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to get a complete list for your character, use the command /alt list

additional links:

Wrack Undead 489

Eradicate Undead 490

Silent Casting 494 - for wis casters

Cascading Rage 499

Silent Casting 500 - for int casters

Rune of Shadows 501

Cry of Battle 505

Ward of Purity 506

Wrack Summoned 507

Eradicate Summoned 508

Translocational Anchor 512

Stealthy Getaway 513

Pyromancy 514

Greater Avatar 517

Shared Camouflage 518

Convergence of Spirits 519

Nature's Guardian 520

Edict of Command 521

Guardian of Ro 523

Blood Magic 524

Greater Rabid Bear 527

Ancestral Guard 528

Cloak of Light 529

Cloak of Shadows 531

Appraisal 536

Song of Stone 544

Call of Challenge 552

Cacophony 553

Fetter of Spirits 556

Trick Shot 557

Turn Undead 558

Turn Summoned 559