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Alphonso orders his crew to fire on Fina's ship

A tiny ship flees from a pursuing Valuan battle cruiser. Captained by Admiral Alphonso of the Valuan Imperial Armada, the battleship fires on the smaller craft knocking its pilot, a young girl dressed in white, unconscious. The Valuans barely have time to take her on board before they're under fire from an Air Pirate ship hiding in clouds off the port side - and the next thing they know Vyse and Aika, two young Blue Rogues, have landed on the deck ready to take all the treasure on board.

Valuan Battleship[edit]

Vyse Aika
Map of the Valuan Battleship

On the deck, fight two Ferratus enemies. Have both Vyse and Aika attack the same target to take it down in one round, leaving you with one more in the second. When the battle is over, Vyse's father Dyne appears to deal with the rest of the Valuan troops, ordering Vyse and Aika to look for loot within the ship.

You'll drop into room with a chest containing one Sacri Crystal x1. Go through the door on the South wall, and head down corridor into the main hold area. As you progress into the room, you interrupt the escaping Valuan Admiral, Alphonso - who has an unconscious prisoner with him. He sets off the alarm and you'll be thrown into a battle against four Praeses troops. Both Vyse and Aika should be able to take out one enemy each per round, so this fight will be over quickly.

While the alarm is sounding you'll be open to random battles in this room, against up to four enemies of either Ferratus or Praeses types. There's a switch upstairs that can disable it, but it's advisable to get some Experience and Magic Experience before the boss fight. You should at least make sure that Aika learns the Sacri healing spell.

In the Northeast corner of this room there's a chest with another Sacri Crystal x2. With those in your posession, head up the stairs in the south end of the room to reach the upper walkways. Following it around, you'll have another conversation with Alphonso before he leaves the room. The alarm deactivation switch is just next to the door he exits through; there's also another chest in the southeast with 50 Gold.

Following Alphonso through the door, you'll find the first Save Point and another chest, with Magic Droplet 2x inside. It's a good idea to use this break to make sure both characters are well healed before proceeding. The main door ahead of you is locked, but go down the corridor to the left and you'll find yourself on a gantry outside the ship. Go down the ladder and through the door to get back inside.

Boss: Antonio

EternalArcadia Antonio.jpg

Antonio is the first boss in the game, but if you stay on top of things he's not so bad. While his defence against physical attacks is good, he is susceptible to magic - Vyse's Pyri spell should do the trick, if you've learned it. You can also save up Spirit Points for Cutlass Fury - the only physical attack that's really worthwhile in this fight.

It is important in this battle to keep an eye on health; Antonio's Thunder Of Fury attack can really do a number on you if you're not careful, but do be careful with your Sacri Crystals, as you've only got a few at this point.

Middle Ocean[edit]

Pirate Isle

Back on board the Blue Rogues' ship, the Albatross, Vyse and Aika have an opportunity to find out more about the girl Alphonso was kidnapping. Her name is Fina, but she doesn't give away much more. You're given a choice of comment on her name, which is your first Swashbuckler choice - choose "That's a great name." to improve your reputation.

When Dyne calls them to the bridge, you'll be back in control of Vyse. You can explore the Albatross and speak to the crewmembers, but there's not much to be gained from either. Climb the ladder to the bridge and talk to Dyne; he'll tell you to speak with Briggs - the guy at the helm of the ship - after which you'll be in control of the Albatross.

Pirate's Grave
On the small, round island directly ahead of you. Fly close to the island and hit A button when your compass needle starts spinning.

Dyne will offer you a tutorial, but if you're confident you can skip it. You're heading south between the islands straight in front of the ship. While flying, you're open to Random Battles against the local wildlife.

In this area of Middle Ocean your most difficult common foes will be Maroccas, shelled animals with high defence and Blue alignment - use Green weapons against them and keep an eye on your health. When you get to Pirate Isle - the one with houses on it and ships flying nearby - hit A button to bring the Albatross in to land at the underground port.

Pirate Isle Base[edit]

Map of the Blue Rogue base on Pirate Isle

After introducing Fina to the concept of piracy and the dock, Vyse and Aika will be called by Captain Dyne to come to his office on the top floor of the pirates' base. He tells you to hurry, but there's really no rush.

Head up the slope in front of you and double-back along this higher walkway; there's a small tavern on the left, where you can listen to the Albatross' crew discuss their successful raid. Back outside the tavern, head up the slope at the end and double-back again. The door on the right leads into the Pirate Isle stores, where you can buy weapons and armor from Zack and consumable items from Erinn.

Once you're stocked up, head up the ladder at the north end of this level to reach the top of the base. Dyne's office is the last door on the left as you head south. You will be presented with your second Swashbuckler Choice here, while Dyne is questioning Fina about where she comes from and why she was travelling alone - pick "Sit quietly and listen."

Despite his gruff approach, Dyne doesn't manage to get anything out of Fina and accepts her promise that she doesn't mean any harm to the Blue Rogues. You're then free to leave the base - but don't head up just yet. Use the bookcase on Dyne's wall and it will slide back, revealing a passage and ladder that leads to a hidden chest containing 150 Gold.

Climb back up and leave Dyne's office, then use the doorway at the end of the gantry to the south to leave the pirate base.

Pirate Island surface[edit]

Map of the surface of Pirate Isle

Once Aika's left Vyse and Fina, head up the slope. Go around the back of the house immediately on your left to find a chest with three Sacri Crystal x3. Vyse's house is the one with the save point outside it - just to the east of it, against the stone wall, is what looks like a large gravestone. Press A button at it to open a hidden door leading back down to the underground base and a chest containing a Moonberry.

Take the slope directly opposite Vyse's front door up to the walkway and climb the ladder to Lookout Island to find a chest containing Sacri Crystal x 3. Climb down again and follow the walkway south to reach a small island where you'll find a chest with Magic Droplet x 2 next to Vice Captain Briggs.

Aika's house is the eastmost house on the northern side of the island - press A button next to the handkerchief on the wall to catch her with her hair down.

Once you're done exploring the island, head to Vyse's house. Aika will rejoin you and suggest climbing up to Lookout Island for a better view of the sunset. While you're up there, what appears to be a massive Moon Stone falls on the nearby Shrine Island - Vyse and Aika waste no time in making plans to recover it.