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Rangers are something of a cross between a Warrior and a Druid. Rangers are the best class at using a bow, and the best magic bows in the game can only be used by a Ranger. Rangers have one of the higher DPS ratios in the game, with the ability to cause damage with a variety of methods in the forms of magic, damage shields and melee alike. Rangers dual-wield and use about any type of weapon, and they also double attack and riposte, giving them a very high damage output. This is even more pronounced when hasted. However, this tends to draw a lot of aggro, which makes a Ranger's life expectancy very short if the Ranger isn't geared and/or played well. Rangers also have innate resistance to the elements, getting +4 to both fire and cold resistance. Rangers have tracking ability and also can forage.

Rangers are a useful melee class and are sometimes called on to play the tank. Unable take as much damage as a Warrior, and limited in their armor selection, they are still able to hold their own. Due to the fact that as a class they used to die a lot, Everquest players had a depth of jokes about Rangers, often mockingly referred to as "Ranjas", which focused on their frequent need for resurrections. At low levels, Rangers can be frustrating to play. However, their DPS really shines when they get the Endless Quiver and Archery Mastery AAs.

Rangers are a magic-using class as well. Their spells tend to be utility based, but also include DD (direct damage) DOT (damage over time), and Buffs/Debuffs.

Rangers from top tier guilds can tank way up into the higher level zones now, and in some cases out tank some plate class hybrids. With careful spending of their AAs, they can often be called on in Raids as tank adds or fill in until the Warriors have a chance to take over aggro using they Weapon Shield AA for up to 24 seconds. SoE has finally made Ranger not the joke they used to be.

  • Armor: Chain
  • Weapons: Almost any
  • Class: Melee/Range/Magic

Mostly wanted for...[edit]

  • Track
  • Snare
  • Pulling (especially outdoor)
  • DPS
  • Grouping

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