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Throughout this guide, the following sidebars are used to bring your attention to certain optional parts of the game.

Party Members[edit]

Party Members

This sidebar is used to show you the party members that are available to you for the following part of the guide. It is only used when characters join or leave the party, or the party changes completely.


This boxout contains details about something that can only be done on an Encore playthrough, meaning you'll have to finish the game once and use the save game from that to start a new game.

Some parts of Eternal Sonata can only be accessed on a second playthrough. This additional game, called "Encore", is available by loading your finished save as a new playthrough - this will start a New Game Plus, with more difficult enemies, and some minor differences to the sidequests and score pieces which are necessary to unlock all the game's achievements.

Note: since the enemies are more difficult during the Encore playthrough (they deal double or more damage), focus on back attacks and guarding.

Trading Sequence[edit]

Trading Sequence
One item is exchanged for another item.

As you progress through the story, certain characters will trade items with you in a particular chain, resulting in an Orb that is used to unlock a secret door in Chapter 7.