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  • The third world takes place in a crystal castle. From Brick Village, you begin near the upper left corner of the world. From the Light Meadow, begin a little further south in the same vicinity. Although not unique to this world, the dungeons of this world fit very neatly together in a square area the same size as the world above. You can see a good portion of the dungeons beyond your current location, so use that opportunity to learn the layout of the dungeons so that you don't get lost.
  • One of the enemies, Mambo No. 5, in this world is a ghost like creature that can only be seen with the naked eye when it is hurt. In order to see it all the time, you'll need to locate and collect the Esper Glasses, which requires two keys to collect.
  • There are a number of stairways throughout this world, and not all of the dungeon entrances are necessary. Some dungeon entrances lead you to stairways that take you out to portions of the world that are otherwise inaccessible, such as the location of the Rod. Other dungeon entrances contain pits that send you on one-way trips away from you present location, and may force you to retrace your steps in order to get back, so be careful.
  • Naturally, the enemies in this world are stronger than the prvious ones. You will have the opportunity to collect large sums of Gold by selling certain traded items, and this should help you get closer to the protective Devil suit with the very high 7000 Gold price tag. You shouldn't fight the boss of this world without one, and hopefully you will have had the opportunity to save up for the Bazooka as well.

Dungeon map[edit]

Island Village[edit]

Important Buildings[edit]

  1. Inn - 140 Gold per night.
  2. Item shop
  3. Trade a nut with this man for 2000 Gold.
  4. Trade a silver ring with this girl for a gold ring.
  5. Trade a gold ring with this girl for a iron ring (this will forfeit the ability to sell the gold ring for 3000 Gold!)
  6. Trade a ruby with this girl for a garnet.


Item Shop
Time Stop 4000

World Enemies[edit]

In addition to the small insect-like Beens and the NOM-1 robots, you will encounter the following:

These duck like enemies waddle around and lay eggs. While they may seem harmless, their eggs are actually time bombs that eventually explode in six different directions. Only one can explode at a time. Their non-stop motion and high hit points make Antons difficult to defeat. These crab like enemies wander around a little bit before they decide to do what crasbs do best: scuttle! When they sense that you are alongside them (or every now and then for the heck of it), they suddenly dash sideways in an effort to crash into the player.
Mambo No. 5
These ghost like enemies are not normally visible to the naked eye unless they are getting hit by an attack. In order to see where they are at all times, one needs the Esper Glasses. Even with them, they are dangerous enemies, as they can drain your health quite rapidly and they don't even need to be too close to you to do it.

Boss: Geruzonia[edit]

The third Mystery Capsule is possessed by a mysterious wizard. This fight takes place in a spiked arena, so every step that you take will cause a little damage. Try to move around as little as possible. Geruzonia hovers above you and tries to get a fix on your horizontal position before shooting a ray down at you. All the while, two extra heads float around him. Your best offense is to step slightly to the side before he fires his ray, and pummel him with Psi Beams (you should have the Twin or Triple Box at this point). You will realize that you're doing well against him when one of his heads disappears. Firing on him with your gun is less effective since it requires that you stand right in front of him where he can hit you.