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Esper Dream Brick Village.png

This is where you will start your game, and it is also where you will return when you use the power of Teleportation. It is a good idea, when you first begin to game, to talk with everyone and learn some important details. Some clues may appear obscure at first, but will have relevant meaning later in the game. The mayor informs you that your first destination should be the warp zone in the upper left corner which will take you to World 1, the Giant House. There is no need to purchase anything before you go, but begin saving up for items like the Pistol. Remember to drop by the Mayor's House on a regular basis to save your game.

Important Buildings[edit]

  1. Mayor's House, where you can save your game.
  2. The old man in this house informs you at what number of experience points you will arrive at the next level. Return here when you have the Alice Necklace.
  3. Trade a ring with this man for a silver ring.
  4. Trade a seed with this man for a tree.
  5. The clock tower: Come here to be informed of the time.
  6. Equipment Shop
  7. Item Shop
  8. Inn - 100 Gold per night.
  9. Trade a crystal with this man for a ruby.


Equipment Shop
Pistol 1600
Clothes 1000
Leather 2500
Item Shop
Key 50
Psi Beam 300
HP Repair 6000