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Chapter 4: Grande Valse Brillante

Baroque Ship[edit]

Party Members

Leave the room and go up the stairs. Talk to the Merchant on the deck to access the shop. Buy the Hoolurge Gun for Beat, the Jonas Parasol for Polka, and buy 4 Leather Jackets. The Sparkling Clothes have more DEF points but the Leather Jackets guard against critical hits, which is really helpful in the next section, and even more so during your second playthrough.

Go down the other set of stairs and search the barrel behind them to find a Bubble Straw. Enter the room opposite the stairs and check the bookshelf to find Score Piece 7. Go back up the stairs and enter the north room across from the stairs. Check the barrel under the desk for a Hell Mustard. Leave the room and head towards the front of the ship (to the right) to find Frederic and a cutscene. When you have control again, search the boxes here for Score Piece 8 and a Piercing Shell, an accessory for Beat. Head to the rear of the ship (to the left), up the stairs for another cutscene.

You can talk to the Sailor here to return to the Baroque Ship to access the shop and you can use the Sailor again to head back to the Pirate Ship. It is recommended to use Frederic, Beat and Salsa for random fights through the ship but you should have Polka in your party for the Boss Fight to heal. It is wise to equip Polka with the Brilliant Brooch so she can heal even when she is in the shade so hopefully you unequipped it from Viola before that last boss. Polka will master the Earth Heal skill at level 16, so keep an eye on her and as soon as she has learned it add it as her primary skill. You should be at least a level 16 for this chapter.

Head north across the ship for a Save Point and then head into the ship.

Pirate Ship Dolce[edit]

The pirates in this section are tough and could cause some problems; they're slow but very powerful, taking a decent chunk of HP even when blocked. Keep a few Angel Trumpets in your item set for the fights. The blonde-haired sword-wielding Pirate Warriors are harder than the brown haired Pirates; however, if you can safely attack them from behind you'll have the upper hand. Try to fight every pirate you come across, if you do, you should level up enough to easily tackle the Boss at the end of this section.

After the first fight with a pirate, enter the room to the west and jump down into the cabin below for a chest with a Wormwood. Exit this room and enter the room directly opposite. Go up the stairs in this room to reach another cabin. Exit this room and you should be in Pirate Ship Dolce: Basement Level 1 - Hallway. Walk north for a cutscene, then enter the last room to the west for a chest containing Very Odd Chocolate. Cross the hall and into the room opposite. Go down the stairs to reach Pirate Ship Dolce: Basement Level 2 - Pantry. Go south through the Pantry and cross the hall to Pirate Ship Dolce: Basement Level 2 - Cargo Hold. Walk north for a chest with a Glowing Tail. Go back to the hallway and head all the way north for a chest containing a Floral Powder. Now head all the way south and enter the last door to the east. Go down the stairs to Pirate Ship Dolce: Basement Level 3 - Cabin to find a save point.

After saving, exit the door to the left and cross the hall to enter the Cargo Hold and find a chest with a Goddess Bouquet. Go back to the hallway and go all the way north and into the east room. Go up the stairs to the Pantry. You will find a chest containing a Mercy Breath, a great weapon for Salsa. Continue south and jump down to the next cabin. In the hallway head all the way south and enter the door to the east. Jump down to find a chest with a Harmonic Stick, a weapon for Frederic. Make sure your party has full health and that the item set is full. Once you jump down you are forced to fight these pirates one after the other, without the chance to heal between battles.

Cross the hallway to the opposite room to find a chest containing a Sailor's Uniform between the beds. You can equip it to Salsa or Polka, however keeping the Leather Jackets equipped is the better option for this section. Go north and enter the first room to the east for a chest with Score Piece 9 between the beds. Go north again and enter the first room to the west for a chest with a Goddess Bouquet. Try to save some of these for the boss. Go north to the next room to the east for a chest between the beds again with a Floral Powder. Head south and enter the 2nd door to the west for a chest with some Fish Incense. Go up the stairs into the Cargo Hold. Go north and jump down to a cabin with a chest containing the Pirate's Key. Jump down and use the save point.

You can play Score Piece 16 or Score Piece 17 with Captive Conga for a B rank, which will earn you a Twilight Feather.

Head south and into the first door to the east, go up the stairs and into the hallway. Go all the way north and enter the west room to find Captive Conga. You can play Score Piece 4 for an A rank to get a EZI Scarf. Play Score Piece 3 for a S rank and a Dark Brooch. Head back to the last room you were in and go down the stairs to reach Pirate Ship Dolce: Basement Level 4 - Hallway. Enter the northern most door using the Pirate's Key. Heal your party and check your item set. Save before heading into the last room.

Captain Dolce & Lieutenants

Ideally, your party should be around level 22 or 23 for this fight. If you are lower than this, you should consider leveling up beforehand. Make sure the Brilliant Brooch is equipped to Polka so that she can use Earth Heal on the party during the fight. Earth Heal will not affect Polka so keep her out of trouble and use items to heal her if you need to. Salsa and Frederic are good characters to use in this fight as they will do more damage and have better defense than Beat, plus they're quicker to build Echoes. Keep Frederic in the dark for Piu Grave and Salsa in the light for Grand Slam. Concentrate on the Lieutenants and kill them as quickly as you can. They can heal and revive each other and Dolce, so the sooner they are out of the picture, the better. Dolce can be tough to beat. She has fast normal attacks and powerful Specials, and she will often move behind you to attack so you can't block her. If she is attacking from behind, press the guard button just before she strikes and your character should turn around, giving you the chance to block any subsequent attacks.

Dolce drops: Pirate Paper 1, Skull & Bones and Torn Umbrella. It is not recommended to equip the Torn Umbrella to Polka because it creates a darkness body preventing her from using her healing.

Baroque Castle[edit]

You can play Score Piece 22 with Impatient Pizzicato for an A rank to get a Ruby Bracelet.

Enter the castle for a cutscene then head south to Baroque Castle: First Floor - Main Hall. Go through the archway on the right and enter the 2nd room. Search the record player for Score Piece 10. You can play a session with Impatient Pizzicato in the hall Score Piece 2 or Score Piece 9 for a B rank and a Peach Cookie. Also, Score Piece 3 for a S rank, which will earn you a Angel Trumpet. Return to Baroque Castle: First Floor - Main Hall and go up the stairs to the right. Enter the room at the end of the hall and inspect the clock for Score Piece 11. Follow the hallway round to find Celebrity Marcato. You can perform Score Piece 1 for an A rank to get a EZI String Phone and Score Piece 7 or Score Piece 9 for a B rank to get a Club Clover. *Continue left down the hallway, then all the way north west, then go north into the Baroque Castle: Laboratory. Search the green beaker on the left near the bookshelf for a Magatama, you can also talk to the man there for a cutscene. Return to the right hall and enter room with the guard outside for a cutscene. (*PS3 must complete the royal mirror section first, he will just tell you to go away until you complete it)

Head back out and you will activate a cut scene.

Lament - The Royal Mirror[edit]

Note: This section is for PS3 Versions only. If you would like to return to this area in the future you can return to Prince Crescendo's room and examine the mirror.

Here, you get sucked into the mirror, and you begin with Polka. Go straight ahead because there are not many options. You may want to consider removing the Brilliant Brooch for a bit so that you have access to some of your other dark moves since you don't have any other characters to play with right now. You may also want to change your special moves a bit since Earth Heal doesn't work without allies.

Follow the path and after the first Petite Fatty there is a chest on a bluish square containing a Star Cookie. Head northwest then north to the green rock platform containing Floral Extract. Follow the path, there is only one direction to go. Ahead there will be a pink square with a chest containing Elegant Clothes for Polka.

At the end of the trail, there will be another mirror. Step inside to activate a cutscene. You are now reunited with Prince Crescendo. Step through another mirror to enter Lament: Mirror's Flipside. This area is held together with a series of floating blocks. There are a lot of directions following but in most cases there is only one way to go. Go forward to activate another cutscene. Go east and jump the ledge. Go east and jump to the next blocks for a chest containing a Angel Trumpet. Jump back to the last set of blocks you were just at and follow them north. Continue following the path jumping the ledges and going the only way you can until you get to a set of three blocks in which you have a choice to go either east or west. The east path takes you a chest containing a Dewdrop Umbrella, a weapon for Polka. Return to the main path, and take the west jump now. Following it, you will come to another set of blocks in which you have two paths: south or west. The south path goes to a chest containing a Floral Extract. Continue to follow the southern route around and a chest containing a Hoplon Shield will be at the end of this LONG side route. Return to the main path to now take the west option. After a few jumps, near an L'Opera Worker, is a chest to the west containing a Club Clover. Following the path east, you will find the next mirror, but don't enter the mirror yet. Go past it and then jump south to find a chest containing a Stone of the Spring. Go back to enter the mirror to enter Lament:Second Eve - Crescent Moon.

In here, you get another cutscene and find Serenade. Go through the mirror again and enter Lament: Mirror's Maze. This one is tricky cause you are entrapped in a pyramid of sort with mirrors on each side. Some are broken and some allow you to go inside. Serenade heals all party members so keep her in the dark and use Polka for damage rather than healing like you have been doing. The first one only has one working mirror to the north. Then go west into one with an L'Opera Worker. Go north and now you are at our first fork. The east path just leads you back into a circle, so go west. Continue to follow the mirrors in the only direction you can until you come to your next fork. You can go either east or south. South takes you in a circle again so just go east to another fork: north or east. East takes you to a chest containing a Floral Extract and further on another Stone of the Spring. Then it puts you back in the circle. Once you return to this fork, you can take the north option. Follow the path to the next fork: west or north. The west option gets you a chest with a Goddess Bouquet; many unavoidable battles along the way. Follow the path to return to this fork and now take the north option to get to the next mirror traveling to Lament: Third Eve - Half Moon.

In here, you are reunited with Beat and another cutscene. Go through the door and now you are upside down. You are at Lament: Mirror's Edge. Follow the path past the waterfall and the world is then turned right side up again. Save your game at the end of the path before the mirror. Now you've entered Lament: Fourth Eve - Gibbous Moon and are reunited with Salsa and Frederic during the cutscene. Chosen member preference: Salsa (for echo building), Crescendo, and Serenade (for healing). Go through the door to enter Lament: Mirror's Surface. There will be a costume for Polka in the second to last area of Lament.

You are back in another section with floating blocks. You only have one place to go so follow the path. After following the path for a short while to the north is a chest containing a Rochin, a weapon for Crescendo. Keep going up and open the chest containing an Ares Staff, a weapon for Serenade. Follow the path until you reach the split and go south. There will be a chest containing a Saint's Vestment, armor for Serenade. Turn around and go north up the ramp, then west and down the ramp to find Polka's costume at the bottom. Return to the path and go west. Make sure to pick up the Club Clover along the way. Follow the path up the ramps and be sure to look for a chest containing a Snowpuff Cookie in the middle of the path. Be sure to check your stats and save before going into the mirror. Enter the mirror to enter Lament: Fifth Eve - New Moon.

Spirit Svetovit

Now, you battle the spirit of the mirror. Use Salsa to build echos and keep Serenade in the dark for healing. Remember she has infinite range so keep her as far back as possible. Crescendo does best with his special moves. He is alone so you don't have to worry about the annoying sidekicks. Some of his special moves cut you off guard and will do a lot of damage at once, so keep your party healed with Serenade. If you don't want to use Serenade, Polka or Frederic if he has learned Spirits Pathway will work for healers. Frederic is also pretty good at echo building.

Spirit Svetovi drops a Chakram.

Baroque City[edit]

You can play Score Piece 32 with Lonesome Loco for an A rank to get a Topaz Bracelet, Score Piece 22 for a B rank and a Fallen Feather and Score Piece 15 for a S rank and a Skyblue Brooch.

If you are on the PS3, you find yourself at Baroque City: Castle Gate and without Crescendo or Serenade. So you can add the Brillant Brooch back to Polka and rearrange your characters so that you have Polka for healing. If you haven't changed her special skills back to include Earth Heal you should do that as well. Go east past the castle and then past Lonesome Loco. Search the rubbish for a Mouse Metronome. Head south from the fountain to reach Baroque City: Main Street. Here you can play a session with Contrary Marimba. Perform Score Piece 6 for an A rank and a Smiling EZI and play Score Piece 5 for a B rank and a Glowing Tail.

You must speak with the Grandma in one of the rooms in the Inn. If you don't speak to her now you will not be able to get Score Piece 30 later on.

Enter Baroque City: Hotel Ensemble to the left of Contrary Marimba and go into the last room on the left to find Score Piece 12 on the desk.

Leave the Inn and head to the shop. Buy the Ebony Shaft for Frederic and you will find a Elegant Clothes in the next area so save you money (PS3 versions should buy one here). Buy Snowpuff Cookies and Angel Trumpets if needed. Head all the way south through Baroque City: Entrance to find some snowmen. Search the snowman for Score Piece 13. Return to the city and enter the house to the right. Search the barrels to find a Feathered Hat. Exit and head back to the fountain outside the castle. The flower bed next to the save point has a Snowpuff Cookie in it. Once you reach the fountain exit to the west.

Sharp Mountains[edit]

Follow the dead end path to the right and fight an Ice Coffin to reach a chest with a Shard of Sampo. Backtrack to find an enemy to the left of the EZI shrine, search the shrine for 321 gold, the enemy is guarding a snowpuff cookie which is hidden in the snow. Return to the first split and follow the path to the left to reach Sharp Mountains: Second Point.

Follow the path to the right to find a cave and Score Piece 14. Note: If you keep against the wall on the right you will disappear into the cave. Now go back out of the cave nook and take the path to the left from the signpost, then look for a small icy path(must walk slowly on it) to the west for a chest containing a Bird Cloak, for Frederic. Return to the main path again and go all the way north. Fight the enemy to reach a chest containing Elegant Clothes. Note: PS3 Versions contain a Lion's Mane. Exit down the wooden stairs to the right to reach Sharp Mountains: Sixth Point.

Kill the ice coffin here to reach the Chakram, a light weapon for Salsa. Note: PS3 Versions contain a Celestial Hourglass. Continue north and you should notice a hole in the wall; on the right, between an icicle and two tall plants. Enter to find Killer Bell Lyre;you may preform a session with him. Play Score Piece 14 for an A rank and an EZI Egg, and Score Piece 3 or Score Piece 7 for a B rank and a Star Cookie. Go all the way north to reach Sharp Mountains: Eighth Point.

Go right to the lodge for cut-scene. When you regain control, search the fireplace for Score Piece 15. Open the chest for a Warhammer Gun, a weapon for Beat. Leave the lodge and head north to Sharp Mountains: Summit.

Follow the path to reach Wah Lava Cave: North Entrance.

Wah Lava Cave[edit]

Note: If you are leveling up and need to heal, you can back track to the lodge and rest for free.

Follow the path and open the chest for a Snowpuff cookie. Continue along the path for a cutscene.

When you reach the first fork, go south for a Saffron Parasol, a weapon for Polka. Go back to the fork and follow the path west to Wah Lava Cave: North Side 2. At this fork, follow all the way south to get Score Piece 16. Note: PS3 Version contains a Mouse Metronome. The score piece will be found later. Return to the entrance of North Side 2 and head west to a ledge. Jump down for a chest with a Floral Extract in it. Jump down again and return to the main path. Continue along and you will reach a save point. Follow the path south and you will find a Haken Buchse, battle to get to the chest containing Resonating Wand, a weapon for Frederic. Note: PS3 Versions contain a Goddess Bouquet. Return to the fork and follow the path to another Haken Buchse in front of a ledge. Jump 3 times for a chest with a Goddess Bouquet. Note: PS3 Versions contain a Resonating Stick. Jump down again and follow the path north. You'll find 2 jump ledges. Jump from the northern most point to find a chest with a Hard Jacket. Jump down and follow the path south to Wah Lava Cave: Middle 1. Battle your way along the path to reach Wah Lava Cave : Middle 2. There is a chest behind an enemy which contains a Cloud Cape, clothing for Polka or Salsa. Go back north and take the east path to enter Wah Lava Cave: Middle 1, and continue north to Wah Lava Cave: North Side 2, then take the same jump where you got the Hard Jacket then venture west instead of south into Wah Lava Cave: Middle 1. Make your way through this area to reach Wah Lava Cave: Middle 2 and a save point! Head south from the save.

Jump from the ledges as follows to reach Wah Lava Cave: Middle 3:

  • South
  • South
  • West
  • West
  • South
  • South
  • South

Continue south and then all the way east for a chest with a Mouse Metronome Note: PS3 Versions contain a Score Piece 16. Return north and jump down to the lower path. Follow the west path all the way to reach Wah Lava Cave: South Side 2. Pass right on through to reach Wah Lava Cave: South Entrance and jump 5 times to reach a chest with a Celestial Hourglass. Note: PS3 versions will find 4 chests containing a Goddess Bouquet, Celestial Hourglass, Diamond Clover, and Snowpuff Cookie. Continue to jump south 7 times to another save point. Head east to Wah Lava Cave: South Side 1.

Jump across the gaps to reach Wah Lava Cave: Middle 3 and then continue battling north until you find a Haken Busche. Once you defeat it, check your health and item set, inspect the X on the ground for a battle cutscene.

Captain Dolce & Lieutenants

Dolce is the same level as she was they last time you fought. Again, target the Lieutenants first to get them out of the way, then build echoes and do as many 32 point attacks on Dolce as you can. Equip the Brilliant Brooch to Polka so that she can use Earth Heal on the party during the fight. Earth Heal will not affect Polka so keep her out of trouble and use items to heal her if you need to. If you are level 26 or higher this fight should be pretty straightforward. Again, Frederic and Salsa are preferred in this fight, not only for the same reasons as last time but because by this point Frederic may have access to Piu Grave's Light counterpart, Orzel Bialy, and Salsa may have learned the powerful Dark attack Deadly Orbit.

Dolce drops: Pirate Paper 2 and Pocket Watch.

Return to the save point, jump all the way south across gaps or backtrack via Wah Lava Cave: Middle 3 into Wah Lava Cave: South Side 2. Check your health and item set once more before leaving the cave to the west. You'll be heading into a very familiar place (the entrance to the cave next to Agogo Village) and also encounter a very familiar enemy (Fugue). You will also run into Salsa's sister March!


This time you can beat him. If you defeated Dolce with ease in the cave, this battle shouldn't be too difficult. Use the same tactics and he should go down pretty quickly.

Fugue drops: Brisingamen amd Torquatus. Defeating Fugue also triggers Party Level 4 (knocking Tactical Time down to one second, but raising the Item Set to 30 points as well as unlocking Counterattacks and Harmony Chains)!

Unlocked Party Level 4
10 Gamerscore points
Unlocked Party Level 4
Grande Valse Brillante
10 Gamerscore points
Grande Valse Brillante