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Rogues get many unique skills not available to other classes. Really, this is probably the most unique class in the game. In many ways, this is why the class is not really a popular one to play, as many people do not understand how to play, or play with, a rogue. The most useful skill of a rogue is pick pocketing. All of the rogues I have played with have disdained looting monster corpses since they make so much money pick pocketing. Furthermore, since they are limited in their armor selection and have no magic, they don't need to spend a lot on armor and spells(although they do have to spend TONS on Gate pots Hot pots floaty pots all the things you can never depend on other classes for). Rogues also get the sneak, hide and evade skills which make them very good scouts and give them the ability to escape from battles where others would die. Rogues are also more resistant to poison than other classes, gaining +8 to poison resistance. They can make poison and poison their weapons to do extra damage in combat(But most don’t since its resisted more often then not and wastes DPS). They also get backstab, which is a great skill to have. Let the fighter start in on the creature, get behind it and stab it hard and fast. With their superior speed, backstabbing, dual wielding, and double attacks rogues outdamage warriors in a battle. They just have less of an ability to take damage. They can be soloed, but only with a lot of difficulty, and are generally much more effective in a group, even at lower levels. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to handle a rogue in a group, so it is often tough to find a group willing to take you in. This is a tricky class to play since it doesn't fit easily into any mold, but can be one of the more interesting and enjoyable classes.

  • Armor: Chain
  • Weapons: 1hPiercing, 1hSlashing and 1hBlunt
  • Class: Melee

mostly wanted for[edit]

  • DPS
  • Scouting / corpse dragging
  • Pick Locks