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Chapter 3: Fantaisie-Impromptu

Adagio Swamp[edit]

Party Members

It is recommended to use Allegretto, Viola and Falsetto here but try all the new characters at least once as you might prefer them.

Equip the Crescent Blade to Allegretto and if you aren't going to use Jazz, you should give his Mammoth Armor to Allegretto instead. You will get another one soon.

Follow the path north until reaching some steps under an arched tree. Note: For PS3 Versions only the steps take you to a chest containing a Star Cookie. Go back down the steps to take the path south and then east to find a chest behind an enemy, containing some Fish Incense. Head back and follow the path with the steps north over the arched tree for an Angel Trumpet. Come back over the tree and go east through the water. Take the path south then east for a chest with a Swallow Shooter, a new weapon for Viola. Return to the fork and take the east path for Adagio Swamp: East Side.

Walk east and continue on the east path till the path ends at a fork. Go slightly east and then walk off the wood to the north into the water. Follow this path north then west behind a tree and onto some land for a chest containing Mammoth Armor. Return south to the wood path and go north over a tree trunk. Go all the way east to find a sick fish. You can't help him just yet but remember where he is because you will have to find him again later. Go back west and take the north path through the water, then go east for a Falchion. Note: PS3 Versions contain a Big Paper Fan. Go back to the split and follow the path round for the exit.

Cantabile Inn[edit]

Trading Sequence
Fruit Basket traded for Winder.

Once the cutscenes have finished, leave your room and go into the other one. Talk to the man to trade your Fruit Basket for a Winder. Search the plant next to the bed for a Meat Hook, a weapon for Falsetto. When you leave the inn, check the cart for 45g. Head north and check the tied up boat for Score Piece 3. Follow this path north for Woodblock Groves.

This is done in chapter 6 or 7. Play Score Piece 13 to Tenacious Cornet in the left room of Cantabile Inn for an EZI Pocketbook. Then play Score Piece 23 with Sister Loving Trumpet for a Hippolyte's belt.

Woodblock Groves[edit]

NOTE: The entire region is filled with poisonous fumes. All characters will enter battle poisoned.

Go north and jump off the ledge to the west. Follow the path all the way round and you will find Hungry Drum, the friendly traveler whom is tired from the poison. You can play Score Piece 1 for an S rank to get a Brilliant Brooch. Equip it to Viola so that she can use it for her Heal Arrow, then unequip it before the next chapter so that Polka can use it. Once you get Score Piece 4 (later in this area) you can return and play it for a B rank and a Poison Whitecap.

You can perform Score Piece 8 with Hungry Drum for an A rank, which will earn you a Gold Necklace.

Follow the path until the bridge. Jump off and follow this path all the way to a Bloody Onion guarding a chest. The chest contains a Back Sword, however the Crescent Blade is a better weapon for Allegretto because of its healing capabilities, so keep it equipped for now. Jump off the ledge here and continue north to Woodblock Groves: South Center.

Note: PS3 Versions have a new chest containing a Falchion in this section. There are three ledges. Jump off the first ledge to the west and underneath the ledge is a chest with a Falchion, a new weapon for Jazz. Go ahead and equip it to him. Follow the path northeast and circle around back to the ledges. Jump from the second, middle ledge and follow the path over the bridge to a Bloody Onion. Go north and follow this path until you come to another ledge to jump from. Jump down and follow this path south and over a bridge for a chest containing a Fencing Saber, a new weapon for Claves. If you are using Claves, you may want to go ahead and equip it to her. The ATK points seems less at first, but since most of the creatures in this area are light creatures it actually inflicts more damage than her Rapier. Go back to where you jumped down and follow the path west and over 3 bridges to another Bloody Onion and a chest containing Luckless, some new armor for either Viola or Falsetto. Jump off the ledge and back onto the original path. Follow it north to reach Woodblock Groves: North Center.

Jazz will give everyone a Neutralizing Stone in a short cutscene here, which will decrease the amount of poison damage you take during a fight.

Trading Sequence
Winder traded for Empty Vase.

Follow the right path to a ledge and jump down, go north and then west at the fork. Here you will find a sad-looking Bloody Onion. He won't fight you. He's actually part of the trading sequence. You can trade with him - give your Winder for his Empty Vase. Go back and take the south path, and follow it path to a mushroom bridge. Jump the ledge on the bridge and follow the path all the way round to find Score Piece 4.

Trading Sequence

You now need to head back to the sick fish in the Adagio Swamp. Once with the fish, you will use the Empty Vase to throw water over him, getting the Power Ring for all your troubles. The Power Ring increases Attack power by 10%, and is the next part of the trading chain. Equip this item to Viola, as she is the only character currently in your party that will still be there when you trade it away. Giving it to Allegretto is also an option, since you will regain control of him shortly before the tradeoff point.

Head all the way back to the place that you traded with the Bloody Onion, and don't forget to play Score Piece 4 with Hungry Drum on your way through. Once back, follow the path west past the Bloody Onion trading spot and jump off the southern side of the wooden bridge for chest with a Big Paper Fan Note: PS3 Versions contain a Club Cover. Jump down from here and walk north to Woodblock Groves: North.

Follow the path north until you reach a wooden bridge. Jump off the bridge for a chest with a Windblow, a weapon for Viola. Follow this path west for an Angel Trumpet Jump down again and follow the path as before. Go over the first bridge and jump down from the ledge past it. Follow this path all the way round to the second wooden bridge. Jump down and follow the bridge north over 2 mushroom bridges for a chest containing Recovery Gloves. Note: PS3 Versions contain a Star Cookie. Go back and jump off the mushroom bridge and follow the path to the first wooden bridge. Jump off and head north to the ledge. Fight the Bloody Onion and then jump off and head north for a chest containing a Floral Extract. Jump off the next ledge to another chest containing a Angel Trumpet. Jump off the ledge again and head north to Woodblock Groves: Waterfall.

The Neutralizing Stone that Jazz gave you will break. Check your Item Set and save here before the boss fight.

Trick or Treat & Mushroom Ups

Keep Viola back for more damage and use the other characters to build Echoes and execute 32 point moves as usual. Typically, you want to kill the smaller monsters first before killing the boss and it's recommended for this one too. Beware though that this boss brings back his sidekicks after you kill them but don't worry they are easier to kill the next go round. This shouldn't be too tough.

The Trick or Treat drops Recovery Gloves and Floral Extract.

Before heading north into the cave to reach Andante, take the path to the right for a short detour.

Lake Reverb[edit]

Perform Score Piece 20 with Lonely Pitch for a Rank A and a EZI Photo, and Score Piece 23 for a S rank and an Onyx Bracelet.

Go east following the Lake Reverb: Trail, and play a session with Lonely Pitch using Score Piece 1 or Score Piece 3 for a B rank, earning you a Shadow Tail. Down the path is the house that Jazz and Claves went to. You are not ready to go down that trail yet and it will turn you around. Just go back to the waterfall and go through the cave to Andante.


Party Members

Enter the 2nd room to go to the Andante: Infirmary to find a doctor who will heal your entire party for free. The 3rd room, Andante: Storage Room, you will find Score Piece 5 on the shelves to the right. You can also play a session with Sullen Melody, the little girl sitting on the floor. You can play Score Piece 1 for a Rank B and a Peach Cookie.

You can perform Score Piece 10 or Score Piece 12 for an S rank and some Floral Powder. Later you can come back using the warps and backtracking to play Score Piece 30 with Sullen Melody for an Rank A to get an Amethyst Bracelet.

Go down the stairs to the shop and sell any photos you might have. Buy Tiger Armor for Allegretto, a Monkey Bow and Silk Dress for Viola, and a Power Stroke for Falsetto. At the end of the path search the boxes for a note, which tells you to search near a stone pillar. Head all the way back up and over the first bridge and search behind the rock column to find Score Piece 6.

Head back to the place where you found the note and enter Andante: Residence, which is the last room, next to the boxes. Once the conversation is finished go back into the room and search the shelves at the back of the room for a Flare Head, an accessory for Viola. Take the path across from the shop to find the Cemetery entrance.

Note: the note on the barrels by the cemetery entrance that says to look by the small waterfalls is just a wild goose chase. The small waterfalls are near the spot by the woman between stair cases. You jump across to the other side and you find another note with some guy's address on it. Allegretto tears it up so there is no need to complete this task unless you want to.

Lento Cemetery[edit]

Take the path northeast, past the save point, to find the boy. After the fog and flames have been explained and you have 1 red flame, go south and take the path next to the save point. This fog door only requires 1 red flame to open it. Light the candle and enter to Lento Cemetery: Blockhead's Boneyard. You will find a blue flame in the northeast corner, once you have it return to the Main Road. Remember to take the red flame from the candlestick before continuing.

Go back towards the yellow fog door then go east to a blue door. Light the candle and enter Lento Cemetery: Old Age Acres. In the northeast corner you will find a red fog door. Enter it for a second red flame. Remember to take the red flame back from the candlestick when you pass through the door on your way out again. In the southeast corner you will find a chest with a Mailed Fist, a new weapon for Falsetto. This weapon is no better than the Power Stroke you got in Andante, so stick with that. Besides, it may come in handy with the next boss man. Return to the Main Road and take the blue flame from the candlestick.

Head south and then west for a red fog door. Open it and enter to Lento Cemetery: Warrior's Burial Ground. You will find a purple fog door in the northeast corner. Behind the door you will get a second blue flame. Remember to take the flames with you and exit to the Main Road again.

Head south past the save point and then round to the west to a purple door. Light the candles and enter Lento Cemetery: Gone Too Soon Graveyard. Head to the northwest to find another purple door. Entering it will take you to Lento Cemetery: Back road. Follow the path for a chest with a Lion's Mane. Follow the path east to Lento Cemetery: Entrance to the Spring and continue all the way east then south for a green flame. Return to the Main Road, going back the way you came and taking all flames with you.

Return to Lento Cemetery: Blockhead's Boneyard and go to the southeast corner. Open the red fog door then use a green and blue flame to get a chest with Chivalry Armor for Allegretto. Take all the flames back and return to the Main Road again. Take the flames and enter Lento Cemetery: Gone Too Soon Graveyard. Open the purple fog door that leads to Lento Cemetery: Back road. Leave these candles lit and exit to the Main Road again. Take the flames from this door and head to the yellow fog door.

Enter the yellow fog door to reach Lento Cemetery: Entrance to the Spring. Go west through Lento Cemetery: Back road and into Lento Cemetery: Gone Too Soon Graveyard through the door you have left open. Once inside the Lento Cemetery: Gone Too Soon Graveyard take the flames from the door and use them to open the door in the southern corner, then open another blue door for a chest containing a Hellstriker, a weapon for Allegretto that puts him in permanent Burst—consider the tradeoff before equipping this weapon. Take the flames with you and open the door to Lento Cemetery: Back road. Head round to Lento Cemetery: Entrance to the Spring, check your Item Set and then save before heading north through a blue fog door. You may also considering unequipping the Brilliant Brooch from Viola if you have it equipped so that Polka can use it in the next Chapter since Viola will be unavailable. It will really help with the healing abilities for Polka battling the pirates.

Death Crow & Light Antiques

As usual keep Viola back so she can do the most damage. Take out the Light Antiques as they can be a pain at times. If Falsetto still has the Power Stroke equipped, there is a chance that her attacks will cause the Slow status effect on the boss and its allies. Build Echoes and use Allegrettos 32-point attack when you can (if he's learned Starlight Blast, try to keep him in the light). Try to position your characters under the lowest part of the Death Crow to ensure you hit it.

The Death Crow drops a Thunder Stir.

10 Gamerscore points