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Explore all of Town and talk to all NPCs before entering the labyrinth for the first time. They will help you learn how to play the game, get your first supplies, and prepare for the battles ahead. It is a good idea to get into the habit of re-talking to all of the town NPCs after passing any major events or milestones as the game progresses. What they have to say should be different and they may have something new for you or a helpful hint to help along the way.

It is highly suggested you make a full party of 5 characters before first going into the labyrinth. You can drop down to less if you feel confident less can stand their ground.

Notes on understanding the guide pages[edit]

There are 3 things that will be defined at the top of every floor's guide. Here is a quick overview of them and how to benefit from their existence.

  • Random encounters: With every few steps you take in the dungeon there is a chance of a battle beginning. 1-6 of a combination of these monsters will be our foes.
  • Wandering encounters: These monsters are much stronger than those you will encounter randomly. They are monsters that can be seen on the map. Every couple of days the wandering monsters will re-spawn. Noting how often this happens and backtracking to kill them again can be a good way to earn extra experience and money (the items they drop tend to be unusually valuable).
  • Resource locations: Places to use the Mine, Chop, or Take skills if a character in the party has a related skill. Taking advantage of these spots once you find them is a great way to make money and find rare items for unlocking new equipment.