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Chapter 5: Nocturne


You begin in Ritardando: Secret Hideout with Allegretto, Beat, and Frederic. Re-fill your item set from your fight with Fugue and save your game.

Go up the ladder to get to Ritardando: Underground Passage and then the other ladder to the west to get to Ritardando. Play Score Piece 1 with the boy, Worrywart Horn, near the fountain for a Rank B and a Star Cookie and play Score Piece 3 for a Rank A and a Cherry EZI. Head to Ritardando: Bakery for two score pieces: Score Piece 17 and Score Piece 18. One is west of the table and the other is in the back east corner. Once they are found, go northeast for a cutscene around the church. Now, you have met up with March, Salsa, and Viola. The gang is going to take care of the church dilemma while Allegretto goes to find Polka.

Make sure the Power Ring is not equiped to Polka or Allegretto. Make your way down to the beach for another cutscene.

You will now be in control of Beat and the rest of the gang, they will help the good people of Ritardando with the noises under the Ritardando: Mandolin Church. Rearrange your players to your preference. This is the first time you have access to March. Make sure you attach some accessories to March and give Viola the Thunder Stir that you got earlier. Before you investigate the problem, you should do a few more things. Exit the church and return to Ritardando.

Return to the area near the hideout and Sym will stop you for another cutscene. Apparently, one of the kids from the sewers is sick.

Ritardando Sewers[edit]

PS3 only: The chest you couldn't access before, due to the mice *ehm*, can now be opened. It contains Beat's new costume.

You won't find the medicine in the sewers, so just head back to Ritardando. You should know the way. Don't worry about fighting the rats cause they won't give you much experience. All of the chests have been opened, so don't bother.


Trading Sequence

Head to the Ritardando: Pharmacy which is the building near your hideout. They're sold out, so head over to Ritardando: Residence across the way. You will need the Power Ring for this so if you have it equipped take a moment to unequip it. Go ahead and trade her the ring for the Cold Medicine

Head to the sewers.

Ritardando Sewers[edit]

Trading Sequence

Take the Cold Medicine back to the children. Again, you should the know the way. In return, they will give you a Spell Book.

Exit the sewers.


Of course, you can't visit Ritardando without visiting the Ritardando: Item Shop. Beat needs a new Hatchet Musket and a Battle Shirt and a Leather Guard for Polka. If you missed anything else, along the way you can buy something else to max everyone up but you should be good.

Mandolin Church[edit]

Make sure to talk with the Priest to heal all party members before you go down below. If you haven't already, check the back of the bench second from the priest on the right side of the church, for a message "Oh, I'm finally sitting next to him. The air is so different here. I think I am going to faint." After reading the message, you will acquire a Peach Cookie. Enter the double doors.

Mandolin Church Catacombs[edit]

Follow the path all the way north and then exit to the east to the Mandolin Church Catacombs: East Section.

Follow the tracks south for a chest containing Score Piece 19. Continue south to enter Ritardando: Secret Hideout. There is a chest containing a Scramasax. You can't equip it now, so just hang on to it. Turn around and return to Mandolin Church Catacombs: South Section. Pass the Orange Float and take the west path this time. Follow the path around and then north through a series of Orange Float/Ruby Eye enemies to the Mandolin Church Catacombs: North Section. Follow it North and exit for a cutscence.

Mandolin Church Grotto[edit]

Go ahead and save and follow the path north until you reach the fork. Head west to get to the chest guarded by a few enemies. It contains a Prophetic Cane, a weapon for Frederic. This is where the six pillars are from the Pirate's Paper 2. Read the messages inscribed on the back of each one. Now go back to the church: you will want to read the fourth pew from the back with the unlit lamp for a letter from Dolce to activate the third battle with her later on. The note is stuck three quarters away from the center aisle. Head back to the fork and go to the east and follow the path around and to the North to enter Mandolin Church Grotto: Middle Section.

To the right near the water, you will find a chest containing another Power Ring. If you weren't able to get the Cold Medicine earlier then you can back track now and complete that quest.

Follow the path north. You will come to a spot in which the tracks go west across the water or you can follow the path north. Go across the track bridge first for a chest on the left containing a Double Crescent, a weapon for Viola. Note: PS3 Versions contain a Goddess Bouquet. To the north, battle a few enemies and there is a chest containing a Diamond Clover. Cross the track bridge again and continue along the north path to Mandolin Church Grotto: North Section.

Go east for a chest containing a Diamond Clover. Just to the west of the chest there are some tracks that head north. Follow that and head to the northwest corner. Save the game and check your items and item set. Before you continue north, did you search all six pillars earlier and read the messages? If so, continue north for a trigger a cutscene and a boss fight. If not, backtrack.

Root Lurker

This boss is pretty easy. Just remember to build your echos and use your new Harmony Chain ability. March's harmony chains are particularly helpful.

Root Lurker drops a Herebra and a Crimson Brooch. Note: PS3 Versions don't get the brooch here.

Tenuto Village[edit]

Play Score Piece 6 with Easygoing Flat for a Silver Bullet.

Allegretto has to find Polka. Go west across the bridge for a cutscene with Solfege, Polka's mother. Then continue north to the Flower Field for another cutscene.


Baroque Castle[edit]

Now that you have all your players back, you should make sure everyone is equipped properly and get them set up the way you like. After the cutscenes, you begin in the city but you should turn around and enter the castle.

In here, go up the stairs on the left to get to get to Baroque Castle: Second Floor Hallway. Go left and enter Baroque Castle: Guest Room the middle one and play Score Piece 3 for a Rank B and a Poison Whitecap. Play a Score Piece 12 for a Rank A and a EZI Pajamas. Exit the room and continue going left. Enter Baroque Castle: Laboratory.

Investigate the green flask to the left of the chest for a Magatama.

Exit the castle.

Baroque City[edit]

Head south to Baroque City: Main Street. Go to the merchant. Beat wants the Sabertooth, the Gold Baton for Frederic, and a Double Crescent (if you don't already have one) for Viola. Viola also wants a Midnight Shell, and get a Evening Clothes for Polka, and a Crystal Suit for Beat, March, and Jazz.

Head south for a cutscene with a Priest. Then go left and enter Baroque City: Bar. Head to the door in the corner to get to the Baroque City: Wine Cellar. At the bottom of the cellar, is a guy who will ask you a question. Choose the 3rd option: Lately, her skin's starting to sag. for a 3rd round with Dolce.

Captain Dolce & Lieutenants

Captain Dolce still isn't any harder so this should be easy considering you should have leveled up since the last time you battled. Just like before, take out the lieutenants first and keep building those echos and use your Harmony Chains.

Captain Dolce drops a Werewolf Choker. The chest she leaves behind contains a Peace Earring. Inspect the barrels before leaving to get a Score Piece 20.

During the second play through, Dolce also drops Pirate Paper 3. Return to Woodblock Groves: South Center. To the west there is a hidden path with a sign. The code is 3214 and then you have your final battle with Dolce to gain her treasure.
Pirate's Treasure
80 Gamerscore points
Pirate's Treasure

Exit the bar and then head south to exit the city.

Celesta Forest[edit]

Head south for a cutscene with Merchant. Turns out the Temple is sealed up tight and the only key is back in the Castle in that creepy Lab. Turn around and go back. You should unequip the Brillant Brooch from Polka if you had and give it to Viola if you plan to use her. Unequip the Spell Book if you are using it because you will be trading it soon. Return to Baroque City and follow it all the way through back to the Castle.

Baroque Castle[edit]

Trading Sequence

Go up the stairs on the left to Baroque Castle: Second Floor Hallway and enter the last room all the way to the left to the Baroque Castle: Laboratory. Talk to the Magic Researcher on the right for the Aria Temple Key. If you don't have a Spell Book to trade there will be one in the forest and you can back track then. Exit the Castle and the city and return to the Forest.

Celesta Forest[edit]

Talk to your friendly merchant again for a Score Piece 21. It is now or never since he will not be there if you return. Continue south to Celesta Forest: West Side.

Continue south past the save point and down a little ways will be a side path with a chest containing a Snow White, A weapon for Polka with the ability to increase the EXP gained for the active party by 5%(PS3 version only). Continue to follow the path to Celesta Forest: Middle.

There will be a chest containing a Spell Book on a side path guarded by an enemy. If you don't already have a key make sure you backtrack now for one. On the opposite side of the path is another side path, kind of hidden, with a chest containing a Orbis, a weapon for Salsa. Continue along the main path to get to Celesta Forest: East Side. It is a straight shot from here to the Temple.

Aria Temple[edit]

After the cutscene, save your progress and enter the Temple.

You begin with control of Allegretto in the Aria Temple: Gallery of Earth. It gets a little tougher now so make sure you have a party member you can heal everyone at once. Keep building those echos and use your Harmony Chains. All your characters should at least at level 27. If not, you may want to use the ones lower than that to build up their levels. This is a section in which you use teleportation panels to get around. So begin by heading to the red square and select Go Up to Aria Temple: Gallery of Air.

Head north to the hallway and use the path to the right of the open door (you don't need to go through the doorway yet). The path will open up into an area with two large Ice Scorpions before turning north. Kill them, then continue to follow the path and kill the Ice Scorpion guarding some bars with a chest in it. By successfully killing these enemies, the chest will teleport to the open area you just came from. The chest contains an Imperial Guard. Note: PS3 Versions contains a Oracle Cane. With this cane, Frederic no longer needs the Dark Brooch if you had it equipped. Return to the path and continue the northwestern route to another open area. Kill the enemy hiding behind one of the pillars to trigger another chest movement. Now follow the other southern path down and around the corner to come up behind another enemy. Killing him will make the chest move again. Turn around and head back to the corner you just rounded and to the west is another open area with an enemy and your chest containing a Lion Armor. Continue to follow the southern path you were just on and you will return to the beginning of this section. Don't enter the doorway yet. Just head to the right again and around the corner to the north for a chest containing a Rib Crusher, a weapon for Jazz. This weapon is slow so it is not recommended for use. Continue along your path to the next open area. Go up the ice stairs to get to Aria Temple: Corridor.

In this area to the northeast is a chest containing a Bubbly Hat. That is all to see up here for now. Return down the stairs to Aria Temple: Gallery of Air.

Return to the beginning of this section where there is a doorway in which you were not supposed to enter. You will probably have to use the southwest path. It is very important to follow this pattern here to get to the next section. Do not attack the rats. If you mess up the order, just leave the room and return for a reset. Kill the Ice Scorpion, the two bats, and the Ice Scorpion behind the ice pillar. If you did it right, a rope will drop down. Climb up it to get to Aria Temple: Gallery of Heaven.

Again, don't kill the rats; just the big guys. Doing it correctly wins you a chest containing a Recovery Orb. Make sure you kill all the rats before leaving. Exit the room to the north and take the southern route to the east following it around the corner. Killing the first enemy will transport a chest to the open area you just past at the corner. The chest contains a Flintlock Pick, a weapon for Beat. Kill the remaining enemies on this level for a chest transfer. The chest will appear in the north western open area. It contains a Oracle Cane. Note: PS3 Versions contain a Imperial Bow, a weapon for Viola. It is the same as the Imperial Guard but given a different name in the PS3 Verion. The northern section has some ice stairs. Go up the stairs to get to Aria Temple: Corridor.

There is a chest to the northwest containing a Tundra Vest. Follow the path south to get to another set of ice stairs. Go up the stairs to get to Aria Temple: Gallery of Light.

Check your item set and fill up on health. Save your game before the big boss. This is also the last fight of this chapter.


You only get two characters for this fight since Falsetto will join in. Your characters should be around level 32 because this fight can be difficult. Remember to build your echos and use your harmony chains. Make sure you have a healer cause you will need it. If this fight is too tough, just level up some more in the lower levels and return to the fight later. Rondo's attacks are difficult to guard against but you should do the best you can.

After defeating Rondo, return to Fort Fermata and find the locked door. Open it and give the pendant to Chord. Before this can be done you must have talked to the man in the cave off of Ritardando's beach (in chapter 5 with Beat, or later with Retto when you are able to use the other warp tile) and in Baroque City in the east alley you have to talk to the Former Servant, whom you can't talk to until you've gone to Agogo Forest to fight Fugue, return to Baroque and get Polka, then she is available to talk to near lonesome loco. Do not equip the Heart Pendant.

Rondo drops a Death's Head (and a Heart Pendant in Encore mode). PS3 players get the Heart Pendant instead. The Death's Head at the start of Chapter 6.

Trading Sequence
Heart Pendant traded for Pot. This is done after you have released Chord's soul.
10 Gamerscore points
Soul Released (Encore Only)
79 Gamerscore points
Soul Released (Encore Only)