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Description[edit | edit source]

  • The final world has a bit of a chess motif, and is known as Chess Colony. The two entrances, from Brick Village and the Marsh Ruins, are positioned roughly in the center of the world. There are three dungeon entrances (the large purple structures) and one town to visit in this world.
  • Dungeons in the Chess Colony are composed of a series of rooms with exits branching off in four different directions. You will also face a greater number of enemies which are unique to dungeons of this world, including Pawns and Knights, shaped like their respective chess pieces.
  • Dungeon A to the south is actually the final destination, where the boss of this world resides. It also houses a Triple Box, whose acquisition is only necessary if you don't already have this power-up (and in which case, is highly recommended). Dungeon B is home only to a Twin Box, and can be skipped entirely. Dungeon C contains two very powerful items which you will not want to face the final boss without, and should be your first destination
  • You will be relying almost exclusively on your ESP powers throughout this world. Until you find the Barrier Suit from dungeon C, you should plan on activating the Barrier power immediately upon entering a fight, and then switching to Psi Beam to combat the enemies. Even then, combat will be slow until you obtain the red ESP book, also in dungeon C, which substantially increases the effectiveness of your Psi Beam.

Dungeon maps[edit | edit source]

Click on the maps below for a larger view.

Reiku Village[edit | edit source]

Reiku is a Japanese word which can be translated as "an elegant phrase," which is intentionally ironic since the people of this town are anything by elegant.

Important Buildings[edit | edit source]

  1. Trade a rod with this man for a staff.

World Enemies[edit | edit source]

Guppas are hand-like creatures which move surprisingly quickly. However, despite their speed, they are only capable of moving left or right, which means once you reach a safe position along the top or bottom of the screen, you are free to spray them with Psi Beams, with nothing else to worry about than their projectiles. They can temporarily freeze you as well. The Gyururus are squid-like enemies which are similar to the octopus-like Takora from the previous world, except the don't bounce around. They simply move throughout the screen, shooting gobs of ink at you, but they are quite harmful to touch as well.
These chess pieces move about the arena with short hops, trying to approach you. However, if they line up with you horizontally, they will fly towards you. They will use the flash technique which can cause up to 300 points of damage, and is unaffected by the Barrier Suit. Knights are very similar to Pawns in many respects except that they are capable of moving with much greater agility, and are far more aggressive. They even seem to be able to flash more frequently than Pawns. Immediately use Barrier if you don't yet have the Barrier Suit, and rapidly fire Psi Beams at them.
These rocky enemies are especially difficult to defeat. They move a short distance, and then hunker down, creating an earthquake before erupting and showing the room with small boulders. They are only vulnerable to attack after they erupt and move about the room. Once they squat back down, all you can do is wait for them to become mobile again.

Boss: Geerasauzan[edit | edit source]

File:Esper Dream Geerasauzan Boss Fight.png

The final Mystery Capsule is possessed by the demonic Geerasauzan, which with a demon's head and six arms, resembles a mutated sort of chess piece. Make no mistake, Geerasauzan is powerful. It hops around the room in an attempt to squash you, and will use the most powerful flash attack available to any enemy, and it can even freeze you. Even with the Barrier Suit and the red ESP book, it would be very wise to purchase a few Life Bulbs and Angel Arms from the pharmacy in Beverly Village in the second world before you attempt this fight. If you are fully equipped with such items, your only strategy should be to fire Psi Beams at it as frequently as possible, only moving away periodically to avoid obvious attacks. There is little else you can do to defend yourself, so you might as well spend as much time on offense as possible.

Getting home[edit | edit source]

Once you defeat Geerasauzan, all of the enemies will disappear throughout each world. But the game isn't over yet. You are still trapped inside the world of the story book until you find the method to return to your own home. Throughout the game, you have received hints from villagers, and once you received Alice's Necklace, the old man in the upper left corner of Brick Village will reveal the entire clue to you. Can you figure out the way home?

How to go home

The clues which you are given refer quite frequently to the clock stand in Brick Village, the two treasures: the wand and the garnet, and the fact that the sun rises at 5:45. Every time you enter the clock stand, the man behind the counter seems to randomly rattle off some time. Once you have five capsules, the wand, and the garnet, enter the clock stand repeatedly until the man reports that it is 5:45. At that time, you will exit the building, and the warp from this world to your home world will appear. Then you will be able to view the game's ending.