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Description[edit | edit source]

  • Your journey into the first world will take place in an gigantic home. In order to explore the dungeons of this world, you must find ways up to the tops of the various desks found throughout the home, and access the computer monitors that sit atop the tables.
  • You begin in the center of the top border of the world. To fully explore the world, you must travel around in a clockwise direction. As you move in this fashion, the enemies that you encounter will get progressively stronger, so don't stray too far from the entrance until you build up some levels. You should avoid traveling to the south until you reach Level 4 and earn Psi Beam.
  • Your objective for this world will be to collect the Ring from Computer A, the Letter from Computer B, and challenge the boss in Computer D. Computer C is optional, but it offers a good opportunity to gain some money and power up your Psi Beam power early on.
  • Focus on level progression, and return to Brick Village to save your progress. If you run low on Hit Points, and you do not find an HP Capsule in the process of fighting enemies, spend the night at the inn for 100 Gold. You should save up enough money to purchase the Pistol from the weapons shop before you fight the boss.

Dungeon maps[edit | edit source]

Click on the maps below for a larger view.

World Enemies[edit | edit source]

The worms are the weakest enemies in the game. They are slow and do not fire. However, they can be difficult to hit with your weapon depending on their orientation. These innocent looking ladybugs wander around the room, but when they get close enough to you, they flutter their wings and fire a bullet at you. Prepare to dodge their fire.
These fish can be quite difficult to deal with. If they lock on to your vertical position, they follow you up and down, firing three shots. Try to shoot them from above or below. These tiny insects are found in many worlds. They are very difficult to hit with your weapon, but they are quite vulnerable to a Psi Beam attack. Wait for them to bunch together.

Boss: Flower[edit | edit source]

The first Mystery Capsule is possessed by a large animated flower. It moves a short distance around the room before opening it's petal and firing a projectile at the player. It is only vulnerable to attack, whether by gun or by Psi beam, when its petals are open. Therefore the timing of your attacks is very important. After taking a fair amount of damage, the flower will begin to fire three projectiles at once. This is your indication that the Flower is running low on health. Concentrate your attack until it is defeated, and then collect the Mystery Capsule that it leaves behind.