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To do cheats, select 'Hacking' from the main menu. (You must have a previously saved game on your memory card to access the hacking option.) At the A:/> prompt enter CHEAT.EXE and hit the return button; a message will confirm that you are in cheat mode. To enter each of the following codes, you must input "CHEAT" and a space, then the cheat code (e.g. "CHEAT 0034AFFF") followed by a return, or you can simply select CHEAT from the Command list menu, then enter the code and hit return.

Code Function
0034AFFF All weapons Unlocked
1DDF2556 Infinite Ammo
69E5D9E4 Infinite Focus('Slow' Time)
7F4DF451 Infinite Health
13D2C77F Unlock Bonus Test Level
FFFFFFF1 Invisibility(Enemies Can't See You)
D5C55D1E Multiplayer Fighting
7867F443 Faster Logos Flight Speed.