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As you travel the world, there are a number of Discoveries to be made - unique, weird or rumoured places, ruins and artefacts. Sailor's Guild offices buy and sell information about the location of discoveries.

When you are near a Discovery, your ship's compass will begin to spin; press A button to find the item.

List of Discoveries[edit]

# Name Location
1 Pirate's Grave On a small island directly in front of the Albatross when you first gain control of the ship at the start of the game.
2 Guidestones On a small circular island northeast of Sailor's Island.
3 Sky Coral
4 Silver Moon Pit
5 Topple Rocks On the rock wall around the southern edge of Maramba.
6 Wandering Lake Between Maramba and the Temple of Pyrnn
7 Oasis
8 Sandfalls
9 Temple of Pyrnn Northeast of Maramba. Must be found as part of the story.
10 Beak Rock
11 Sky Anemone
12 Ixa'taka At the western end of South Ocean. Must be found as part of the story.
13 Garpa Fruits
14 The Great Bird
15 The Golden Man
16 Gates of Rixis Near the chief's hut in Ixa'Taka. Must be found as part of the story.
17 Ixa'takan Palace
18 Ixa'ness Village
19 Mysterious Rings
20 Will o' Wisps
21 Roc's Nest
22 The Giant Throne
23 Lighthouse Ruins On the
24 Ancient Palace
25 Skull Rock
26 Stone City
27 Ship Graveyard
28 Philosophy Stone
29 Balloon Flower
30 The Lands of Ice
31 Icebird
32 The Frozen Giant
33 Aurora
34 Blimp Wreck
35 Giant Squid Nest
36 Black Moon Stone
37 Yafutoma
38 Uguisu's Nest
39 Guardian Walls
40 Wanderbirds
41 Dheerse
42 Grieving Prince
43 Spice Island
44 Mystic Orchard
45 Inverse Isle
46 The World Is Round Fly east from Yafutoma to Crescent Isle. Must be found as part of the story.
47 Ruins of Rolana
48 Southern Cross
49 Rainbow Island
50 Moon Stone Lake
51 Iron Star
52 Alupas
53 Observatory
54 Dancing Lights
55 The Mother Tree
56 The Ghost Ship
57 Flutterflies
58 Eclipse Point
59 Loopers' Nest
60 Flying Machine
61 Valuan Wreckage
62 Rabbats
63 Bottomless Pit
64 Ancient Fish

Legends-only Discoveries[edit]

The following 25 discoveries are only included in Eternal Arcadia Legends on the GameCube.

# Name Description
65 Star Sand
66 Maroon Isle
67 Comma Rock
68 Turtula Pole
69 Wings of Gold
70 Giant's Hammer
71 Tricyclone
72 Map of Ages
73 Balloon Seed
74 Ice Lens
75 Paper Airship
76 Mirage Island
77 Ryuguu Turtle
78 Sky Ladder
79 Ryuguu Island
80 Tomb of Ice
81 Stone Lovers
82 Deep Iron Star
83 Sky Train
84 Flying Flail
85 Rolling Stone
86 Deep Snow
87 Long Line
88 Moon Hamachou
89 Golden Hamachou