continue, there is an eighth item that is exclusive to the "Item Roulette" called the Minto No Seinaru Chikara (written in Katakana and Hiragana as ミントのせいなるちから). When it is used, the Katakana/Hiragana text Minto no seinaru chikara wo tsukatta! (ミントのせいなるちからをつかった!) will appear on the screen, and it will cause every block on the screen to shatter; this means that all sea creatures on screen will fall to the bottom, and jump into the water. It also looks like this: EM Minto No Seinaru Chikara.gif