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Civilizations in Empires break down into nine groups. The first five civilizations exist from 950 A.D. to 1900 A.D., which covers the first three epochs (The Medieval Age, the Gunpowder Age, and the Imperial Age). The other five civilizations roughly cover the years 1900 A.D. to 1950 A.D., which is during the epochs World War I and World War II.

Early Civilizations[edit]

  • Franks- Faster workers, free farms and granaries, able to have more miners per mine, stone is gathered faster, peasants and Town Centers have large line of sight, walls are harder to destroy, troops can move quickly between fortresses, all French buildings and soldiers automatically heal themselves, all French people can cross through forests, soldiers come out of destroyed buildings, People can garrison towers, and peasants can become soldiers.
  • Korea- Korean civilizations start with extra citizens, buildings are built faster, Gold is mined faster, Fishing boats work faster, hunting is faster, battleships can transport military units, siege weapons are more precise, one Korean citizen is added for every enemy citizen killed, soldiers can use martial arts to increase speed and attack, soldiers can become veterans, and soldiers can become attack resistant after being near a temple.
  • England- Citizens are stronger, have more life than usual, and 15 points of resources. England starts with more resources, food warehouses generate food, buildings are automatically built, resources are marked at the beginning of a game, mining camps automatically mine resources, ranged units can hit moving targets, cannons can fire forward or up, enemy artillery can be taken if nearby troops are killed or destroyed, one ship can be a flagship which fires destructive heated shot, town centers can raise the fog of war in an area for a certain amount of time, and spike pits can be placed to kill enemies.
  • China- China starts with extra food, commoners only count as half and only cost 40 food, Town Centers and War Camps move, and Town Centers can be built without settlements. China starts with two town centers, but has zero citizens, and China's commoners collect food faster. All military soldiers are trained at war camps, battleships transport military units, commoners build siege weapons, and commoners can ring forth heavy rains to slow down enemies.

Later Civilizations[edit]

  • France- French citizens and Town Centers have long lines of sight, workers move fast, eight miners are allowed per mine in empire builder mode, farms and granaries are free, troops move quickly between fortresses, buildings, units, and ships repair automatically, soldiers in planes and vehicles jump out of them after they are destroyed, one soldier may live if a building is destroyed, French walls are stronger than usual, all French people can walk through forests, some siege weapons or Grenadiers can fire a smokescreen, and French people can garrison in towers.
  • Germany- Germany's buildings are built faster and universities are free, wood collection and farming are completed faster, some units can fire chemical attack, charts about enemies military and economic status are available, soldiers can be promoted which makes them live longer, and moving units take less damage than usual.
  • United Kingdom- British citizens can carry extra resources, and have more life as well as stronger attack. The United Kingdom starts with extra food, buildings are built automatically, resources near Town Centers are marked, mining camps automatically mine resources, enemy damaged isolated artillery can be captured, one flagship can fire a heated shell, land mines can destroy the enemy, fog of war can be lifted briefly in any place on the map, and bombers can collapse mines.
  • United States- United States citizens mine gold and forage food faster, technologies and buildings are cheaper, the United States starts with additional resources, bombers can do several runs on one tank of gas, and infantry can charge, which increases speed and rate of fire.
  • Russia- Russian citizens are cheaper than usual, and there is a surplus of them at the beginning of the game. Hunters and fishers work faster, Russians recover some of their lost resources from a battle, and commoners can do an explosive suicide charge.