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Chapter 6: Tristesse

Baroque City[edit]

The merchant has some new merchandise so restock. Allegretto needs a Doom Guard, a Leaf Umbrella for Polka, Elven Sight for Viola, a Zweihander for Jazz, and a Illunis for March. Use the warp room and do some backtracking to get there.}}The Muse Baton will lower your ATK and MAG but it will absorb 10% of inflicted damage as HP so itis something to consider. In armor, you will need a Freiturnier for Allegretto and Jazz, Land Scales for Beat and March, a Black Velvet for Polka and Salsa, and a Eagle Robe for Viola and Falsetto. The Honey Cookies are pretty handy too so if you have an Gold left you should buy a few.

Return to the castle and head back east to the Prince's room for a cutscene in which you will be directed west to the Princesses room for another short cutscene. Walk out of the room and a for a final cutscene in which you will acquire the Warp Room Key. Exit the castle. Before going to the Warp Room head to Baroque City Inn (Hotel Esemble). Go up the stairs and in the second door to the left. There you can play Score Piece 7 with Granny's Girl Quena for a Rank A and an EZI Paddle. Also play Score Piece 10 for an S rank and an Obsidian Mirror. Play Score Piece 16 for a B rank and a Fish Incense.

The warp room is to the west of the castle. Use the key to enter Baroque City: Warp Room.

Go ahead and save, and then talk with the Guide. Step on the activated warp tile on the west of the save point. This will take you to Agogo Village.

Encore differences[edit]

  • Play Score Piece 16 in the house south of the merchant in Baroque City with Gentle Harp for a Weekly EZI Magazine. Note: You must first take part in rescuing her husband on Sharp Mountain. Score Piece 31 is a gift from the couple in the house south of the merchant in Baroque City after saving the man from Sharp Mountains. Then play this Score Piece in Baroque City North with Lonesome Loco to receive a Topaz Bracelet.
  • Travel to Forte, go to the 2nd floor in the Tavern for Score Piece 28 on a table. Also in Forte, Score Piece 29 can be found in the sewer grating outside the Inn. If you spoke with the Grandma in Chapter 4, then while you are in Forte talk with the man with chest pains outside the Castle gates for a Score Piece 30. Also, outside these gates play Score Piece 30 with Petty Oud for a B rank and a Bat Umbrella. Note: PS3 Versions get a Rapture Head. Play Score Piece 32 for an A rank and a Diamond Bracelet.
  • You can perform Score Piece 30 with Sullen Melody for an Rank A to get an Amethyst Bracelet.
  • From the Tenuto warp stone, head to the stairs on the right and play Score Piece 6 for a silver bullet (as mentioned before, but not useful until now). Then play Score Piece 24 with Easygoing Flat for Score Piece 26. Head north into Heaven's Mirror Forest and continue through Heaven's Mirror Forest North, where you fought the big boar, and proceed into the next area; Heaven's Mirror Field. You will see a squirrel on a large green mushroom to the left. Talk to it to get Score Piece 27. Then play this Score Piece in Ritardando Church with Methodical Gospel to obtain an EZI Pendant. Play Score Piece 21 or Score Piece 22 in Tenuto Village (west of Polka's front door) to the cat named Solitary String for an Elite EZI.}} {{Eternal Sonata/Trading|Encore Only. Pot traded for Goat Stew. This is done in the east house in Tenuto Village.
    • In the Chorus Plains, trade the Goat Stew for the Coupon with the Goat Herder. Then in Hanon Hills trade the Coupon for the Honey with the Merchant. Give the Honey to the Researcher in Baroque Castle to be sent on an errand to get Agogo Droppings, which you get in Agogo Village.
  • To activate the other warp tile you must go to Agogo Village, watch the cut-scene, beat fugue, then you are able to warp to other places.
  • From the Andante warp stone, head to Lake Reverb: Andantino's Hideout. Check the next room. In a chest in the corner you will find a weapon for Jazz: Pyro Blade.

Agogo Forest[edit]

Trading Sequence
Trade 20 pictures of 20 different beasts for the Agogo Droppings with the little boy in Agogo Village. Note that the boy will not accept photos of the same monster after you have given one to him.

Head south from your warp point to Agogo Forest: North. Don't worry about fighting enemies because they are at the same levels that you fought them last. All of the chests are empty too so don't worry about any of that stuff. Follow the path south to Agogo Forest: Middle North.

Again, continue south along the path. Save here and continue south to activate a cutscene and yes, another boss battle.

Play Score Piece 29 in Agogo Village Cave Front with Precocious Flute to receive a Small EZI. Note: 360 versions can also do this in Encore version when they are warping around.


This should be much easier than the last time. He is not any tougher so you should have no problem if you block, build echos, and use your harmony chains. Remember someone with healing abilities is always good to have too.

Fugue drops a Death's Head.

Baroque Castle[edit]

Trading Sequence
Encore Only. Trade the Agogo Droppings with the Researcher for Odd Candy. Take the Odd Candy for Glass Ball in Hanon Hills with the Merchant. Then speak with the Priest in Baroque City and go to Aria Temple. Go to the last room in Aria Temple and trade the Glass Ball for the Orb.

Exit Baroque Castle: Guest Room and go to Crescendo's room in the blue door with the guard for a cutscene. Apparently, Crescendo is MIA. Go check Serenade's room on the other side of the castle in another blue door room. It will trigger another cutscene. Exit the room for a third cutscene. Serenade and Crescendo are both missing.

Before leaving to go to the next section go out through the door east of the ballroom to check the garden outside the castle. Play Score Piece 11 to Conceited Choir for an S rank and an Odd Chocolate. Note: PS3 Versions get a Crimson Brooch. Then play Score Piece 18 for a A rank and a EZI Handkerchief. PS3: instead you get a B rank and a Snowpuff Cookie.

Exit the castle and return to the Baroque City: Warp Room. This time you will use the warp portal on the right to get to the next section after talking to the Guide.

To Coda Ruins[edit]

There is another warp portal to the northwest. Step on the portal to get to the top of a roof. Step on the next warp on the northern end of the buildings to get to the next section. Head to the next warp to the northeast. Now you are on a rooftop again and there is only one place to: the warp directly opposite your roof. So make your way over there to get to To Coda Ruins: False Pride Island.

Save your game. The warp directly behind the buildings near the save point only takes you to an empty roof with some enemies so there is no need to go up there unless you want to. The second one further north takes you to a different set of roof tops near the save point. These roofs branch in two directions. Go east first and use that warp. This takes you to an island with a chest containing a Matchlock Axe, a new weapon for Beat. Use the same warp tile you arrived on to return and then take the warp tile on the west side of the roof tops to get to To Coda Ruins: Conceit Island.

Save your game. To the right behind the wall is a chest containing a Lunar Eclipse, a new weapon for Salsa. This reduces you ATK plus it provides a Dark Body which Salsa does better in the light so don't equip it Note: On Xbox 360 this weapon has Shining Body. On the northwestern end of the island is the warp you need next which takes you to some rooftops again. Don't use the warp tile up here; continue to the end of the rooftops and jump off the back. Use the warp tile here to get to the next area. Head north to the next warp to get to To Coda Ruins: Resentment Island.

Save your game. Don't use the first warp. Head to the southeast corner for the next warp to use. You will have to go around to get to it. It will take you up on the ledge for a chest containing a Solar Eclipse, a weapon for March.Note: On Xbox 360 this weapon has Darkness Body. Again, this one is not recommended either. Use the warp here. Return to the first warp that we skipped earlier to get to the roofs of the western buildings. Use the warp on the northwestern end to get to To Coda Ruins: Jealousy Island.

Save your game. To the northeast, you will find a warp. Use it to get to the roofs. This roof has two paths too. Take the left warp to go to another Island with a chest containing a Claimh Solais, a weapon for Allegretto. Go to the warp to the north to get to To Coda Ruins: Resentment Island for a chest containing a costume for Allegretto. Backtrack to get back to To Coda Ruins: Jealousy Island. Take the right warp to get to To Coda Ruins: Suspicion Island.

Save your game. Before you proceed, go left, and well hidden is a chest containing Apollo's Lichanos, a weapon for Frederic. Now, take the warp to the north to get to To Coda Ruins: Distress Island.

Save your game. Use the northeast warp to get to the roofs. Head to the north of the buildings and jump off. Use this warp to get back to To Coda Ruins: Suspicion Island.

Use the warp to get to To Coda Ruins: Sincerity Island.

Save your game and head north to the warp to exit.

Cowbell Heights[edit]

Head north to Cello Tree to trigger a cutscene. Head toward the fortuneteller's hut for a Saint's Mirror. Near the first root of the Cello Tree will have a Score Piece 22. Save your game by the hut and head west.

Just head straight through.

Mt. Rock[edit]

Head north for a cutscene with the merchant. Polka needs a new Blossom Parasol, Beat a Magnum Arm, Frederic a Mistilteinn, Viola a Artemis's Bow, Salsa a Muspelheim, Jazz a Soul Cremator, and Falsetto a Jiao Zhu. The Cursed Armor is for Jazz and Allegretto but it is not recommended because it causes Darkness Body. For Polka and Salsa, buy the Gorgeous Clothes. Buy a Fog Cloak for Frederic and two Obscure Jackets for Viola and Falsetto. Resting with the merchant is recommended to bring your characters back to full HP. Then save your game. Head north into Mt. Rock: Base.

Follow the path. There isn't anywhere else to go really. Around the bend takes you to Mt. Rock: Main Area..

Follow the dirt path and it will lead to some tracks heading to the north. Follow the tracks to get to Mt. Rock: Main Mineshaft and for a cutscene. Head straight through to get to Mt. Rock: Secondary Area.

Follow the path and there will be a wooden bridge with a chest on the other side containing a No Name, a weapon for March. Return to the main path and follow it until you reach the fork. Go east first to get to Mt. Rock: Secondary Mineshaft. Go straight through to get to Mt. Rock: Tertiary Area. Follow the path around the corner to Mt. Rock: Tertiary Mineshaft. Speak with Aloof Fiddle and play Score Piece 11 for a Rank A and a Sunlight Guards. Also, play Score Piece 12 with him for a Rank B and a Floral Powder. Return to the fork and take the north path now to get to Mt. Rock: Canyon.

Go all the way east for a chest containing a Antelope Armor. Go north and then east to get to Mt. Rock: Tertiary Mineshaft. Remember that chest you couldn't get to well now you can get it. It contains a Sunbringer, a weapon for Allegretto which is not recommended for use because your current one should be better. Now follow the path west against the wind and to the north to get to Mt. Rock: Near the Summit. Note: PS3 Versions get a chest containing a Heart Clover. Get your characters ready and save your game.

Count Waltz & Dragon

He is fast and hard. His dragon is also difficult. Remember use your echos (build them all the way to 32) and harmony chains. Keep someone to the side for healing. Attack Count Waltz first and then focus on the dragon. The dragon is easier to block. Viola is good to have because of her Heal Arrow. Jazz is good because he has good range.

Count Waltz drops a Vanquisher, Jokulsnaut, and a Demonic Mask.

Unlocked Party Level 5
10 Gamerscore points
Unlocked Party Level 5
10 Gamerscore points