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General advice
  1. Know before you engage how much you have to be shrunk in order to corner. In some zones, fully shrunken you cannot corner, in others, such as qvic, you cannot corner unless you are fully shrunken.
  2. Always carry at least two sets of weapons. Carry a set of augged one handers for aggro, and a two hander for when you aren't tanking. When using your two-hander, always have your one-handers nearby to switch in, you never know when you will need them.
  3. Do not use a blade of war (or any 2h, the exception being an MSC, or if you're really worried about ripostes,) as an aggro weapon. The aggro from an augged butcher's blade and an augged sword of mw vengeance outweigh the aggro from an augged blade of war, and are certainly easier to get!
  4. Always carry an incarnadine breastplate, some shrinking device (a cobalt bracer would server you well,) and some sort of gate item (if you do not have the AA origin.)
  5. When using a damage avoidance discipline. Use fortitude, not furious. Fortitude is 360 degree avoidance. The chance of you getting stunspinned, or another mob coming from behind you and killing you is serious enough that the extra safety of fortitude by far outweighs the extra dps of furious.
Advice on aggro
  1. Do not be afraid to take aggro off a caster, even if you are not the maintank/stank. Having a mob aggroed on a poorly geared warrior is far better than a having a mob aggroed on a great geared enchanter - an EP warrior has more survivability than a tacvi enchanter, and the raid loses less if the EP warrior dies. Unless you are in a zone that spawns adds on deaths, and you are extremely undergeared, you will -never- get in trouble for taking aggro off a caster, even if you die.
  2. Do not use aggro weapons on boss mobs, unless you are tanking. Turning the mob is bad when you aren't tanking, especially if it's enraged or has targeted aoes. With modern weapons and aggro abilities, you should be able to grab aggro instantly if the need arises, even going from using your 2h.
  3. On trash tanking, if another tank has already established aggro on a mob, try not to steal it, especially if it's a hard-hitting mob. It does not matter if you are the main tank and he's #9, unless you have three times the hp he does, a death is more likely to be caused by you losing aggro and healers being slow than by him continuing to tank.
  4. Do not be afraid to step up to the plate! If the maintank goes down (or simply fails to hold aggro to begin with!) and tanks higher than you in the tank order do not grab aggro immediately, maybe they are afk, sleeping, or simply inattentive. it is far preferable that the 'wrong' warrior tanks a boss for a while than letting the boss kill your casters.
  5. In zones where there is a good chance that trash mobs will add, and there is a good chance that trash will kill casters quickly, do not be afraid to stand in whatever direction trash mobs are coming from, ready to pick them up. Having you watching for trash is in many cases far better than having your extra melee dps and half a dozen dead people. Trust your judgment about this - if you think that hard-hitting mobs might add, be ready for them, and not meleeing.