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Shrine Island

Early the next morning, Vyse is woken by a treasure-hungry Aika. Climb down the ladder and talk to Dyne; he'll give you your share of the spoils from yesterday's raid - a Purple Moon Stone, which allows you to change your weapons to that color and learn Purple Magic. Once you go outside, you'll meet Aika and Fina - Fina will be staying on Pirate Isle for the duration of this adventure.

Head up the wooden walkway to the smaller island where your boat is waiting, and you'll also find a couple of people to talk to. When you're done, walk up to the boat and press A button to board it.

Shrine Island is more or less due north of Pirate Island, and shouldn't take too long to get to. You will probably run into a few random battles on your way, which is a good opportunity if you want to level up a little or earn a few magic experience.

Shrine Island[edit]

Vyse Aika
Map of the interior of Shrine Island
Map of the outer walkways around Shrine Island

When you land on Shrine Island, Aika will notice the gaping hole in the front of the small temple structure made by last night's Moon Stone crashing into the island. There's a save point here if you need it, and a long pathway across the water to the front door of the Shrine.

Once inside, you'll see the Moon Stone at the bottom of the Shrine - most of which is now underwater. You're given two options - swim down, or try something else. Since Aika can't swim, Vyse will decide to try to drain the water by opening the other doors around the temple.

First off, head up the steps to the right and around the border of the shrine. There's a door on the walkway directly above the entrance, which leads outside to a strange floating crystal. Once you activate it, the shrine starts to glow and will sink a little into the ground, preventing any more water from pouring into the area. Over to the right hand side of the temple there's a chest with "Sacri Crystal" x2 inside, and once you've gotten that head back in.

Follow the path around to the door you initially entered through, and go back through it. You'll now find yourself on a series of walkways around the bottom of Shrine Island. Follow those around to another door, and you'll notice water seeping out. Open that door, and water will pour out allowing you to enter the next level of the shrine.

Take the door to the right and follow the walkway to find a chest with "Moonberry" x1 in it, or take the stairs up to the right to head back outside. Again, make your way to the end of this path, climb down the ladder and go back into the main shrine building.

Just past the next exit door on the right, there's a chest containing "Sacres Crystal" x2. Outside, again follow the pathways around to another door by a save point - it's a good idea to heal everybody up here. Open that door to drain the last of the water from the shrine, and head in to grab the Moon Stone. Unfortunately, it's not going to be that easy - a strange set of stones begin assembling themselves into what looks like a robot.

Boss: The Sentinel

EternalArcadia SentinelTargetSearching.jpg

The Sentinel can be quite a tough fight, but like Antonio it has some problems dealing with magic. Its defence against physical attacks is considerable however, and it's worth saving up some Spirit Points for Cutlass Fury when you can. One advantage is that you'll have a one-round head start - The Sentinel almost always begins with a Target Search move which does nothing; taking this opportunity to Focus is helpful in getting a Cutlass Fury in as early as possible.

The Sentinel's big move is Blaster, a direct-line laser attack which can do significant damage to both of your party members if they're standing in the wrong position. It's probably best to leave Aika in a support role for this fight, allowing Vyse to attack while she focuses and heals.

With The Sentinel out of the way, you're free to take the Raw Moon Stone home - Vyse and Aika will celebrate their victory, and head back towards their boat.


Back at Pirate Isle, Ben the Lookout is about to start his shift with some stretches when he notices a fleet of Valuan ships on a direct course for the pirates' base. As the inhabitants flee incoming cannon fire, Valuan Admiral Lord Galcian watches the panic from the bridge of his ship and instructs his subordinate Ramirez to capture all the pirates - or destroy the entire island as an example if they refuse to cooperate.