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Esper Dream W2 map.png


  • The second world takes place in an large meadow. From Brick Village, you begin in the upper left corner of the world. From the Giant House, you also begin along the top, but closer to the center. The dungeons are immediately accessible, although you will have to walk across spiked terrain that slowly saps the player's hit points. If you get attacked on this terrain, the resulting fight arena will also be composed of painful spikes.
  • The dungeons in this world start out pitch black. You'll need the power of Esper Lamp to light the way, which you learn at level 7. Alternatively, you can buy it from Beverly Village, but it's best to learn it on your own. You will also find locked doors in these dungeons. You must possess one key for every door that you wish to open. They are sold in Brick Village for 50 Gold. In this world, you are only required to possess one key in order to reach the boss. The rest are optional, and you will often find detours around the doors.
  • Dungeon A is only necessary if you don't have at least the Twin Box. Find the seed in Dungeon B. Dungeon C has some money for you to collect, but if you discovery it's secret illusion wall, you can find a Triple Box and a shortcut to Dungeon D, where you will find more money and the boss.
  • The enemies are stronger in this world. It would be a good idea to save up for the Leather suit to boost your defense before you fight the boss. If you can afford the Bazooka, that's a plus, but not necessary. Also, if you can sneak your way into the open patch of grass surrounded by trees in the upper right corner up the world, KonamiMan will fly over you and restore all of your HP and EP!

Dungeon maps[edit]

Click on the maps below for a larger view.

Beverly Village[edit]

Esper Dream Bibari Village.png

Important Buildings[edit]

  1. Trade a tree with this man for a nut.
  2. Item shop
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Equipment Shop
  5. Inn - 120 Gold per night.
  6. Trade a gold ring with this man for 3000 Gold.


Equipment Shop
Bazooka 3500
Devil (suit) 7000
Item Shop
Esper Lamp 350
Life Bulb 1000
Angel Arm 3000

World Enemies[edit]

In addition to the small insect-like Beens, you will encounter the following:

Esper Dream Moai.png
Esper Dream Igagura.png
Almost as if transplanted from the world of Gradius, these Moai statues retain their ability to shoot slow energy rings at you, but they also gain the ability to run around the room at a fast pace. These porcupine like enemies are quite dangerous. They move a short distance, then stop and fire, and repeat. On top of that, they have a very large amount of hit points, so it takes quite a while to defeat them.
Esper Dream Blocker.png
Esper Dream NOM-1.png
These stationary enemies appear in one place, fire off a guided projectile, then disappear from their current position, only to reappear somewhere else in the room. They will only appear in dungeons. Like Beens, these enemies can be found in every world, with the exception of the first world. Their arms double as heat seeking missiles that attempt to knock you out in a fight. Concentrate your fire on one at a time.

Boss: Pergola[edit]

Esper Dream Pergola Boss Fight.png

The second Mystery Capsule is possessed by a winged monkey. It flies back and forth along the top of the room, and it stops to fire a projectile at you, which it does on a regular basis. If you have a high number of hit points, you can actually defeat the Pergola rather quickly by assaulting it with Psi Beams from the side of the room. If you have to be more cautious in order to stay alive, remain beneath him and fire upwards at the location that the Pergola will fly through.