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All Wonders are available from Epoch 3 and cost Gold, Iron and Stone. Whenever a Wonder is built, its location is revealed to all players. Wonders cannot be converted by Priests.


Takes a percentage of all players' population cap and gives it to the Wonder's owner. Effect lasts until the Wonder is destroyed, at which point population caps revert to their original state.

Great Library of Alexandria[edit]

Reveals the position of all enemy buildings on the map. Only the buildings themselves are revealed, the surrounding area stays under fog of war.

Ishtar Gates[edit]

Grants a massive hitpoint bonus to all of the owner's walls and gates, making them significantly harder to knock down. Lasts until the Wonder is destroyed, at which point the bonus is lost. The bonus is percentage-based and is non-cumulative with the extra hitpoints gained from the Civilization Builder.

Pharos Lighthouse[edit]

Provides massive line of sight over nearby water but not over land. All ships, Docks, Naval Yards, aircraft flying over water and land units standing in shallow water are revealed in its range.

Temple of Zeus[edit]

All of the owner's units regenerate health as if they were near a Hospital. Does not affect Cybers. Unknown if regeneration speed is affected by Hospital upgrades [research needed on topic].

Tower of Babylon[edit]

Gives the owner's priests an area-of-effect conversion, similar to the Aztec wonder of Empire Earth II.

Campaign-only Wonders[edit]

These Wonders appear in certain single-player missions and cannot be built by normal means.

Espionage Headquarters[edit]

Appears in the second and sixth Russian missions. In the first case, it has the same effect as the Great Library of Alexandria while in the second, it functions as a simple training facility that indirectly enables the owner to construct Nano Age units while in the Atomic Age - Modern Age.


Appears in the second and sixth German missions. Has the same function as the Pharos Lighthouse but much lower health. The AI appears to view it as a high-priority target for aircraft.

RADAR Station[edit]

Appears in the last German mission. Until at least five is destroyed, nearby airfields automatically dispatch fighters and bombers to intercept enemy bombers and ships, respectively.