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EpicDuel is free, so jump right in.

Create account[edit]

Sign up for a free "Battleon Master Account." Once it's created, activate your "EpicDuel Game Account". It does not require email activation.

Select server[edit]

There are currently four servers with the number of online players listed:

  • Epic
  • Exile
  • Legion
  • Doom

Create character[edit]

Select one of the three classes, then customize your character's appearance with the following:

  • Gender.
  • Hair style.
  • Eye color.
  • Skin color.
  • Armor colors (primary, secondary, and tertiary).

Type in a name and then click "Save Character." The game will pause as the character is saved and then loaded into the game.


Combat is turn based. During your turn, you get 13 seconds to choose an action. Actions are Strike (using your equipped weapon) and any skills you have learned (you start with 3). Skills have cooldowns, and will not be available for a few turns after being used.

To get into a battle, you must challenge NPCs by first talking to them, or selecting one of the Player versus Player (PvP) options from the menu bar at the bottom right (the two skulls). You can only challenge NPCs that are less than or equal to 5 levels above your level (so at level 1, you can only challenge up to level 6 NPCs).


Shopping is simple. Many NPCs, when talked to, offer the option of shopping. You can sort the items you are browsing by clicking one one of the various category icons (along the left side).

There are two currencies in game: Credits and Varium. Varium is premium currency that is purchased with real money. It helps to obtain better items more quickly than with credits alone (in most cases, certain items cannot be purchased with Credits alone). Credits can be obtained by winning battles.