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Quad kiting is a strategy used by Druids and Wizards to kill from two to four monsters at a time. It is a quick way to gain experience, but can only be used when in wide spaces. Any "adds" will usually disrupt the kite.

Druid Strategy[edit]

First, the Druid must find and snare four MOBs that are of the same species. The Druid then circles around the MOBs until they are so close together, the graphics are overlapping. The Druid then uses one of his Lightning based spells. The Lightning spell will hit all 4 MOBs. The Druid then backs up until he is out of range of casting the spell, and waits for the MOBs to get in range. He repeats until all four MOBs die.

Wizard Strategy[edit]

I have never played a Wizard. Could someone else please write thise?

Very similar to the Druids really, with few exceptions: