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The barbarian starts off in the city of Halas, in the frozen Northlands. Not a very magical race, Barbarians can be Rogues, Shaman, Warriors, Beastlords, or Berserkers. Barbarians are a large race, similar to the troll and ogre, for the purposes of wearing armor, and get a fairly high starting strength and stamina. They are considered a good race for the purposes of most factions, so they can move freely throughout the good areas of Norrath.

  • Alignment: Good
  • Size: Large
  • Starting City: Halas
  • Innate Abilities
    • Slam
  • Base Stats
    • Strength 103
    • Stamina 95
    • Agility 82
    • Dexterity 70
    • Wisdom 70
    • Intelligence 60
    • Charisma 55

Experience Modifier(+/-): - 5%