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Within Entropia Universe there are several resources. Some of them can be mined from the ground, but others can be looted from mobs.

Currently we have the following resources available:



Alferix, Azzurdite, Belkar, Blausariam, Caldorite, Cobalt, Copper, Cumbriz, Dianum, Durulium, Erdorium, Frigulite, Gazzurdite, Gold, Ignisium, Iron, Kanerium, Langotz, Lysterium, Maganite, Megan, Narcanisum, Niksarium, Platinum, Quantium, Rugaritz, Terrudite, Tridenite, Valurite, Xerimite, Zinc


Alicenies, Angelic, Binary, Dunkel, Energized Fertilizer, Force Nexus, Garcen, Growth Molecules, Lytairian, Magerian Mist, Melchi Water, Oil, Typonolic,


Atrox Eye



Vibrant Sweat


Animal hide, Fine hide, Soft hide, Thin Wool, Fine Wool, Wool, Foul Bone, Molisk Tooth,

Alien Parts[edit]

Alien acid, Alien blood, Alien resin fluid, Aurli chitin scale, Aurli claw, Aurli dense plate, Aurli shock flesh, Kreltin soft plate,


Paint Can (Black), Paint Can (Blue), Paint Can (Brown), Paint Can (Dark Blue), Paint Can (Light Green), Paint Can (Orange), Paint Can (Pink), Paint Can (Purple), Paint Can (Red), Paint Can (White), Paint Can (Yellow),