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You can choose to give 20% of your group XP over to leadership AAs when leader in a group of 3 or more. There has been a suggestion that killing more mobs with less XP will advance your LAAs faster, but no one has bothered doing a log.

These leadership AAs effect your entire group by either providing extra information(A % health over the mob you've targeted), extra HP (up to 100HP for each person in your group), or skills which help keep your group together (You can allow other players to see a "Find" path to members of your group.)

A somewhat complete list of LAAs many of which are cumulative:

Cumulative Abilities[edit]

Health Enhancement:
(can give +100HP with all three ranks)

Rank 1: 4 points +30 hp
Rank 2: 6 points +30 hp
Rank 3: 8 points +40 hp

Mana Enhancement:

Rank 1: 4 points +30 mana
Rank 2: 6 points +30 mana
Rank 3: 8 points +40 mana

Health Regeneration:

Rank 1: 4 points
Rank 2: ? 6
Rank 3: ? 8

Offensive Enhancement:

Rank 1: 4 points +10 Atk
Rank 2: 5 points +9 Atk
Rank 3: 6 points ? +8
Rank 4: 7 points ? +7
Rank 5: 8 points ? +6
Somewhere someone said max at highest rank is +30 Atk, somewhere else thought +45 Atk was the answer. Rank 2 is from my own experience. I am thinking Rank 3 will be +8 Atk, then +7, etc for a total of +40 Atk.

Inspect Buffs: (PC only)

Rank 1: 4 points Gives buff information similar to the /pet report health command
Rank 2: 6 points Same as above and also shows buff time remaining.

Mark NPC:

Rank 1: 3 points Target has green ring around it and name appears as: 1- %T
Rank 2: 4 points
Rank 3: 5 points
Ranks 2 and 3 do the same except there would be a 2- or 3- in the name.

Single rank abilities[edit]

Delegate Main Assist

Only 1 rank, costs 4 points
Creates special targeting ring around target. If folks haven't updated their UI since this was released it is only an annoying flashing blob of white. The target's name also is displayed as: >> %T <<. This also allows group members to create/use a hotkey /assist main (or /assist group). This means group members to not have to change the hotkey when the tank changes; just the leader delegates the new assist.

Health of Target

Only 1 rank, 2 points
The health of NPCs/mobs is displayed next to their name. Example: %t -84%.

Health of Target's Target

Only 1 rank, 7 points
Lets anyone in the group create a 2nd target window. This window will display the Target of whatever they have targeted. So, if I have the evil mob targeted and the MA has agro like a good MA, my HoT'sT window will have the main assist in it. To bring the window up, open the leadership window ("L" key by default), highlight the HoT'sT ability, hit "create hotkey", place hotkey in hotkey bank, hit hotkey. This ability seemed a bit weak by just reading its description. After seeing it in use though, it is helpful. Healers can easily see who has agro and target them simply by clicking in the HoT'sT window.

Spell Awareness

Only 1 rank, 6 points
You get to see the named of the spell anyone casts (including PC's). If displays as: %t begins to cast a spell. <spell_name>

Delegate Mark NPC

Only 1 rank, 4 points
Lets the leader delegate someone else in group to use the ability Mark NPC.

Find Path to PC

Only 1 rank, 4 points
Players in group can use /findpc <name> to get a 'mystical path' just like the Find Feature in city zones. The path ends at the location of the target at the time the command was done. If the target moves after the command, the path does not follow to their new spot.

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