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Chapter 2: Revolution

Agogo Village[edit]

Party Members

It will start you in Chorus Plains but just turn around and go back to the Agogo Village to run a few errands. Give Polka the Guardian Clothes and then go search the mushroom patch where you fought the Ogre Champ to find a Poison Whitecap. Head to the shop to sell any photos you have and restock. Use the save point before leaving the village to the north.

Chorus Plains[edit]

Now that your party has more than three members, it's important to keep rotating them (via the main menu screen), as only the front three will engage in battle and gain the most experience. Rotating the party will help you to keep everyone's levels even. The inactive members will still gain experience but only a partial amount. Ending a battle with 0 HP will net that character no experience and they will have 1 HP unless healed.

It is difficult to back attack the Angel Goats in this area - they are quick movers and will easily get behind you instead. It's best to just attack them from the front.

Head directly opposite the entrance to the west side to find a chest with a Leather Hide, give this to Frederic. Go all the way north to find three goats blocking the path over the bridge. Beat has a good idea about feeding the goats to get them to move.

You need to find 3 pieces of paper to feed them. Head east along the fence to find one piece. Another piece can be found next to the entrance. The last one can be found on the path in front of the bridge. Feed the goats the pieces of paper then cross the bridge into Chorus Plains: South Lake.

Trading Sequence

Walk over to the west side and fight the enemy for a chest containing Jezail, a weapon for Beat. Continue north along the west side, head directly to the right towards the herd with the black, and speak with the Goat Herder. Talk to him to trade your Long Johns for his Goats Milk. Continue all the way north, check the large stone in the northwest corner for a Club Clover, then go east towards the windmill, and follow the detour sign to Chorus Plains: East Lake.

Follow the path north to a save point. Check your item set because there is a mini boss fight coming up. Save, then go forward for a cutscene.


In this fight, the character in the third position will be replaced by Viola. Her arrows do more damage when she's far away from the enemy, so keep her back and use your other characters for close-range attacks. This fight shouldn't be too difficult.

Party Members

You return to Chorus Plains: Viola's house and there is a chest along the back wall which contains a Club Clover. Leave Viola's house to enter Chorus Plains: North Side. Notice the Letter Carrier by the driveway of Viola's house because you will come back to him.

Walk north up the waterfall slope to reach Cabasa Bridge. There are a couple of cutscenes here, but there is nothing to do other than cross the bridge and enter Fort Fermata.

Chapter 6 or 7 only. Play Score Piece 6 with Twilight JuJu (on the dock overlooking the lake) for a S Rank and a Rapture Head Note: PS3 Versions get an EZI Free Pass. Play Score Piece 15 for an A Rank and a Swimming EZI.

Fort Fermata[edit]

This section is a great opportunity to build up your experience and to level up. Fight as many enemies as you can.

Take the opportunity to save here, then head all the way north to the door. The door is locked so head though the gap in the wall to the west to reach Fort Fermata: West side.

Cross the broken slab bridge on the west side of the walkway and go north then up the ladder. Now go all the ways south and down the ladders, then follow the path into Fort Fermata: Moving room.

Exit the Moving Room through the other door and then go up the nearby ladder near the save point. Cross the roof of the Moving Room to find a chest with a Paper Umbrella, a new weapon for Polka. Cross back over the roof and head east. Follow the wall all the way south then take the west path as it curves north and round to a wall. Follow the wall south until you come to an entrance to the Fort Fermata: Over central Road section. Save here if you want to, then continue into Fort Fermata: East side.

Walk south along the wall and over the river. Go east and then south down the ladder. Follow the path south, down a ladder, to a room where you will be forced to fight a Maledictor, but it shouldn't be too difficult. Press the switch in the middle of the room. Go back to Fort Fermata: West side and head to the Moving room again - it will have moved to the east slightly.

Go through the Fort Fermata: Moving Room and exit to find a chest containing Poison Blood, a weapon for Allegretto. Go back through the Fort Fermata: Moving Room and up the ladder. Go east, then all the way south. Take the path west and go down the ladders to another Fort Fermata: Small Room. After defeating the enemy, open the chest for Red Velvet, for Polka. Push the switch. This will reset the moving room to its original position. Head back to the save point near the moving room. After going down the ladder to the save point, instead of heading north inside the moving room, head south into Fort Fermata: Small Room. There is no enemy in this room. Push the switch here to move the room to the east side of Fort Fermata.

Head back over to Fort Fermata: East side. via the Fort Fermata: Over central Road section. Walk south over the river, then go east past the save point and south to the ladder. Go through the Fort Fermata: Moving Room, then south again to another ladder. Head north over the moving room roof and take the path on the east side and go down the ladder.

PlayStation 3
This chest is swapped with the Rapid Fire chest encountered later.

After going down the ladder, go north then westward, and cross the first broken slab bridge, then south to follow the path to another Fort Fermata: Small Room. Press the switch to move the Moving Room into its final position. Go north from the switch room and take the other broken slab bridge to the west. Go up the ladder and across the moving room roof, then go down the ladder and through the Fort Fermata: Moving Room to reach a chest with a Maple Baton, a weapon for Frederic.

Go back over the roof and then as far east as you can. Follow the path north to the ladders, then south to another set of ladders. Follow this path all the way south for a chest containing Rapid Fire, a new bow for Viola. Note: the PS3 version swaps this chest with the Maple Baton chest encountered earlier. Follow the path all the way round to the wall. Head south along the wall and you will find a set of ladders leading to a save point. Check your Item Set, make sure everyone's fully healed up and save before heading north to the boss fight.

Killer Knight & Maledictor

Ideally, you want Viola to be at least level 15 so she has learned the Heal Arrow skill. Keep her as far back as you can and in the light to heal your other party members, who should be up front attacking the enemies at close range. It is recommended to kill the Maledictors before concentrating on the Killer Knight.

The Killer Knight drops the Fort Fermata Key and a Lace Veil.

Unlocked Party Level 3
10 Gamerscore points
Unlocked Party Level 3

With Party Level 3, your tactical time is reduced to 3 seconds. After those 3 seconds are up, your Action Gauge will start to automatically count down, whether you've moved or not. If you do move a character during Tactical Time your Action Gauge will start counting down immediately.

The Action Gauge time is also reduced, to 4 seconds.

You now have 4 slots for skills per party member. As your characters level up they will master many new skills, and by assigning skills in the new slots you will be able to choose between two Light and two Dark skills during battles by holding Y button and releasing it once the name of the attack changes. PS3 version: to select between two skills during battles, hold R2 button then Triangle button to use skill.

There is a chest next to the door, containing Score Piece 2. Use the Fort Fermata Key to leave.

Hanon Hills[edit]

Use the save point then follow the path to an Earth Shaker enemy guarding a chest containing an Angel Trumpet. Note: for PS3 Versions it contains a Club Clover. Follow the path, then go east at the Earth Shaker for a cutscene about the rock face. Follow the path north again to reach Hanon Hill: Midway.

Continue following the path until you come to an item merchant who is under attack. After beating the enemy, he will open his shop to you. Buy the Bat Umbrella and Fancy clothes for Polka and the Coachman’s Coat for Frederic. Also buy as many Club Clovers as you can. These healing items will heal everyone in your party at the same time. These are very handy both in and out of battles. He will also let you rest for free and it will heal all party members.

Trading Sequence

Follow the path and go west round a circular path for a chest containing Odd Chocolate. Continue along the path up the hill. Speak to the man sitting under the tree to trade your Goats Milk for his Piggy bank. Continue along the path to another circular area with a chest containing a Club Clover. Keep following the path and you will reach Hanon Hill: North.

Play Score Piece 9 with Strolling Ghost Note for a A rank and a Laughing EZI. Chapter 6.

Fight the Earth Shaker to cross the bridge then continue along the path. Look out for a shaded area on the north side of the path, close to an Eternal Green. There you'll find a chest containing a Lace Veil. Note: for PS3 Versions it contains a Hell Mustard. Keep following the path until you reach Forte City.

Forte City[edit]

Trading Sequence

Walk north to Forte City: Castle gate and speak with the kid. He will trade you his Speed Shoes for the Piggy Bank (Note this is the first trade that yields something you can actually use, but to continue the trading sequence, you must not have it equipped when the time comes to trade again). You can also speak with Gentlemanly Pop to play a session. Play Score Piece 1 for a B rank and a Peach Cookie, and Score Piece 2 for an A rank and a EZI Cracker.

Play Score Piece 8 with Gentlemanly Pop for a S Rank and a Lion's Mane.

Head south again and go east at the notice board to get to the Inn. After the cutscene, head to the left side of the Inn’s back wall to find 100 gold. Leave the inn and go to the shop. Get rid of the Moocher by giving him the 100g you found in the Inn. Now you can access the shop, buy the Walloon Sword and a Full Plate for Allegretto, a Wolf's Fang for Beat, a Pair Jacket for Viola and Tailored Clothes (2) for Polka and Beat. Although the Oak Barrel has increased attack stats, the 5% HP increase of the Maple Baton is a better choice here. Head into the tavern and talk to the Proprietress about Phil.

Talk to the Tipsy Old Man with white hair who is hunched over and holding a cane. He is usually in the town center area of Forte City. You need to talk to him a few times to find out what happened to Phil. Exit west to Forte City: West. Talk to Darling's Brother with the wagon. After the cutscene, climb down the rope to reach Glissando Cliffs.

Glissando Cliffs[edit]

Go down 2 ropes then head east to a ledge. Jump down from the ledge, then climb up the rope on the other side to get to a chest containing a Bubble Straw. PS3 version: the chest contains a Club Clover. Then go down another 3 ropes (go down 2 ropes, then behind the tree for the 3rd rope on the right). Wiseman Maracas can be found in the east however, none of your current score pieces will please him.

You can play a Session with Wiseman Maracas using Score Piece 5 for an A rank and a EZI Certificate, and Score Piece 23 for a B rank and some Tailored Clothes.

Go west over the bridge into Glissando Cliffs: Area 2.

Jump across then go down 2 ropes. There is a cave next to the rope, enter it and go right through for a chest with a Hell Mustard. Go up the rope again and go west through the tree and then down another rope. Jump off on the west and go down another rope for a chest with a Silver Necklace. Go back up the rope and jump off to the east, then down yet another rope. Head east through the cave. It will take you around to the left; when you reach the end go down another rope. Follow the path and jump across to the right. After a bit, you should see a Sweet Whisper bat enemy and a rope hanging that you can't immediately climb. Continue slightly pass the inaccessible rope, but stop immediately before the waterfall, and hook back downwards to the left to get to a small ledge. Jump down the ledge and climb the rope for a Reed Bow, a weapon for Viola. Head to the east and jump down to a save point. Go down a rope to reach Glissando Cliffs: Area 3.

Head to the west and jump over the gap, then follow the path through a cave for a chest with Speed Shoes. Go back east and through a cave and then down another rope. Note: PS3 Versions have another chest containing Floral Powder here. Instead of going down the previous rope, jump off to the east for the chest. Jump off to the east again and follow the path to reach the bottom of the previous rope. Go west for a jump and then through another cave. Go down a rope then head west over 2 jumps. Walk up behind the tree for a Spirit Arrowhead. Go back to the east and then down 2 ropes. Cross the little waterfall to enter Glissando Cliffs: Area 4.

Climb down the rope and go west through the cave. Go east for 2 jumps then through a cave down a level. There is a ledge to the east with a chest containing a Larkspur Robe for Viola. Go back west and then down 3 ropes. Walk to the west for a cutscene.

When the cutscene has finished you'll be back in Forte City.

Forte City[edit]

You can go stay at the Inn for free, your HP will be restored. After you've slept in the Inn, go to the Tavern. Look in the bin next to the stairs to find a Lead Slug, an accessory for Beat. This item will only appear after you have saved Phil and slept at the Inn. Restock at the Shop and check your item set before heading north to Fort Fermata: Castle gates for a cutscene.


Clearly there is a case of mistaken identity here. Beat cannot be used in this fight. Viola, Frederic and Allegretto are the best combination. Keep Viola back for extra damage and keep the other characters up close to build Echoes and execute 32 point special moves where possible. Tuba's attacks are slow and easily blocked.

Forte City Prison[edit]

Party Members

In the Prison you will meet Salsa and she will join your party. When you have control, head west and examine the guard's post for a Club Clover, then head east to find Thief Slur in a cell.

Examine the boxes east of the cells for another Club Clover, then exit through the hole in the wall.

You can perform Score Piece 18 with Thief Slur for an A rank and a Emerald Bracelet, and Score Piece 14 or Score Piece 16 for a B rank and a Copper Necklace.

Andantino's Secret Passage[edit]

Follow the path south then to the east to reach Andantino's Secret Passage: North Section 2. Follow this path past a save point, and take the path on the left for a chest containing a Floral Powder. Go back and take the right hand path to reach Andantino's Secret Passage: Cave North. Jump from the ledge on the left for a chest containing a Branch Sword, a weapon for Allegretto. Jump down again and go east for a chest with a Star Cookie. Follow this path west and you will reach Andantino's Secret Passage: North Section 3. When you come to a fork go south for a chest with a Frilly Umbrella, a weapon for Polka. Return to the fork and go north to return to Andantino's Secret Passage: North Section 1. Follow the path east again, round past the save point. Follow the path as before back to where you jumped for the Branch Sword. Keep on this path and you will reach Andantino's Secret Passage: Cavern South. Follow this path all the way and you will enter Andantino's Secret Passage: Cave North. After the enemy there is a place that you can jump from. The chest contains Charmed Scales. Jump down again and follow the path all the way round to return to the point where you jumped. Follow the path until you reach Andantino's Secret Passage: South Section.

There is a short path between the waterfalls which has a chest on it. Open the chest for a Buffalo Horn, a weapon for Frederic. Follow the path east, then take the east path just before the large root and waterfall for a chest containing a Dragon Scale. Return to the root and waterfall and follow the path along the wall to the exit. Note: PS3 Version has a chest containing a Star Cookie, which can be found at the end of the path branching off from the main path just before the final save point before exit. Inspect the small plant near the chest for a Poison Whitecap.

Hanon Hills[edit]

Trading Sequence

When you have control, you can optionally head north first for the merchant, where you can sell your photos and stock up on items. Otherwise head south. Talk to the man sitting on the circular path and he will trade you a Fruit basket for your Speed Shoes so make sure you have one unequipped. Continue south into Fort Fermata.

Fort Fermata[edit]

You can use the key that you obtained in the boss fight last time you were here. Head south and use it on the door. Check your party is well healed and that you item set is fully stocked. Save before exiting Fort Fermata to Cabasa Bridge.

Cabasa Bridge[edit]

Tuba has returned and is looking for a fight. In this battle you are forced to use Beat so make sure the characters you want are in the 1st and 2nd position.


This fight is much the same as the last fight against Tuba.

Viola and Allegretto are the best combination to use with Beat in this fight, but Salsa can also be used instead of Allegretto. Again, keep Viola back for extra damage and use the other characters to build Echoes before using 32 point special moves. Tuba's attacks are slow and easily blocked, but he can now attack from a distance, so watch for attacks on Viola. If you are short on gold, use Beat to take some photos.

Tuba drops a Crescent Blade, a weapon for Allegretto.

10 Gamerscore points