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Control Action
B button Attack
A button Jump (hold button down for higher jump)
Hold Down dpad , then press A button Low Jump
Hold Up dpad Float (while descending)
Start button Talk
Select button Menu


  • L (Life): This is the amount of health you have. If you lose it all, you die. All characters share L from the same pool.
  • E (Esper): This is the amount of power you have. This is used for your Esper. All characters share E from the same pool.
  • ATK (Attack): This determines how high your character's damage output is.
  • DEF (Defense: This determines how much damage your character takes.
  • SPD (Speed): This determines how fast your character moves. This refers specifically to motion speed, not attack speed.
  • JMP (Jump): This determines how high your character jumps.
  • HVR (Hover): If you hold up while jumping, your character will float down, rather than falling. The higher this value is, the more slowly the character will descend while floating.
  • BOOST: Most doors require a certain BOOST value to open. Essentially, the higher the BOOST value, the more doors you can open. All characters have the same BOOST value at all times.
  • EXP (Experience): At certain values, your level will go up.


Name Description
Akio You begin the game with Akio. He has the highest SPD of the characters, and is otherwise well-rounded. As such, he is the ideal choice for most situations.
Mako Mako is found in the Eastern Yard. She has the highest HVR of the comrades, but is lacking in all other areas. Since HVR isn't all that helpful for the most part, she is useful exactly once, when you need a female to get a certain item.
Genta Genta is found in the Eastern Falls. He has the highest DEF of the group, and has a fairly high ATK, as well. His biggest advantage is his ability to break certain walls and floors. This is necessary in many situations. He can't jump terribly high, though, so he is best suited for ground combat or for minimizing

damage when combat is impossible (such as when you're falling through enemy-infested areas).

Naoyuki Naoyuki is found in the Ice Room. He has the highest JMP of the bunch, which is an interesting parallel to Luigi, given his tall, slender build and green outfit. He is useful in reaching high areas, but if you are at a high enough level, Akio can reach almost anywhere by jumping. The only exception to this is the treasure chest in the Cylindroom, which requires Naoyuki at Level 7 to reach.
Bunzo Bunzo is found in the Kitchen. He has the highest STR of the party, and a decent DEF and HVR. His JMP and SPD are fairly low, so he's best suited for ground combat. However, he is the best choice for fighting the Devil, so don't count him out completely.

Level Chart[edit]

This chart gives the experience values necessary to achieve each level, as well as some other information. Unlike most games, you begin at Level 0. Color is the color of your hammer at that level and BOOST is the BOOST value that you'll have at that level. One more thing to note is that while the highest value your EXP can reach is 9999, there's no reason to go any higher than 6400, since you can't go any higher than Level 7.

Level EXP Color Boost
0 0 Brown 0
1 100 Green 0
2 200 White 0
3 400 Pink 1
4 800 Yellow 1
5 1600 Cyan 2
6 3200 Melon 2
7 6400 Salmon 3


  • Doors in this game do not open in the typical manner. You must first touch the nearby idol. If you get a ding, the door will open. If you get a buzzer, the door will not open, signifying either that your BOOST is too low, or that you need a special item to enter.
  • The only Esper in the game is Stormball, with which you begin the game. It is a simple rotating shield that drains your E with time. Since enemies don't get knocked back when you hit them and the hit detection in this game is sketchy, this power is useless.
  • The denizens of this castle appear by "zones" of sorts. You'll hear a noise signifying when you enter a new zone, causing a new being to appear. Using this, you can exit and reenter a zone repeatedly to fight the same monster and grind EXP.
  • To restore your L & E, talk to a Bath, Shower, Refrigerator, or Bed. Be aware that you will be charged for this, but you will be completely refilled, regardless of the price. To get a password, talk to a Bed and select Yes for the first choice.
  • While this is incredibly difficult in the beginning of the game due to your low amount of both L and money, try not to die. You will resume the game at a checkpoint having lost none of your progress, but 2/3 of your money will be gone! That can cause big problems, since you need money to recover L and E and to buy an item necessary to beat the game. Money is also somewhat hard to come by, especially in large amounts.
  • You can talk to any of the strange, googly-eyed inanimate objects throughout the game, but be careful. Some will attack if you talk to them and some will try to scam you out of your hard-earned money.
  • Conversely, if you attack a friendly creature, you will receive no EXP for its defeat.
  • When a creature is attacking you, it will spit out little projectiles that move in strange ways. If you hit them with your hammer, they will disperse.
  • Flying enemies will ascend and descend along with you, making them difficult to hit. Try to jump so that you trap them against a ceiling to attack them.
  • While swinging your hammer in midair, you will not descend. Use this to your advantage when fighting flying enemies.
  • While each character has his or her own specialties, Akio's high SPD and JMP make him the best character for most situations.