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The Iksar are the only race that starts on the continent of Kunark, starting in the city of Cabilis. The lizard people are hated by both the good and evil races in the rest of the world and have a lot of difficulty playing outside their starting continent. Overall, they get very nice stats. Iksar classes are monks, warriors, necromancers, shadowknights, shaman and beastlords. The Iksar has the innate ability to forage, infravision, high initial swimming skill, and the ability to regenerate at a rate of 3 hp per tick standing.

  • Alignment: Evil
  • Size: Medium
  • Starting City: Cabilis
  • Innate Abilities
    • Infravision
    • Regeneration (3HP per tick standing base, 2 more than other races)
    • Starts with swimming skill of 100
    • Forage (skill is limited to 50)
  • Base Stats
    • Strength
    • Stamina
    • Agility
    • Dexterity
    • Wisdom
    • Intelligence
    • Charisma

Experience Modifier(+/-): - 20%