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Below is a list of all the items and their uses in Eternal Sonata.

Use Items[edit]

Name Use Effect Description
Peach Cookie Single Recover 1000 HP Sweet cookie made by mashing peaches. Popular among children.
Star Cookie Single Recover 3600 HP It has a star in the middle of the cookie.
Snowpuff Cookie Single Recover 5000 HP Crunchy cookie that melts in the mouth.
Honey Cookie Single Recover 9500 HP Expensive cookie made by mixing honey and sunlight.
Floral Extract Single Recover HP by 70% A medicine made of select flowers from Tenuto.
Floral Essence Single Recover full HP A purified form of floral concentrate.
Flower Powder Single Recover HP by 50% A medicine made of fresh flowers from Tenuto.
Club Clover All Recover 3000 HP A clover with leaves shaped like a club. Luck restores everyone's energy.
Diamond Clover All Recover 6800 HP A clover with leaves shaped like a diamond. Luck shines from above.
Heart Clover All Recover 12,000 HP A clover with leaves shaped like a heart. Luck sleeps within the heart.
Spade Clover All Recover full HP A clover with leaves shaped like a spade. Luck illuminates the future.
Saint's Mirror All Recover KO and recover all HP (infinite range) A nameless mirror that reflects your inner self.
Angel Trumpet Single Recover KO A trumpet blown by the angels sings through the heavens and heals the battered body and soul.
Goddess Bouquet All Recover KO The light from this bouquet blesses the fallen and heals them.
Club Clover All Recover 3000 HP A clover with leaves shaped like a club. Luck restores everyone's energy.
Glowing Tail Single Recover HP & Temp Shining Body Tail of a rabbit that lives in the mountains. It shines even in the dark.
Shadow Tail Single Recover HP & Temp Dark Body Tail of a rabbit that lives by the coast. It cannot be seen even in light.
Shining Tail Single Recover HP and temporary Shining Body Tail of a rabbit that lives on the moon. It illuminates dark roads.
Dark Tail Single Recover HP and temporary Dark Body Tail of a rabbit that lives in dreams. It lures people into the deep night.
Bubble Straw Single Recover HP & Air Body A very large bubble surrounds you.
Bubble Ring Single Recover HP and temporary Air Body A large bubble that can surround a person and lift him.
Hell Mustard Single Temp Burst, Increase Attack Power, Decrease Defense The entire body heats up from just one taste.
Icy Feather Single Heal Burst Holding this blue feather will bring calm. The feather darkens to red after usage.
Fallen Feather Single Heal Air Body The heavy wings of the bird that sinks into the earth with the moonlight at night.
Pure Feather Single Heal Poison Holding this white feather will dissipate the poison. The feather darkens to black after usage.
Chance Feather Single Heal Slow Holding this yellow feather will return time to normal. The feather darkens to green after usage.
Peacock's Feather Single Heal all status effects Holding this rainbow-colored feather will return all to normal. The feather turns to ash after usage.
Lion's Mane Single Increase ATK by 10% A brave lion does not flinch. He only takes a step towards the unknown.
Dragon Scale Single Increase DEF by 10% A scale from a dragon is small, but heavy. It is very effective, but tires the user.
Odd Chocolate Single Enemy Decrease ATK by 5% Eat it and lose strength. Make the enemy swallow it.
Very Odd Chocolate Single Enemy Decrease ATK by 10% The enemy will melt like chocolate. Time to retaliate!
Fish Incense Single Enemy Decrease DEF by 5% Smells like a dead fish that has been lying around in the sun.
Big Paper Fan Single Enemy Slow A fan used in ceremonies in the orient. It creates a very large wind.
Poison Whitecap Single Enemy 70% Chance of Poison A very suspicious looking white mushroom that is poisonous.
Dawn Feather Single Heal Darkness Body The wings of the bird that chases away the dark and invites the morning light.
Twilight Feather Single Heal Shining Body The wings of the bird cover all the light and beckon the night.
Time Feather Single Heal Stop Holding this purple feather will bring back the time. The feather darkens to brown after usage.
Heroic Feather Heal Passive Holding this red feather will bring courage. The feather darkens to blue after usage.
Sock Incense Single Enemy Decrease defense by 10% Smells like a pair of socks that have not been washed for a while.
Wormwood Single Enemy 80% Chance of Poison A plant believed by pirates to symbolize death. Its sweet smell lures its victims.
Scorpion's Tail Single Enemy 90% Chance of Poison Venom that lies dormant in a scorpion that brought eternal suffering to a hero.
Celestial Hourglass Recover one turn of the Action Gauge. It measures time with the falling sand. The sand inside is said to be from the heavens.
Star Clock Recover one turn of the Action Gauge. Clock made with falling stars. You can hear the stars colliding with each other.
Stone of the Spring Temporarily recover 2200 HP at beginning of turn. Break it apart to enjoy the water from a magical spring.
EZI Cracker Unknown Effect A cracker in the shape of EZI. There is nothing special about the taste.
EZI Egg Unknown Effect Egg said to be laid by EZI. Maybe you should eat it before it hatches.
Weekly EZI Magazine Unknown Effect A weekly magazine published by the EZI Church.
EZI String Phone Unknown Effect Allows you to talk to EZI. But the string is cut.
EZI Photo Unknown Effect A picture of the revered EZI, but not worth very much.


NOTE: When a weapon describes a "Light" attribute, its ATK increases by that amount when used against Dark enemies. Likewise, a weapon with a "Dark" attribute increases its ATK against Light enemies.

Name Person Effect Description
Cute Umbrella Polka ATK +5 Very lovely umbrella.
Hunting Knife Allegretto ATK +7 A knife that can be used in a wide range of situations. It is small and easy to carry.
Arequebus Beat ATK +6 Primitive hook gun. Has a gunstock to stabilize the shot.
Saber Allegretto ATK +12 A single-edged sword with a large grip. Used exclusively for fighting.
Walking Parasol Polka ATK +7 Very light, large umbrella. Can lift someone up if there is a strong wind.
Bamboo Shaft Frederic ATK +10 Light baton made of a plant from the orient.
Serpentine Lock Beat ATK +8 Old one-handed pistol. Place the curled flint fixture to the burner.
Wet Umbrella Polka ATK +15 Slightly large umbrella with glossy black cloth.
Cork Baton Frederick ATK +18 Baton made from cork. Used by beginners.
Long Sword Allegretto ATK +20 Used by eastern swordsmen, this sword is swung from above the head.
Jezail Beat ATK +17 Front loading rifle. Has a specialized gunstock.
Worn Bow Viola ATK +30 A bow that was found in storage. It needs a new string.
Paper Umbrella Polka ATK +28 MAG +5 Oriental umbrella soaked in oil to repel the rain.
Poison Blood Allegretto ATK +24 Can Inflict Poison Used by officials for self defense. It emits a poison liquid.
Rapid Fire Viola ATK +35 Longbow that excels at quick firing. Forestalls the battle.
Maple Baton Frederic ATK +25 Max HP +5% Baton made from maple.
Bat Umbrella Polka ATK +33 DEF +1 Very expensive umbrella that folds in an elaborate manner.
Walloon Sword Allegretto ATK +30 A sword used by mercenaries in the lowlands. The special grip provides added control.
Wolf's Fang Beat ATK +34 Gun decorated with a brutal mountain wolf's fang.
Oak Barrel Frederic ATK +30 Baton made from oak. Made from a sturdy material and inflicts pain.
Reed Bow Viola ATK +47 A simple bow made of reed. Easy to aim, but not very powerful.
Harmonic Stick Frederic ATK +47 A branch from a mysterious tree that sings in harmony with the wind.
Laricus Salsa ATK +15 Light +30 Offered to the Temple of Beauty.
Branch Sword Allegretto ATK +38 An old-style knight's sword. It is light, quick and strong. Used mainly for stabbing.
Filly Umbrella Polka ATK +38 A frilled black umbrella stitched with gold thread. It shimmers in the sunlight.
Crescent Blade Allegretto ATK +42 Regeneration +10% An eastern imperial sword. It can be very powerful in battle due to its weight.
Broad Sword Jazz ATK +60 A wide and thick double-edged sword.
Brass Knuckle Falsetto ATK +44 Cheap gauntlets made of brass.
Espada Rapier Claves ATK +20 Light +35 Weapon worn by noble ladies of the court.
Swallow Shooter Viola ATK +55 Battle Speed Up A very beautiful bow that leaves many speechless.
Meat Hook Falsetto ATK +50 An item used by ordinary butchers. A weapon for assassins.
Back Sword Allegretto ATK +50 A single-edged sword used by heavy infantry. It is strapped on the back to hide it from view.
Fencing Saber Claves ATK +10 Dark +50 A light sword; great for piercing.
Windblow Viola ATK +62 A bow that shoots arrows so fast they cannot be seen by the naked eye.
Monkey Bow Viola ATK+77 A bow used to frighten away mountain monkeys.
Power Stroke Falsetto ATK +54 Can Inflict Slow An enhanced gauntlet used by heavy infantrymen.
Mailed Fist Falsetto ATK +10 Dark +50 Weapon used by heavy infantry.
Hellstriker Allegretto ATK +65 Burst Charmed with a spell to overcome all enemies. It has passed through the hands of three honorable men.
Thunder Stir Viola ATK +80 Battle Speed Up, Shining Body Bow used by the imperial guards to kill a chimera.
Jonas's Parasol Polka ATK +41 An oriental umbrella that belonged to a famous traveler.
Buffalo Horn Frederic ATK +43 Baton made from a buffalo's horn. It is transparent and glitters in sunlight.
Hoolurge Gun Beat ATK +45 Gun equipped with a steel claw. Responsible for eliminating metal plate armors in the field of battle.
Mercy Breath Salsa ATK +56 Bracelet of the Titans.
Torn Umbrella Polka ATK +55 MAG +5 Darkness Body Umbrella that rips in every storm, but does not break.
Noble Mace Crescendo ATK +55 Mace used by a noble for protection.
Dewdrop Umbrella Polka ATK +52 An umbrella that closes at night and opens at dawn. The sparkling dew promises a beautiful day.
Princess Staff Serenade ATK+50 Ornamental cane decorated with precious metals. Radiates dignity.
Rochin Crescendo ATK +63 Short spear made on an island nation in the East. Highly adaptable. Use it with a shield for maximum effect.
Ares Staff Serenade ATK +55 Burst Adorned with a crystal known as the War God's Eye. Strengthens the wielder.
Chakram Salsa ATK +60 Sharp circular blade used in the orient. It is able to slice through mist branches.
Lohar Cannon Beat ATK +20 Dark +40 Gun belonging to the warring peoples of Khyber Pass.
Ebony Staff Frederic ATK +52 Max HP +5%. Staff adorned with a statue. It has beautiful carvings and captures the heart.
Warhammer Gun Beat ATK +55 An all-purpose weapon; a sledgehammer attached to a gun.
Saffron Parasol Polka ATK +58 DEF +2 Pale blue umbrella.
Resonating Stick Frederic ATK +58 Magic wand that confuses the weak.
Torquatus Salsa ATK +15 Light +60 A circular blade said to have been invented by the great General Manlius.
Night Watcher March ATK +60 Blade belonging to the twin moons that protect the night. It does not appear before those that are heartless.
Hatchet Musket Beat ATK +58 Can Inflict Slow Infantry gun equipped with a hatchet for ambush. It has no gun barrel.
Scramasax Allegretto ATK +75 A sword from the northern lands; crafted in the dark ages. It is said to freeze the blood of those it touches.
Prophetic Cane Frederic ATK +65 Max HP +5% Cane made from a magic tree long ago. It belonged to a prophet.
Herebra Jazz ATK +95 Passive A long sword used by Phoenician soliders.
Jade Falcon Allegretto ATK +73 Battle Speed Up. Can be quick as lightening in the hands of the right user.
Sabertooth Beat ATK +63 Can Inflict Poison. The tooth from a giant tiger hits the enemy's weak point. The enemy will suffer greatly before dying.
Gold Baton Frederic ATK +67 Max HP +5% (XBox 360), Burst (PS3) Gold baton adorned with jewels. Belongs to a billionaire.
Double Crescent Viola ATK +84 Synthetic bow made up of metal parts.
Bastard Sword Jazz ATK +88 A long heavy sword.
Lunaticus March ATK +20 Dark +60 Weapon said to have been a gift from the man in the moon.
Snow White Polka ATK +62 EXP +5% for all Bright white umbrella.
Orbis Salsa ATK +73 Weapon made for the army that made eleven pacts. It symbolizes ideal and betrayal.
Oracle Cane Frederic ATK +75 MAG +7 Darkness Body A cane belonging to a prophet who was exiled for foretelling the future.
Apollo's Lichanos Frederic ATK +89 MAG +7 Shining Body Legendary baton said to be the finger of Apollo, the god of music.
Rib Crusher Jazz ATK +105 Slow Sword with immense destructive powers. It is swung horizontally to get underneath the opponent's shield.
Flintlock Pick Beat ATK +70 Critical Hit Rate Up A pickaxe is attached to the gun. Very reliable weapon.
Imperial Bow Viola ATK +91 Burst Mutsunokami's bow. It protected a prince when he plucked its string.
Doom Guard Allegretto ATK +80 Stolen by Vainomoinen from the keepers of the gates to the afterlife.
Leaf Umbrella Polka ATK +75 Action Gauge increases when attack hits. Custom-made umbrella dyed with very precious green dye.
Muse Baton Frederic ATK +73 Absorb 10% of inflicted damage as HP. Rod belonging to the Muses. It gives birth to poetical imagination.
Elven Sight Viola ATK +100 A magic bow with perfect aim that was created by an elf.
Zweihander Jazz ATK +100 A massive sword that garners absolute trust in war veterans.
Brain Shatterer Falsetto ATK +70 An item that can only be used by a master.
Illunis March ATK +78 Critical Hit Rate Up Dagger that belonged to Persephone, the Queen of Hades. It brings about true darkness.
Death's Head Falsetto ATK +83 An evil weapon. The wearer is said to hear the voice of demons.
Matchlock Axe Beat ATK +85 Action Gauge increases when attack hits. Gun belonging to a rebel army fighting against the royal family. The emblem has been shaved off.
Lunar Eclipse Salsa ATK +25 Light +65 Darkness Body(Shining Body on Xbox 360) Made from the fang of Hati, the wolf who chases the moon.
Solar Eclipse March ATK +25 Dark +65 Shining Body(Darkness Body on Xbox 360 Made from the fang of Skoll, the wolf that is said to chase the sun.
Blossom Parasol Polka ATK +90 MAG +5 Pale umbrella that opens and closes softly.
Magnum Arm Beat ATk +95 Weapon used by wild animal hunters. A thick weapon that is able to handle powerful gunpowder.
Mistilteinn Frederic ATK +100 The lost mistletoe branch. Killed Baldur and started Ragnarok.
Artemis's Bow Viola ATK +110 Bow that belongs to the goddess Artemis. It shot her lover Orion.
Muspelheim Salsa ATK +95 Dropped by a devil from the kingdom of flames. it is encircled with flames.
Pyro Blade Jazz ATK +110 Bloodthristy sword that ignites when taken out of the scabbard. (Burst)
Soul Cremator Jazz ATK +118 Fearful sword that devours the soul of any who touch it.
Jiao Zhu Falsetto ATK +97 A striking weapon that fits in the palm of the hand. It is said to be invented by an emperor.
No Name March ATK +95 A weapon forgotten by the fates. Does not exist.
Sunbringer Allegretto ATK +70 Light +50 A sword that calls back the sun borrowed by Ahti.
Golden Parasol Polka ATK +110 Mysterious umbrella that can warm the wind.
Magnum Arm Beat ATK +95 Weapon used by wild animal hunters. A thick weapon that is able to handle powerful gunpowder.
Lugh Lamhfhada Viola ATK +150 Weapon that hungers for the blood of Lugh the Long Hand.
Hecatomb Jazz ATK +125 Sword that sacrificed 100-hundred bulls in an ancient ritual.
Celestial Glvoes Falsetto ATK +108 Can Inflict Slow Gloves soaked in holy oil.
Arc Strike March ATK +30 Dark +90 A weapon said to have been invented by the great General Manlius.
Langya Bang Crescendo ATK +118 Short range weapon with numerous spikes at the end of its distinctive head.
Arcana Wand Serenade ATK +110 A by-product of experimentation with numerology. It foretells the future with mystical powers.
Ruthless Salsa ATK +109 Weapon of the hero Jagiellonka.
Nidhoog's Fang Allegretto ATK +128 Can Inflict Poison The third fang of Nidhogg. It is soaked with the sap from Yggdrasil.
Thiassi's Bone Jazz ATK +158 Sword crafted from the giant Thiassi's bone. It freezes the enemy.
Voiceless Scepter Frederic ATK +143 Scepter of a king with no people.
White Star Crescendo ATK +153 A ceremonial spear forged in white silver. It is blessed with holy protection.
Tyr's Right Arm Falsetto ATK +140 The arm of the one-handed god Tyr that was bitten off by Fenrir.
Teardrop Umbrella Polka ATK +140 Umbrella of the tree nymph Eurydice who longs for her lover.
Lech Blade Allegretto ATK +149 Sword that led Lech to the eagle's nest and founded a country.
Alvis Hoop March ATK +55 Dark +100 Blade forged by the sage dwarf Alvis.
Nodus Salsa ATK +55 Light +100 Fairy wheel that decides the fate of heroes.
Tyrant Slayer Jazz ATK +162 Legendary magic sword said to have killed a giant dragon.
Velmungdd's Lust Allegretto ATK +160 Sword buried by the King Velmungdd.
Wheel of Will March ATK +127 Darkness Body Fairy hoop that is said to guide the fate of heroes.
Seraphic Touch Claves ATK +156 Heavenly weapon that is lighter than a feather and sharper than steel.
Titania's Bow Viola ATK +178 Bow belonging to Titania, Queen of the Faeries.
Power Staff Serenade ATK +180 Cane that pursue infinite possibilities. The never-ending universe that lies within man.
Iron Gloves Falsetto ATK +160 Slow A massive gauntlet worn by Thor when he wielded his hammer.
Pervius March ATK +166 Critical Hit Rate Up Weapon brought back from the mouth of Mount Vesuvius. It burns the enemy with its high temperature.
Morgenstern Crescendo ATK +175 A miraculous weapon that revolutionized the battlefield. Also known as the Morning Star.
Nagul Fang Beat ATK +170 Speed +10% Weapon that holds the spirit of Nagul. It is said to lead the wielder to the correct path.
Azure Umbrella Polka ATK +180 MAG +5 The heavens appear above in this beautiful umbrella. Has very high attack power.
Seven-Branched Allegretto ATK +182 Oriental sword that depicts a flame. It is blessed by the god of war.
Nemesis Sword Claves ATK +180 Sword said to have been born from the breast of the goddess Nemesis.
Freudhersch Frederic ATK +185 SPD +30 Can Inflict Stop A baton found after the death of a great conductor. His unparalleled skills lie within.
Royal Staff Crescendo ATK +196 A weapon forged by a legendary master craftsman. The weapon itself measures the worth of the wielder.
Alfheim Salsa ATK +70 Light +130 Circular blade filled with light from the kingdom of fairies.
Skofnung Jazz ATK +195 Burst Sword of Hrolfr Kraki. Inflicts a wound only it can heal.iflhe
Niflheim March ATK +70 Dark +130 A circular blade created from a glacier in the Land of Mists.
Lord's Reign Falsetto ATK +179 Increase combos when attacking. Faint magic covers the hand and wrist.
Retaliator Claves ATK +192 Increases combos when attacking. Sword of the god Lugh. It protects the wielder from death.
Sheol Sword Allegretto ATK +200 Regeneration +10% Sword from another dimension that governs light and dark.
Gold Moon Polka ATK +210 Regeneration +10%, EXP +5% for all. A goddess's umbrella that protects all people from ill will that falls from the heavens.
Bezwell's Sword Jazz ATK +220 Absorb 20% of inflicted damage as HP. Sword of a legendary king that was used only once. It is said to make a terrible sound when it is taken out of the scabbard.
Silver Star Allegretto ATK +240 Action Gauge and Critical Hit Rate doubled. Sword named after the silver star that protects the goddess of the moon. The blade is said to isolate life from death.
Glory Serenade ATK +230 Cane crowned with glory. Its light will bring happiness to the world.
Mjolnir Crescendo ATK +230 Hammer that serves the god of lightning. Its unfaltering strike will shatter fate.
Hell's Cannon Beat ATK +200 Action Gauge increases when attack hits. The muzzle emits tremendous heat that can burn all, and leads to the mouth of hell.


Name Person Effect Description
Handmade Clothes Polka/Beat DEF +4 Handmade clothes that have been repeatedly altered over the years.
Mail Shirt Allegretto/Beat DEF +6 Chain mail with small rings. It protects the upper body.
Stolen Clothes Beat DEF +4 Clothes found in a rich merchant's closet.
Light Guard Allegretto/Beat DEF +11 ATK +1 Light armor worn by merchants during their journeys.
Pretty Clothes Polka DEF +10 Clothes that are still like new.
Hunting Coat Frederic DEF +12 Coat for hunting. It has many pockets.
Breast Guard Allegretto/Beat DEF +21 ATK +1 Light armor that emphasizes guarding the chest.
Guardian Clothes Polka/Beat DEF +17 Clothes for the guardian of the forest. They are very sturdy.
Leather Hide Polka/Beat/Frederic/Viola DEF +13 Leather mask that covers the head.
Wool Robe Viola DEF +18 Wool robe that is great for winter.
Red Velvet Polka DEF +20 A bright, ruby-colored velvet vest. It is soft to the touch.
Fancy Clothes Polka/Beat DEF +24 Increase tactical time. Intricately detailed clothes.
Coachman's Coat Frederic DEF +28 Coat worn by coachmen.
Full Plate Allegretto/Claves DEF +30 A very heavy, full-body armor. Only the strong can wear it.
Pair Jacket Polka/Beat/Frederic/Viola DEF +22 Reduces chance of becoming poisoned. A two-piece jacket.
Tailored Clothes Polka/Beat DEF +28 They are made by the best tailor in town.
Larkspur Robe Viola DEF +31 Robe with swallow feathers sewn into the fabric.
Charmed Scales Allegretto/Claves DEF +35 Scale armor with blessings on each side.
Cloth Dress Falsetto DEF +30 A washable, everyday dress for a woman.
Mammoth Armor Allegretto/Jazz DEF +45 Thick armor worn by the elephant troops in the south. It repels arrows.
Luckless Viola/Falsetto DEF +46 Mysterious clothes that will not tear in any battle.
Silk Dress Viola/Falsetto DEF +46 An expensive dress that is soft to the touch.
Tiger Armor Allegretto DEF +54 Armor adorned with the hide of a ferocious evil tiger.
Chivalry Armor Allegretto DEF +62 Armor that belonged to a proud knight. It is a great honor just to wear it.
Sailor's Uniform Polka/Salsa DEF +51 Very difficult to tell if this is for a captain or deckhand.
Leather Jacket Polka/Salsa/Frederic/Beat DEF +30 Prevents enemy's critical hit. Heavy leather jacket with rough stitches.
Sparkling Clothes Polka/Beat/Salsa DEF +37 Very gaudy clothes. They are hard to look at.
Skull and Bones Salsa DEF +60 Stop Sewn from a pirate flag. A skull and crossbones are stitched on the back.
Elegant Clothes Polka/Beat/Salsa DEF +42 Somewhat expensive clothes for special occasions.
Proper Armor Crescendo DEF+56 Formal armor with simple, yet tasteful design. Essential at festivities.
Regal Dress Serenade DEF +50 Dress that makes the wearer look elegant. Not for the modest or reserved.
Saint's Vestment Serenade DEF +59 Garments said to have been woven by a legendary saint.
Bird Cloak Frederic DEF +50 Black cloak that allows the wearer to hide in the night. Looks like a bird when worn.
Hard Jacket Salsa/Polka/Frederic/Beat DEF +45 Increase tactical time. Jacket made with sturdy cloth.
Cloud Cape Salsa DEF +57 Simple to put on when cold. Easy to get lost in a crowd when worn.
Battle Shirt Beat/Polka DEF +55 ATK +1 High quality armor designed to withstand countless battles.
Leather Guard Polka/Beat/Salsa/March/Frederic/Viola DEF +50 Reduces chance of becoming Passive. Combat clothes made with leather.
Ugly Clothes Beat/Salsa DEF +53 Prevents enemy's critical hit. Passive Damp old clothes.
EZI Pajamas All DEF +32.1 (fake) Pajamas with the face of EZI. You'll have nightmares if you sleep in it.
Crystal Suit Allegretto/Beat/March/Jazz DEF +60 ATK +2 Battle suit made from a large icicle.
Evening Clothes Polka/Beat/Salsa DEF +51 Clothes for a ball at the castle.
Midnight Shell Viola DEF +56 Beautiful clothes worn by the night fairy. It brings special dreams.
Lion Armor Allegretto/Jazz DEF +65 Armor of a hero who stands alone on the battlefield.
Tundra Vest Viola/March/Frederic/Polka/Salsa/Beat DEF +47 Reduces chance of Slow. Blue vest that resembles the tundra. Popular for its smooth feel.
Freiturnier Allegretto/Jazz DEF +90 Ceremonial armor with the helmet attached to the left shoulder.
Land Scales Allegretto/Beat/March/Jazz DEF +70 ATK +2 Battle suit made of the minerals from Mt. Rock.
Black Velvet Polka/Salsa/March DEF +65 A calming black velvet that looks very expensive.
Eagle Robe Viola/Falsetto DEF +69 Robe covered with eagle feathers.
Cursed Armor Allegretto/Jazz DEF +85 Darkness Body Cursed armor said to have been soaked in the blood of a chief.
Gorgeous Clothes Polka/Beat/Salsa DEF +65 Prevent enemy's critical hit. Gaudy clothes adorned with jewels.
Fog Cloak Frederic DEF +70 A cloak said to have been left in front of a house after a day of heavy fog.
Obscure Jacket Viola/Falsetto DEF +80 Air Body Magical jacket that makes the wearer invisible.
Antelope Armor Allegretto/Jazz DEF +80 Maximum HP increased by 3% Armor made from the hard horn of an antelope.
Fragment Allegretto/Beat/March/Jazz DEF +92 ATK +3 Light armor made by stringing together the souls of fragmented heroes.
Concealing Jacket Polka/Beat/Salsa/March/Frederic/Viola/Falsetto DEF +80 Reduces chance of becoming Poisoned. Magical clothes that blend the wearer into his surroundings.
Crescent Cloak Frederic Def +91 An unassuming cloak that shines on nights with a crescent moon.
Transeo Viola/Falsetto/Serenade DEF +104 Armor that transforms depending on the opponent.
Dark Armor Jazz/Crescendo/Allegretto/Claves DEF +150 Maximum HP decreased by 20%. Darkness Body Armor that forms a pact with non-humans.
Mist Cape Polka/Salsa/March DEF +109 A very light cape. It is like a mist around the wearer.
Storm Shroud March/Beat/Allegretto/Jazz DEF +119 Increases movement speed in battle. Light armor blessed with the protection of the wind fairy. Allows the wearer to glide with ease.
Lech Armor Jazz/Crescendo/Allegretto/Claves DEF +140 Lech's armor. It's adorned with an image of the eagle that protects the kindgdom.
Daybreak Cloak Frederic DEF +120 Shining Body Cloak of the color of daybreak that chills those who see it.
Styx's Veil Claves DEF +126 Veil of the goddess of the River Styx. Bestows inhuman beauty.
Nil Coat Beat/Polka/Salsa DEF +136 A magical coat that has no ties to reality.
Dragon Armor Crescendo/Claves/Allegretto/Jazz DEF +148 Scale armor made by order of a dragon upon its death.
Peacock Dress Falsetto/Viola/Serenade DEF +143 Prevents all status effects. Extravagant dress with peacock feathers sewn into it.
Achilles's Armor Crescendo/Claves/Allegretto/Jazz DEF +164 The armor that belonged to the hero Achilles.


Name Effect Description
Copper Necklace DEF +2 A very ordinary necklace.
Stone Sword Hilt ATK +2 Stone handle for a sword without a blade.
Lace Veil Increase Max HP by 5% Hair accessory that is popular among young girls.
Speed Shoes Increase movement speed in battle. Shoes that allow you to run like the wind. (also a trading sequence item)
Silver Necklace DEF +3 A necklace that exudes an air of calm.
Spirit Arrowhead ATK +3 Remnant of an arrow shot by a spirit.
Brilliant Brooch Shining Body Brooch made by knitting sunlight. It illuminates the surroundings.
Power Ring Increase attack power by 10% Ring that exudes power.
Recovery Gloves Regeneration +10% Magical gloves that recover the wearer's HP with time.
Flare Head ATK+5 Magical arrows that burst into flames when shot (for Viola).
Piercing Shell ATK +8 A sharp, penetrating bullet (for Beat).
EZI Scarf Unknown Effect Cheap scarf with the mark of EZI. Apparently it is not that bad.
Dark Brooch Darkness Body Brooch born from the abyss. It darkens the surroundings.
Hoplon Shield DEF +8 Circular shield used in the battlefield for many years (for Crescendo).
Smiling EZI Unknown Effect Depicts a smiling EZI. Children cry when they see it.
Feathered Hat Increase Speed by 5% Allows the wearer to move lightly.
Shard of Sampo DEF +7 Fragment of a millstone that was treasured by a witch.
Pocket Watch Action Gauge increases when attack hits. Keep it in a pocket to keep track of time.
Brisingamen DEF +8 Beautiful gold necklace made by the dwarves.
Cherry EZI Unknown Effect A cherry-colored EZI that supposedly protects those who are pure.
Spell Book Increase MAG by 10% An ancient book that records everything about magic.
Magatama DEF +6 The unique shape depicts the fetus growing inside the mother's womb.
Peace Earring Increase defense by 10% Silver earrings that exude peace.
Werewolf Choker Increase combo The fang belonged to a werewolf. The hungry beast adds another hit.
Bubbly Hat Increase speed by 10% Allows the wearer to be more efficient.
Recovery Orb Regeneration +20% Magical orb that recovers the holder's HP with time.
Heart Pendant Increase maximum HP by 10% A pendant to protect the one you love.
Rapture Head ATK +10 Arrows that explode after piercing the armor (for Viola).
Swimming EZI Unknown Effect EZI in just his swim suit. His beer belly is showing.
Silver Bullet ATK +15 Increase combos when attacking. A silver bullet that has been blessed (for Beat).
Sunlight Guards DEF +10 Armor made by the sun god on a whim.
Rainbow EZI Unknown Effect Legendary EZI statue that changes color depending on the monetary value of the offering.
Alice's Watch Increase Tactical Time Pocket watch from a rabbit in Wonderland.
Tyrant's Crown Increase maximum HP by 20% Worn by a king who ruled the world. Symbolizes power.
Eye of Horus ATK +7 Eye of the god who defeated Chaos.
Athena's Shield DEF +30 Treasure of the gods said to be a tear from the shield maiden. It turns the enemy into stone.
Mirror Shield DEF +20 Is the face reflected in this mirror-like shield that of good or evil (for Crescendo)?
Cupid's Head ATK +30 Arrows of the god of love that have shot down numerous heroes (for Viola).
Best Lot ATK +25 The very best ammunition (for Beat).
Solomon's Ring ATK +10 Burst Ring that belonged to a king who controlled demons.
Scudetto DEF +50 Prevents all status effects. Famed shield that promises an end to battle and the glory of victory (for Crescendo).


Name Purpose Description
Rat Tail Trading Sequence Tail dropped by the giant rat that lives in the Ritardando Sewers. It has a cute curl to it.
Stick Trading Sequence A wooden stick that was just lying around.
Dentures Trading Sequence Belongs to the old woman who lives in Ritardando.
Green Paint Trading Sequence Paint from Ritardando that is said to blend nicely on canvas without losing color.
Long Johns Trading Sequence An undergarment for a man.
Goat's Milk Trading Sequence Fresh milk from a goat.
Fort Fermata Key Unlock Door Key to open the doors in Fort Fermata.
Piggy Bank Trading Sequence A poor pig that will be smashed once it is filled with money.
Fruit Basket Trading Sequence A basket that used to hold apples, melons, pears, strawberries, and grapes. It is now empty.
Winder Trading Sequence It is too big for a clock. What could it be used for?
Neutralizing Stone Reduces Poison Damage A charm that neutralizes poison just by holding it. However, it does not last very long.
Empty Vase Trading Sequence A useless vase that does nothing.
Red Lento Flame Light Candle Red flame acquired in Lento Cemetery. It can be lit on red torches.
Blue Lento Flame Light Candle Blue flame acquired in Lento Cemetery. It can be lit on blue torches.
Green Lento Flame Light Candle Green flame acquired in Lento Cemetery. It can be lit on green torches.
Pirate Paper 1 "The red flowers in the cave where lava flows taste of honey. The beast likes the taste. It's at his feet."
Pirate's Key Unlock Door Key to open the door on the pirate ship Dolce.
Pirate's Paper 2 "The blue crystal is very pretty. The treasure with the waterfall behind the six pillars. Where is the real you?"
Cold medicine Trading Sequence
Pirate's Paper 3 "Cicadae cry C-C-C-C. Blown in the wind B-B-B-B. An empty heart goes A-A-A-A. The trumpet trills D-D-D-D."
Aria Temple Key Trading Sequence Key to open the door to Aria Temple.
Warp Room Key Unlock Door Key to open the warp room.
Hero's Crest Unlock Gate Key to open the Hero's Gate somewhere in Noise Dunes.
Soul Shard Claves's Resurrection One of the fragments of Claves's soul that are scattered throughout Unison. There are a total of seven.
EZI Free Pass A ticket issued by the Church of EZI with mysterious inscriptions that lead to sacred ground.